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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bolucaboluca Pittsboro, NCPosts: 25
    I am looking for a 2009 TSX, auto with technology. The best price I have found was $1400 under MSRP with no additional fees or accessories. This is in the Raleigh area. Are there any better deals out there in North Carolina? Would like to buy in the next two weeks. If I can't do better than that then I'll look at the Infiniti G35 or something else.
  • Go with a G35, you will not be disappointed. 08 G35's can be had at about invoice right now.
  • vvv2vvv2 Posts: 2
    I was in the market looking for a 2008/9 TSX. Looks like all the 2008 TSX's were sold out a few months ago.

    I was able to purchase a 2009 TSX Base model $400 below invoice. I spoke to 2 dealers and one of them quoted invoice and the other quoted 400 below invoice.

    Looks like there are plenty of deals available on Acura's now.
  • Can you let us know which dealers you contacted? Thanks!
  • vvv2vvv2 Posts: 2
    Ramsey Acura and Open Road Acura of Wayne
  • Is this a good deal? I have never leased before and the sales guy didnt email me all the info.
    09 TSX with tech package 6spd
    36mo,12k miles, $2k down, $424.09+tax
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Don't shop the monthly payment - shop the cost of the car. Once you arrive at the lowest cost you'll also have the lowest payment. I'd aim for 2K below MSRP at this point - Tuesday, being the end of the month, might be a good day to go shopping. ;)
  • I am in the market in the Chicago area for a 09 TSX; just would like to know the quoted price of $26,899 is the starting prices the dealer offering? I means there is no destination fee, TTL and etc include with that price. I have been to a few deals around the area and they all listing a $760 for Destination Fee. So, should I been assuming the $26,899 + $760 = $27,659? Thank for feed back!
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    e-mailed half a dozen dealers and the best price (thus far) is:
    $27,836 for the base model $29,720 MSRP - $27,398 invoice
    $30,912 for the tech model $32,820 MSRP - $30,241 invoice

    No hurry to buy - should be able to get a better deal after the new TL hits.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The destination fee is non negotiable - it shouldn't even be listed separately. Seems that with the pathetic sales last month invoice sales may become the norm.
  • Just picked up a TSX 09 Base for $27,800 before TTL. Out of the 4 Acura dealers in Houston, 3 of them were willing to match that price. I went with the dealer closest to me that had the color of choice which had mud guards and wheel locks already installed. I was very glad they didn't try to sneak those additional charges and instead included it in the $27,800 up front.

    I actually could've got another $200 off from one of those 3 dealers that was about 30 miles away if I was willing/able to get something in writing from one of the other dealers. Instead, I figured foregoing the extra $200 for the convenience of going with the closest dealer.

    Oh, was able to get a 5.7% rate 60 months with a credit score of 799 with Honda financing.
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Your numbers match what I have been quoted in So Cal. I'm in no hurry to buy/lease so I'm waiting a few months. I'm "guessing" invoice or below will be possible come the end of December.
  • njnjnjnj Posts: 18
    does 09 TSX require premium gas? what's your typical MPG for local and highway? thanks!
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    It is recommended NOT required.
  • njnjnjnj Posts: 18
    thank you for your reply! 09 TSX can use either regular or plus, right? do 09 TSX and 09 Accord share the same 2.4L engine? thanks again!
  • njnjnjnj Posts: 18
    does anyone know october incentives on 09 TSX? really appreciate your help!
  • benziebenzie Posts: 4
    For a new 2008 TSX base, $25500 before everything

    Deal or not?
  • jmb8606jmb8606 Posts: 13
    I would say DEAL
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    For a new 2008 TSX base, $25500 before everything

    I would hesitate seing how you can get a 2009 TSX base for $27,800. You're buying a one year old car plus it's the old design - two big depreciation factors. Only you can decide if the 2009 is worth the extra $2300. For me it would be. Of course with the current state of economic affairs, I'm willing to bet that incentives for the 2009 are coming sooner rather than later.

  • jmb8606jmb8606 Posts: 13
    I apologize I thought it was 09. 08 spend the money and get an 09
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