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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sounds like a good price, even if it doesn't include destination fee. If it does include destination fee then I think that's the best price posted in this forum so far!
  • Got this from a KC dealer.

    Acura's Value Priced MSRP for the 2006 Acura TSX is $ 28,560.00.
    Your special internet discounted price for this model is **$ 24,998.00 **$169 administration fee and $670 destination fee additional. =$25,837

    If bought in 06 I would owe $580 in personal property tax in Dec. 07. If I purchase Jan 2 I would not owe personal property tax until Dec 08.
    Dealer also stated that a 07 purchased in January would be at least $2500 more.
    Anybody have a feel for how much 07's should go for in January?
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Does anyone know what the price is for a 2007 TSX with Navigation system in FL? I'm interested in getting one soon. Thanks.

    Why don't you e-mail the dealerships' Internet sales reps and ASK them directly? It's very easy.

    The website even identifies the Internet Managers by name, and let's you pull up the dealership websites directly by clicking on dealership names. (And although the site only pulls up one dealership initially when you input your zip code, there is a "show more dealerships" option.))

    If you're looking in S. Florida, the two most responsive dealerships when I was buying in February 2004 were Rick Case (near Ft. Lauderdale) and Delray Acura. Others answered as well, just not as fast and not with as attractive prices.
  • Base price 24664.56
    Sale taxes 1541.54

    Good luck hunting!!!
  • rob54rob54 Posts: 2
    I just drove home 06 TSX red/black with NAVI,rubber mats,iPod connect $28000+360= $28360 out the door from dealer. [MSRP $30560 w destination chg incl] and 4.9%/60mo Honda finance, no down. Dealer stated 3.9% on this model not available however I think he spoke with forked tongue since I saw it in the paper and on this blog. Stated 07 not in yet.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I would definitely get the 06 - there's virtually no change for 07 other than the higher price. You might work out a deal with the dealer to make the sale date effective in Jan so you can avoid the property tax.
  • tsx06tsx06 Posts: 11
    I got a quote for $25,604.19 + TTL w/seasonal mats, splash guards and wheellocks. Should I pull the trigger? Is this the best deal? What is the best deal out there so far? Appreciate for any feedback..
  • I am reposting this from the Acura TSX forum, since I thought this forum might be more appropriate:

    I read in this forum that since 06 and 07 models are similar, if I get a better deal on an 06, I should go with that. But isn't there a big difference in the depreciation of these cars? I mean, if I want to sell the car in 5 years, people would look at an 06 as a 6 year old car.

    So, my question is, for an 06 TSX to be a better deal, how much do you think it should be cheaper than a similar 07?
  • I just moved to NOVA and am considering buying a TSX. The question is in fairfax county (VA), is there big difference in property tax to buy a car in the end of a year VS at the beginning of a year?
  • Thanks to the forum and I just closed a deal for 2006 TSX auto without navi for 24k (incl destination) + taxes and fees. I still have to find out if there are any catches to it. Has anyone any experiences with Paragon acura in NY?
  • I've also been checking out 06 vs 07. According to Edmunds an 04 TSX is worth $1300 - $1500 less than an equal 05 with the same miles. Obviously I can't check what a 5 year old TSX would run.
    Assuming a good deal on an 07 in January would be 500 over invoice then we should be able to pick up an 06 for 25,100 with destination. But.... my best quote so far is $700 above that.
  • In Missouri a TSX purchased in Dec. 06 would require a payment of $580 by Dec 31, 2007. A TSX purchased Jan. 2 would cause of payment of $580 or less (because it is a year older) on Dec. 31, 2008.
  • appuappu Posts: 27
    I think that's a very good deal. Did you finally get it?
    Let us know your experience.

  • I was earlier supposed to pick up on saturday but the salesman got a cold feet and called up today saking to pick it up sooner. So we shall be taking the delivery tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes smoothly....
  • but the salesman got a cold feet and called up today saking to pick it up sooner

    Cold feet is when you back out... I think this salesman has Itchy palms.. ;)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • appuappu Posts: 27
    I am in NJ. Can I buy it from him? Let me know your experience. Also let me know the out of the door price for your TSX.

  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    you can buy the car from any state. Usually you are then responsible for paying the sales taxes, reg.and other fees from the state you live in.The dealer does not do that. We live in NC and bought our 06 TSX in PA. The dealer in PA got the car that I wanted from a acura dealer in Ramsey NJ. Since states have different sales taxes, etc, the out the door price would be different. the sales tax in nc is 3% but there are other fees.
  • Are there any rebate/incentives on the "leftover" 06 vehicles beyond the 3% holdback. Dealer cost after holdback calculates to about 25,325 and noticed OTD numbers below this amount.
    What is a reasonable minimum offer? Latest offer I got on a 06 auto w/o nav is $25,500.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The resale value diff in 5 years will likely be less than the extra cost now - this assumes that an 07 will be at least 2K more than an 06. Sure if you could get an 07 for only 1K more than an 06 it might be worth it, but that is very unlikely to happen.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    You'll get a pro rated tax bill due Oct. based on when you buy it. Waiting till Jan will only save you 1 months worth of taxes - probably less than $100.
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