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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area and I am looking to get an auto 06 TSX w/o Navi., with rear spoiler ($600) and all-weather mats ($132). I am looking to pay $27.5K, am I way off? What do you guys think?? If I can't get a good deal on an 06 I try to get an '05 for a little over $26K with the same options.
  • toscitosci Posts: 18
    I test drove a 2006 TSX with navi this past weekend. I was told that the best price I can get right now is the Costco or AAA price of invoice + $1200. This would be $27,250 (no navi) or $29,070 (navi) including destination. The sales person sounded like she would even go $100-200 lower if I was going to buy at that very moment, but I did not try to deal with her yet because I'm not exactly ready to buy. I'd bet that she would be willing to go even lower if they had more 2006 TSXs on the lot, but they only had two so far.
  • I'm in the DC area as well and am looking for an '06 TSX with Navi (black/ebony). Any luck with a particular dealer? Have you found a good price quote? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • :) I paid a little over what everyone is getting theirs for but as soon as i drove from the lot I forgot all about it!!! this car is smooth and the features are awesome!! I'm switching the rims on Saturday (getting the 05 one's) ...

  • What's you opinion of this deal?

    2006 TSX Auto Non-Nav
    26,950 + tax/tags

    I can't get any other dealer in the area (Raleigh, NC) below 27,250. Should I keep pushing or is this price in line with what others are paying?
  • I'd say as long as the dealer doesn't try to pad the deal on the backside, grab the car. Sounds pretty good to me. With the '06's more than likely being a hot ticket for awhile, you may not do better than this. :shades:
  • Agree. This is a very reasonable deal, and in line with what we paid for similar specs.
  • Got an '06 Nighthawk Black Pearl,auto,no navi, w/rear wing spoiler for $27,500+TTL. What do you guys think? :shades:
  • I'm also trying to buy an '06 TSX. There are three dealers here and the best they're offering is $800 off list (bite me), which seems unreasonable. They give me the "limited production/vehicle is in high demand" excuse.
  • Unfortunately, this statement isn't entirely inaccurate. You may find that the first run of '06's is hard to find at more than $800 below sticker.

    The car has been a hot seller since its release in early '03.
  • Sorry to ask twice bradykp. Will you please list the dealer who gave you a deal and/or others in NJ who will do similar? Needing car ASAP and first time buying/dealing/figuring lease or finance on my own. I used autobytel once. Do they still get invoice/best deal? It was back in the late '90s.

    Thanks so much
  • Looks like you got a GREAT deal. Where are you located/what dealer did you buy from?
  • The dealer that gave me my deal hasn't come through yet. I'm still waiting for them to locate the car. For people who care here are some quotes i've got:

    Bridgewater quoted 28,000 with navi
    Springfield is who i'm waiting for at 27,700.

    Open Road Acura in Wayne said they'd match any deal plus beat it by $100. it's on their site. they have to have the car on the lot though for the policy to be enforced. My recommendations, call all the dealers in NJ. Contact them for quotes, and grab the lowest one. Get it in writing of some form, then start contacting other dealers with that quote.

    I was looking for a 2005. they were gonna give it to me for 27,300 with navi. I decided to wait for 2006. I call and ask my salesman how much for 2006 with navi and he said 27,500. I went in and put a deposit. $189 documentation fee. I think my salesman made a mistake and they honored it in good faith. From what i've been seeing on acurazine forums most people are getting the car with navi for around 28,000 - 28,700. i would not pay more than 28,500 in NJ. there are plenty of dealerships to get them competing against each other, and the cars should start coming in larger quantities now that the initial 6-10 car shipments have been delivered

    sorry i didnt respond quicker, i forget i was posting on this forum.
  • Going to pick up my new ride tonight. Non Navi Royal blue with the Parchment interior. Very sharp car!! Really like the new styling. Buying from Montgomeryville Acura outside of Philly. They only have two available (one now). Priced at $27,600 with the protection package. 48 month lease at $409/month, $550 down (includes 1st payment)A bit disappointed that it is not selling for closer to invoice but my current lease is up today and needed to make a decision. They gave me the limited delivery/new model arguments. Contacted several other dealers and this was the best deal for an in stock car in the color I wanted! Was seriously considering the TL but $ was a little tight.
  • is that 28500 include Destination charge?

    If it does that is invoice price for with navi.
  • Invoice price for navi is $27,872 including destination. Edmunds is in error. has a different price.

    28,500 including destination is the MOST i would pay. My deal is 27,700 including destination, but i got a freak deal.
  • I am thinking about getting one. 06 with navi

    28500 sounds like a good number.

    I should probably low ball with 28,000 first and start from there.

    29,000 will be my max.

    What do you think?

    I am debating if i should get it at the end of Dec or Jan

    I am getting mine finance with my credit union. so i will not be going into the F$I room ;P
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    You might not get as good a deal in Jan. Right around xmas would be the best time to get a car.
  • I am looking for the '06 non-navi in Glacier Blue. The '06s have been slow arriving in this area, but I finally found one this week in San Jose. The dealer was very hard nosed, and said $500 off MSRP is the best they could do, and wouldn't negotiate. From one of the above posts I understand the AAA/Costco price is about $1200 over invoice, so if all else fails, I could do that. Has anyone else purchased or obtained quotes in the Bay Area/Norcal, and if so, what kind of numbers are you getting. If possible, please also say which dealer.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Aren't you a little leary about sending a 28K brand new vehicle 3000 miles? I certainly have reservations after hearing some of the stories from other car owners. Is there such a thing as covered car carriers or would that be cost prohibitive?
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