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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I wanted to add that we had very pleasant experiences with all of the LA dealerships we went to or spoke with. Valencia, Glendale, Mission Viejo, and Santa Monica all were good to work with and negotiate with. We especially liked Nelson at Glendale Acura, but they didn't have the model and price we wanted. Too bad we can't afford 4 Acuras... :D
  • Thanks so much for the info. CherryTSX, did that price ($29,700) include the destination charge? Oh, and what was the color combo you ended up with? Again, thanks for the info!
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    How on god's green earth did you get $600 under invoice? (I'm taking into account the $400 junk fee)
  • We got the Basque Red with Black Interior. It's a dark cherry red and very very nice looking. There were only 3 of this trim in all of SoCal (now only 2, I suspect) The 29,700 did include destination I believe. The $28,998 price from another dealership may not have. We paid that price, plus tax, plus doc fees, and got the extended warranty at $1500 ($1000 off sticker for the warranty, i think)
  • I asked for quotes on the internet, and got lots of competive bids. Almost all were no higher than $30,300, which is right at invoice.

    We came in ready to buy, and I'd start with a low-ball bid, just to see if there was any hidden dealer cash to make the sale. We'd then bid upwards using the lowest price quote from a printed email (this is important).

    Even though this is a rare trim, everyone was very eager to sell a car. We were all alone at the dealerships we visited, with only 1 or so other sets of people at the most. This was on Saturdays and Sundays.... wow.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    to pay $1500 for an extended warranty on a Honda (calm down, I've got a TSX myself), the vast majority of it is pure profit, and the store did just fine, overall.

    Our family routinely drives Hondas into the 200K (one pushing 300K) mile range without undue repairs, just routine maintenance (bought used, yet).

    You did great on the deal, right up until the F&I guy got hold of you.

    Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy the car. I've got a red one too, (last year's, before the beak) with a manual transmission -- it was a hard one to find and had to be brought in from CO, so I got not such a good deal. However, I didn't give the F&I guy one red cent.
  • Can you tell me who you dealt with David McDavid? I am in the process of buying a 2009 base TSX here in Dallas. Did the $27,250 you paid include the destination charge and dealer add-ons you reference?

  • scott31, I got it on the last day of the month (December 1st). I am not sure how the accounting month works for car dealers, but the phone ran off the hook that day from the Acura dealers and Honda dealers that knew I was serious to purchase. Basically, I threw out a figure and committed to the sale and they bit on the deal. Note that all of these figures include destination.

    The pricing was as follows:

    $26,200 (including destination) vs. $27,398 (invoice) - $1200 UNDER invoice
    $400 processing fee
    $10 online state registration filing fee
    3% Virginia tax - $800
    Other state licensing, registration stuff about $100

    $27,500 on the road and out the door and I got my pick of any TSX they had in stock. Good thing, because I didn't even know which color I wanted. Note this wasn't a dealer demo or damaged in transit as I picked which car I wanted after the deal was done. Extras that they included in the deal include wheel locks, rubber mats, and of course the free oil change.

    Earlier in the day, Radley also accepted my "offer" to pay $26,200, but Pohanka ended up being closer. I financed the deal as well for the 0.9% financing from American Honda and the salesperson told me that they get like a $200 kickback for sourcing the financing customer.
  • Anyone, please let me know if you want salesperson details for this deal.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    Yes, please let me know who you dealt with.
  • my email address is
  • At a dealership in Westchester, NY I have been quoted the following on a 2009 TSX w/o Nav:

    36 Months
    15K miles per year.
    $385 a month
    $595 Bank Fee + $385 (first pmt) + DMV Fees (under 200) due at signing.

    At this price, the sale price is $26950.
    I want to pay $379, which means they need to drop another $200 off the price.
    I also want them to throw in splash guards, wheel locks, trunk tray and 2 yrs of oil change, which as yet they are relunctant to do.

    What do you think? Is their offer any good? Am I being unrealistic or is this deal I should jump at? I've got a 1 month left on my current '06 TSX lease. They will pick up this payment if I can act before Tuesday. I don't know what to do.
  • Tuesday? What is so special about Tuesday? Sounds like a bogus deadline to force you into making a decision. What happens on Wednesday if you tell them that you wanted to make the deal but it's expired and you want to shop elsewhere? Wait till the end of the month and they'll ask you if they can increase your offer of $200 off the price to $500.
  • My last lease payment (on my current lease) is due on Tuesday, They didn't give me that date, but I presume they won't be able to pay it for me if I've pay it already.

    That aside for the moment, what do you think of the numbers? In general, is $650 below invoice considered good? Should I be happy with this price ($385) if they refuse to go any lower? What about the bank fee? Is it normal to pay this up front?.
  • yy394yy394 Posts: 3
    In Novemeber I started requesting quotes from dealerships in the Bay Area. Most of them responded quickly and professional. However, this specific one at PRESTIGE ACURA in Santa Rosa replied my request by asking which side of the Golden Gate Bridge I live in? I emailed her back and told her I live in San Francisco.

    Then, she emailed me back saying "Unless you have some kind of affiliation to my dealership, my quote is msrp. There is no reason why you would drive an hour away to buy a car. Plus, my dealer services do not apply to you because you are on the other side of the GG bridge." (Yes, this is exactly how she responded. so rude!)

    I have never seen a car sales person like this. To me driving one hour to buy a car is reasonable. I can't believe that she made comments like that. Besides, I think it's customer's business to decide where they want to buy a car. Sounds like she only wanted to sell cars to people who live "on the same side of the GG Bridge." Very ridiculous! Maybe she thougt I was just shopping around and didn't wanna waste time on me. If so, then she should not have been an "online sales consultant."

    Poor customer service and very rude!! DON'T GO TO Prestige Acura in Santa Rosa, California.
  • Bizarre. Her attitude is not what you'd expect from anyone at any time, let alone a car salesperson in this kind of economy. I would drive well over an hour to get a good deal on a car, and I suspect most people would.

    I suggest you call the dealership, speak with the general manager, and then forward her e-mail to him or her so the salesperson can be disciplined. I think it's important to address bad customer service and rude employees by going right to the top. Let the general manager know that an employee like this tarnishes the whole Acura brand.

    Oh, and you should also let the general manager know that you have -- and will continue -- to post information about your experience on various web forums. And that you're naming their dealership. THAT will surely get his/her attention!
  • I'm looking at the TSX w/Technology Package. One question I couldn't find online (or get answered by the salesperson I spoke with): what is the monthly fee for AcuraLink to get weather/traffic updates? Is this negotiable at all w/the dealer?

  • I am planning on purchasing a 2009 TSX with Tech package. MSRP is $32,820. Invoice is $30,224. How much under invoice have you been able to purchase for? I have qualified for 0.9% financing through the dealer.
  • Someone emailed me his TSX receipt and he managed 29,749, or roughly 760 below invoice, not including processing fee. He purchased in the beginning of October. I just heard from the Wall Street guys that TSX sales are down 10%, so you could probably score an even better deal.

    If I can't swing a 128i coupe, then I might pick up a TSX tech package. I currently own a 2004 TSX and I'm very happy with it. It's a complete package and the best value for the dollar, I think.
  • Recently got the TSX base package for $500 below invoice.
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