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Ford Freestar/Mercury Monterey



  • bigndnbigndn Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 04 Monterey as you guys discribed. Check engine light came on took it to autozone to check the codes. Codes came back misfire on cylinder #1, Replaced the wires, Spark plugs. Check engin light was still on went back to autozone codes still read misfire on cylinder #1 and had a code for O2 sensor was bad. I remembered i had the same problem with my 1990 pontiac bonnieville and the machanic changed out the ignition coil packs and the car ran fine. So I changed out the ignition coil pack and my van ran fine for a good 3 weeks then started to chug so I took it back to Autozone and codes came back misfire on cylinders 1 and 5. Checked the conections to the coils and plugs all are fine. Went to start it after checking the connections and the vehicle won't start. It starts but won't stay running and also it drains my battery. Please Help please. :mad: :confuse:
  • Change the coil pack. My van has 120k miles and I have had to replace the coil pack twice. This will solve the misfire problem
  • I am having the same problem, did you find an answer? :confuse:
  • Posting again to let you all know my end result. I took my van in for the torque converter recall to a Ford dealer since I was having that same issue again. They wouldn't touch it since the original repair, with the addition of a box around the trans, was done by a Lee Myles mechanic. And it turned out that the issue wasn't re-broken torque converter, but once again trans full of water. Lee Myles had guessed that the water was infiltrating from the radiator somehow, since checking all the suggested points of entry from the repair bulletins didn't turn up anything and that isolating the trans would solve the problem. Since that clearly couldn't be the case, they rerouted all the trans lines to make sure water couldn't get in anywhere and sealed everything, in addition to changing the gear train. They consulted with everyone they could, including supposed Ford experts, to see how to permanently solve the water problem and came up with zilch, and this repair is basically a "Hail Mary". My car was returned in working order, but engine light is still on (code is for an open intake valve, which they don't repair). Bottom line, they told me to dump the van as soon as possible and that I will likely continue to have problems-this is a trusted mechanic and this is my kid transport, so I am going to take his advice. Pretty much everyone's problems here can be traced to either the junk torque converter and/or the water infiltration, which kills pretty much everything. This is my 3rd Ford vehicle and I really don't know if I will buy Ford again since this van has such low mileage and has so many problems.
  • botto1968botto1968 Posts: 1
    I will be using my parents' van during our vacation. I have four kids, but their 2004 Monterey only has two wireless headsets for the built-in DVD player. We have fiddled for an hour with the controls and also read the owner's manual, and we can't figure out how to make the sound come out through the main speakers. There has to be a way! It would be absurd to make a van that seats five in the back with only two people ever able to listen to the DVD! Any advice on this?
  • I am so disappointed in Ford on this torque converter issue. Here is what has happened to my wife and I on our 2004 Mercury Monterey:

    10 months ago, we received the recall notice for the torque converter to be replaced. We were torn as to whether we should have the recall performed, as we had never had a problem with it in 88,000 miles. But the recall notice made it sound like it was a safety issue and with my wife driving our 3 kids around we reluctantly decided to have the recall performed.

    Last week she went to back out of the driveway and CLANK CLANK - no power, forward or reverse. I had it towed to our dealership and they confirmed the problem was the torque converter - the same one they replaced under this recall 10 months ago. However the car had surpassed the 12,000 BY 889 MILE! Yes, 12,889 miles since this recall work was done. I spoke with the dealership and with Ford Motor Company, I escalated it to management at Ford and all are basically telling us that too bad, the repair cost is $1800. I will never buy Ford again and I will spend every opportunity telling anyone who cares about our story. Ford has, in my opinion, become a company that is anti-customer and for them not to make this right is just mind blowing.

    The only advise I can give to anyone else out there facing this recall is this: If you never have had a problem with this torque converter then DO NOT have it replaced under this recall. In my opinion they are simply swapping out a bad (or in our case a good) part for a bad one and you will regret your decision to have the recall done as well as regret the decision to deal with Ford Motor Company.
  • I feel your pain. Our vans torque convertor however had already gone out and my husband and I paid to have it repaired. Once the recall came out, we did recoup most of what we spent. (had to have it replaced twice)...We decided to keep the van because we had taken good care of it...cosmetically it was still very nice. We might have had it repaired 4-5months. . . and we started having issues again. We practically gave the van away to get rid of it. After all we went through calling Ford and the hassle with local dealership we made a vow we would not purchase from Ford again.
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