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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Lets forget the few $$, Negotiations are bygones... just enjoy your new car.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    All cars have a holdback. What does it matter if the car has 2mi on the odo but is 2 months old vs. one that is 1 wk old?

    Maybe you meant they had a rebate on them (06 models) and were demos (used). Invoice is a good deal.
  • Possibly signing papers tonight on an 07 TSX no NAV for $26,700 + fees, or 29100 OTD including tax and license. I have an Internet dealer offering $26,400 but I'd rather have the local dealer in my pocket.

    Dealer is in the north SF Bay Area.

    Is this price out of line considering current incentives, such as president's day sales?

    thanks mucho
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The only incentives on the 07s are for leases. That price is $250 over invoice so it's a good deal.
  • Yeah $250 over invoice price is a good deal depending the place you are in. I got mine almost at invoice price ($28,200) in DC area. It wasn't big deal several delers I visited were at invoice price within 15 mins of talking.. Prices for TSX have started being lower. The car hasn't change at lot in looks for a while now. New 08 tsx is expected to be complete make over
  • Still haven't signed the papers yet. The dealer is getting cranky because I want to finalize all terms before I go in to sign.

    Extended warranty - NO :P
    LoJack - NO :P
    PermaPlate - HELLNO :P

    They've used every trick possible to leave themselves an out to tack on additional costs.

    The Finance guy tried to yank our chain on finance terms, claiming my loan rate will be based on the above addons.

    Yeah right, pull this leg and you'll hear jingle bells....

    The plan tomorrow is to go sign papers and drive off our new TSX. I'm sure they'll take at least one last shot at the extended warranty. I will politely refuse for maybe 5 minutes. If he doesn't take no for an answer, my planned response is -

    "I've been patient until now, and you don't seem to want to take no for an answer. You now have 2 minutes to go think about your sale. When you return, all I want to hear is Yes or No. If you come back with anything other than Yes, we're out the door and will not return. End of sale."

    I've bought a few cars in my day, but I expected a "classier" experience with Acura. Their overwhelming theme has been - "Write us a blank check and we'll be very nice to you." Otherwise I feel like I'm buying from a Used Car lot.

    I assume it's this dealer, but maybe it's a car industry trend toward guerilla sales. I want to be a nice, polite guy and have a rosy feel good buying experience, BUT I've had 2 different finance guys actually try to bully me into closing the deal. I find the tactic to be, to put it gently, humorous.

    Tomorrow should be entertaining, if nothing else. :)
  • akhiakhi Posts: 1
    Walked into first dealship today..within few min they were selling TSX NAVI at invoice price ($ 28282 ) in atlanta area. OTD is $30,600. Going to check few more dealers to see what they are offering.
    Anyone from atlanta got good deal than this one?
  • dandrews77, At such points you need to stand up and remind them that its your money and their goods that they are competing to sell...So no reasons for them to bullify your car buying exp...Just be firm with your price and keep your check book on teh table along with the cell phone on teh side.. ;) Give them signals that you want to buy and you can buy it from any other dealer as well..
  • We finalized the deal Saturday morning. The finance guy again covered the same 3 "add-ons" and I remained patient and polite throughout as he did not push it too hard this time. Since he knew the answer was NO going in, he didn't over-do the pitch.

    He claimed that our salesperson's commission on the deal was 27 cents.

    Overall, I think I got the best deal I could at the time while buying from a local dealer. But I'd rate the "purchasing experience" overall a 5 out of 10 due to "overly agressive finance manager BS".

    So to recap -
    2007 TSX no NAV, Glacier Blue with Ebony interior
    Purchased in SF north Bay Area
    Final negotiated price - $26,700
    Out the door, including taxes and everthing - $29,141
    Dealer financed - 72 mos, 6.74%, $24,141 financed, $409/mo.

    Hope others find this info helpful when buying your new TSX. And a big thanks to everyone that posted before me so I knew what to work with.
  • $23,900 + TTL and $229 doc fee. The car has 6,000 miles (was a demo) and is certified. Includes wheel locks and trunk mat.
  • does 26,400 include destination charge? wondering what other people are paying for 07 tsx without navigation. thanks for any help.
  • Just bought my 07 TSX with navigation. manual 6 sp, carbon grey/black. also came with the wheel locks and splash guards.

    Got a great deal - $28,630 (invoice+dest fee)... so got it for a tiny bit under invoice. OTD at a little over $30K (TTL only) the dealership also gave me a great deal on my trade-in. the best part about the dealership is that there were NO add on fees, and a very light sell on the extended warranties and extras. once i said 'no thanks' the finance guy said, ok done.

    all in all a great experience - plus i LOVE my new car! The dealership was Acura of Pleasanton, for all you SF Bay area folks.
  • tsz_girl: Good that you like the car... just for others to know now:) the invoice price of $28,129 INCLUDES the destination price of $630.00 (This is as per KBB.COM)
    For Others: Dont let the dealership folks add destination charges twice..
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The salesman may have only made 27 cents but that's not because the dealership only made that much money.
  • That was $26,700, and yes it included the destination charge.
  • vol1vol1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased a TSX Nav/AT in the Tampa/Ocala/Sarasota area recently? Most dealers seem to have a lot of inventory, but they are barely budging(if at all) on the price. Best internet offer so far is just $500 off MSRP (ie- $1000. off the Msrp plus $499 dealer fee). That quote was from a dealership where my husband and his partner bought two new company MDXs, plus one for partner's wife and one for his mother all at once in 2004. Getting discouraged-may buy something else if I can't get anymore discount-esp. since model will be changing soon and other cities are discounting.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Florida in general seems to be that way - not only do dealers fail to deal much but they are all charging outrageous fees.
  • I have a deposit on a 2007 TSX without navigation.
    $26,500 which includes the destination charge.
    First Acura in Seekonk, MA
    Ask for the internet manager, Tim Foley.
  • refriderrefrider Posts: 1
    What would be a price I should expect to pay for a 07 TSX w/nav in the Chicago metro area? Anybody with any experiences in this area (either good or bad) with any dealers and prices they paid would be helpful.
  • The invoice price is $28,129. As per KBB This price INCLUDES the destination charges of $610. Do not let your sales man add that again..I would say you should be able to get TXS w/nav for Invoice + ($300 to $500) Do teh internet thing before going and just start your conv with "how many hundered dollars over invoice". It will be use ful to take print out of KBB page..:)
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