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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hp6130hp6130 Posts: 49
    How far are you willing to travel for the car? Our local Acura dealer (south east pa. 50 miles west of philly) had at least 12, 08 TSX in stock, various colors and options, nav., non nav., stick and auto. My daughter got a good deal on her TSX in Aug 08. W/out a trade these cars should be going close to invoice.
  • aero_59aero_59 Posts: 2
    $26,400 is more than possible. I paid $26375 (including destination) at Radley in Baileys Crossroads. Check post 3596 for details.
  • mstyladymstylady Posts: 19
    After test driving both the '08 Accord EXL V6 and the '08 TSX Automatic and 6 Speed, I must have the TSX. Just love the clean, sharp lines of the TSX and the uncluttered interior.

    Following is what I was offered, don't find it to be too competitive though and appreciate any and all feedback.

    $26,630 + dest + tax + fees for all options

    BASE TSX, non-Nav, 6speed Manual
    Base TSX, $2K down, 15K miles: $367 mo.
    Base TSX, $2.5K down, 15K miles: $356 mo.
    Base TSX, $ 0 down, 15K miles: $383 mo.

    tax included in above, but not fees--to keep at monthly payments above, they want $3K down.

    Feedback please?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You might as well have also listed the fees with those numbers.
    What fees are you talking about? Bank fee? Doc fee? And how much?

    Do you know if it's the manufacturer's lease program and what money factory you're being charged?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    That's a few hundred less than I paid, but my car was a dealer trade from Denver to Phoenix, so I didn't get as good a deal as I would have if the car was sitting on dealer's lot. Be sure to figure in the doc fee as additional dealer profit because that's all it is -- $369 in my case.

    I've got ~1000 miles on my manual no-nav TSX, and couldn't be happier. It gets ~32 mpg on my mostly-freeway drive to work and got about 33.5 on a drive down to Tucson & back last weekend. That should improve even more as the engine breaks in.

  • mstyladymstylady Posts: 19
    Yes, bank fees and I am assuming doc fee; i would have included but dealer did not provide break down. I am awaiting that now.

    Another dealer is offering approximately $30 less on each monthly payment for each of the scenarios I presented above.

    It's not the manufacturer's lease program (1st dealer states none on tsx now); it's invoice plus destination from the 2nd dealer and from the first looks like the same, except they added back in destination twice (in error?)
  • eddo1eddo1 Posts: 3
    Just purchased in SF Bay Area
    2008 TSX Base model 6sp manual

    $25900 which includes destination fee
    0.9% APR financing

    I got the last 6sp manual at the dealer!
    Don't wait if you want manual, all the Bay area dealers are down to their last 1-2 manual cars.
  • acura922acura922 Posts: 2
    I am looking for 2007 tsx without nav. i found one dealer, they offered 23999 and yes its certified. its only 7100 miles on it. what is the best price to get this car?
    23999 out the door is reasonable? or more. i am trying to maintain my monthly payment around 340 with 4k down.
  • jrkflajrkfla Posts: 21
    a new 2008 tsx no navi can be had around 26k. a car usually depreciates most in the 1st year. lets say 15%. 15% of 26k is 3900.

    26000-3900 is 22.1.

    24k is way to high
    the certified gives one year additional warranty, thats worth around 500

    i think that car needs to be around 22.6 to 22.9; no higher?

    hope that helps
  • Do you have more info, such as car mileage? dealer location? what did they list the car as compared to the offer you recieved?

  • dmutdmut Posts: 2
    I searched long and hard for basically the same car in Chicago. I ended up paying 22,400 ( $24750 out the door, my tax was 9% so you can compare) for a 2006 with 4700 miles on it. That worked out to about 15% off invoice. Yes it was a 2006, but with the low mileage and certification, that didn't concern me at all. Edmunds actually said it should have been valued at least $1000 more. As far as what a car should depreciate, I too thought 15% in the first year was fair. But in all my dealings, and intense negotiating with 5 different dealers, I found that no one was really willing to go lower than 11 or 12% (off invoice, not MSRP) for a 2007, so I was ok getting this one for the price. Part of my problem was I was insisting on black, and remarkably, there weren't too many 2006/7's under 10k miles even to bid on. In my mind, I negotiated the heck out of the thing (plus I was on a strict deadline, I have a kid coming and needed the car). Did I overpay? Who knows. Was I comfortable with the price? Yes. Can you do better? Depends, but I think thats a good price.
  • I'm looking for a certified 06 or 07 TSX with Nav in OR. Anyone knows how much should it be and how to get a good deal?
    My local dealers post $25K for 06, $27 for 07. Insane!!!!
  • kjnormankjnorman Posts: 243
    For that money you would probably do better buying new with the incentives as they are.

    My 08 non Nav was cheaper than you 06 with Nav by the time I take into account the deal I got (see below).
  • kjnormankjnorman Posts: 243
    I thought I would post the price I just paid for a new 08 non Nav TSX. Mine is Royal Blue Pearl with the Parchment interior.

    Base $28,190.00
    Destination Charge $715.00
    Total MRSP $28,905.00

    Sales Price (Invoice + DD) $26,630.23
    Tax 7.25% $1,930.69
    Title & License $80.00
    License Transfer $25.00
    Advertising Fee $148.00
    Doc Fee $150.00
    Total Sales Price $28,963.92

    Trade-in $7,000.00
    Trade-in Tax Adjust $507.50

    Finance Charge $21,456.42

    Months Financing 48
    Interest Rate 0.9%
    Monthly Payment $455.27

    I consider this a deal because my trade was not worth $7000. It was a 96000 mile 8 year old Audi A4 that needed work. KBB was $5200 and auction prices were $4500-$5000. So I would consider the car was sold for more like $25,000. Plus add in 4 years financing and a ridiculously low 0.9% and this is a steal.

    There's probably not many of the 08 TSX left out there - I think mine was one of the last in that color combination in the Chicagoland area, so happy shopping!
  • hi.
    I just got a quote .. Out the door for 30K flat for 08 NAVI in texas. Taxes here are at 6.25%. can I still get it down more at this stage?
    what you guys think?
  • stewdystewdy Posts: 17
    Does anybody know if there is any dealer cash being given on the tsx's right now? I can't imagine there wouldn't be with the '09's coming out in a few weeks, but it isn't listed anywhere that I can find (only the low APR) and the quotes that a buddy of mine is getting seem ridiculously high.

    He is looking for an '08 TSX with nav and the best he is being quoted is about $300 OVER invoice PLUS taxes and doc fees. I was offered $1,000 under his lowest offer from one of the same dealers on an '07 last July so I know they can do better than they're offering. Unless there really isn't any dealer cash right now. Seems the smart thing would be to just go with a TL with the cash back if $300 over is as low as they're willing to go...

    Thanks in advance for any info!
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    Last July gasoline wasn't $3.50+ a gallon. The TSX gets really good gas mileage, so they're not feeling the need to subsidize them. . .yet. I bought mine about 5 weeks ago and all the research I did indicated there was nothing available on the TSX, but all kinds of financing & other incentives on the SUV/SAV/whatevers that Acura makes.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The TSX doesn't get "really good" gas mileage. The gas mileage is just OK for it's size. There are larger cars and cars with V6s engines that get about the same MPG, so gas mileage isn't a big strong point unless you're comparing it to an SUV instead of similar sized cars.
  • monzmommonzmom Posts: 3
    Which dealer did you go through? I'm in Elk Grove (Sacramento area) and am looking for an 08 TSX 5-sp auto w/nav. My parents live in the bay area, so I'd be willing to drive to get a good deal. Thanks in advance!
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    "The TSX doesn't get "really good" gas mileage."

    Okay, I guess I stand corrected.

    I drove 471 miles today and averaged 32.9 mpg. Mid-day, with ~300 miles done, I was at 34.7. Lots of back roads and up and down mountain passes -- this wasn't all day on the flat interstate, though there were extended periods of 75-80. The engine has less than 1600 miles on it, so I expect it to get better by 7-10K.

    From what I hear, there's nothing Nissan/Infiniti makes that even comes close. BMW does, but perhaps you can enlighten me with what the rest of the lux/near lux cars are doing these days.

    I'm always willing to learn from those who know more.

    Thank you.
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