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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Which dealer did you talk to? I live in the bay area and will probably be starting to get quotes for a navi equipt '06. $500 off MSRP doesn't sound that good to me.
  • Waffle, I talked to Autowest Acura, Stevens Creek, Santa Clara/San Jose. They gave me the speech about new model, new features, short supply, etc. I just this morning requested a quote from Acura of Concord. We'll see how that goes.

    In looking at local inventories, it does seem that there are more TSXs with navigation than without, so that might help you. Good luck in your search, and if you find a reasonable dealership, please let me know who that might be.
  • First, I just bought a 04 TSX 6 sp with 17 k mi for $20,500. Meteor blue with spoiler, locks, trunk tray, splash, tint. A few scratches on the rear bumper that I have hidden well via touch up paint, rubbing compound and patience. Ebay was my source but preinspection was OK.
    anyhow, 6 speeds are rare. New ones do not exist except in special order. To me the auto is just an Accord but the 6 speed transforms the car.
    6 speed does hamper resale in that few want them. I got a good price in private sale. Acura dealer would have wanted $23k at least.
    But production remains 35,000 per year which keeps resale high but surprising for Acura not to go for 50-60k units. Acura has what 300 dealers so on average 115 cars per dealer per year. that is only 10 per month, which is hardly a volume or profit car in that regard.

    If only 5 percent are 6 speeds you do the math. All car magazines test and love 6 speed but no one really owns one.
    Anyone know the actual 6 speed production rate. I guess 5-10 percent. No dealer ever has one. Real insult it that same price as auto despite much less cost. At least give something.

    Anyway, may consider a 06 in 6 months as the new features are nice sounding and I doubt my car depreciates much in that time. Glacier blue looks good on brochure.

    Anyone actually have a 06 6 speed in hand. Engine tweaks really nice?

  • has $25,436, Edmunds has $26,051, what's the true invoice?

    Dave in VA
  • The Acura of Concord quote was $27,986, plus tax & License, which is MSRP less $519. They said these cars are moving well, and still in short supply, so they see no need to go less than MSRP minus $600. It may be that deals will get better next year when/if demand for the '06 cools.
  • I think the former is invoice without destination charge ($615), and the latter is invoice plus destination charge.
  • No, because edmunds lists invoice and destination at $26,666.

    Dave in VA
  • acudaacuda Posts: 2
    Try Acura of Pleasanton! I have bought my 05 TSX auto w/navi a few months back from there at right around invoice. The Internet Sales Manager was nice and seemed honest to me. No haggle, no hassle! And he was willing to negotiate even his quote was already the best among all other quotes. Hope this help :-)
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,412
    Honda (Acura) seems to be spot on with the whole supply/demand idea when it comes to the TSX. I think it has exceeded their sales expectations. Every week in the paper, there are various ads for different car dealers. They've always got some "special" lease on the MDX, RL, & TL. Next to those cars is a picture of the TSX that says "order your '06 TSX today."

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The numbers are correct although even knowing that number doesn't give you the exact number the dealer actually pays for the car (even knowing holdback).
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If you did a quick search on Autotrader or inventory of some dealer you'd see that no special orders are needed to find a 6MT. Rare - yes they are, but no special order needed to get one. I think your 5-10% production rate is about right.

    Honda is not limiting production, if they could sell 100K per year like the 3 series they would - but not at the expense of having "employee discounts" like GM and others which would kill resale. BTW production is higher than 35K/yr - more like 40K+ - there were VINs for 05s in the 42K range.
  • I have a dealer 1 hour to the north of me with a black 6 speed and one about an hour east of me with a black 6 speed, so no need to special order. Plus guy here in town told me he could dealer trade and have one here in 2 days or so, depending on color.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,412
    It is great that there is a market still for manual transmissions. Acura is one of the few mfs. that gives you the choice.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • gkg680gkg680 Posts: 25
    I would like to thank everyone for their helpful comments. I hope to buy a TSX with 6-speed and looked at the 2006's in a dealer lot in Chicago earlier today.

    I still need to find the right car and an acceptable deal, might not happen quickly as 2006's seem to be arriving slowly, but I must say, the new alloy wheels look better in person than in the photos.

    Warm holiday greetings to everyone.
  • It is great that there is a market still for manual transmissions. Acura is one of the few mfs. that gives you the choice.

    And with the TSX, it makes a world of difference. Coaxes the car to its fullest expression, as it were. :shades:
  • So i previously posted about my deal on RBP with navi at Springfield Acura. They ended up screwing me (of course). i knew they made a mistake when they quoted the price, just thought they'd be honorable and stick to it and honor it. But they didn't. I would strongly recommend that people DO NOT give Springfield Acura in NJ your business. I'll probably be buying at Open Road Acura in Wayne NJ. Also got good quote from Bridgewater Acura.
  • toscitosci Posts: 18
    If you are able to do so, can you post a pic of your 2006 royal blue TSX with parchment interior? My wife and I are interested in this color, but none of the dealerships around here have it in stock. Thanks.
  • While they are available. I have trouble here in the mid west finding them. Yes, dealer x has black on black but if you want say Carbon Gray with Quartz--none in region. Order January get in March. In high density areas like east and west coast I would think dealer trades much closer and easier to specific color.

    Anyone else notice how high the rpms are on the TSX 6 speed in 6th gear on the highway. Great for acceleration but over 3200 rpm on turnpike is a waste of energy. The new Jetta turbo is the same. I got 31 mpg on a 200 mile highway trip and that is good but always reaching to shift to overdrive as the final ratio is busy busy busy or elfin as one car magazine maybe Edmunds said. Close ratio is close ratio but 6th could be more of an overdrive than it is. Otherwise, smooth and powerful.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,412
    I'd also try Park Avenue Acura. A few years ago when my parents were looking for cars, they gave the best price and were the easiest to deal with by far.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • How much are they offering it to you?

    Including dest charge
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