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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The destination fee is fixed and not negotiable. You can't have a 425 "destination" fee. :confuse:
  • Youre right, i meant to say it was the dealer incentive cash. You know when they try to tell you its the $700 (ballpark, i dont remember) or the 2.9%, that they cant do both... I got them to do both and reduce the $700 to 425. But lets be honest here, they work numbers like crazy, you really have no idea what theyre applying what to. Do you?

    I already see someone got a better deal by a few hundred $$$, which is good, hopefully we see even better deals on here! It's a buyers market.

    Good luck! BTW, my dealer was Keyes Acura in SoCal. I'd recommend them but say stick to your guns, i think i could have gotten them to fully eat the incentive cash.
  • Got a question for everyone. I'm just curious about this and how it would work. If I wanted to "downgrade" to a less-expensive car, could I trade in my 09 TSX?

    I owe about $20,000 on my 09 TSX (6,000 miles).

    Just for argument's sake, say I wanted to get a $20,000 car. Would/could a dealership give me say, $25,000 for my TSX, apply the $20,000 toward my current loan (paying it off essentially) and then apply the remaining $5,000 toward the $20,000 car I wanted to buy?

    Hope that made sense.
  • Short answer: Yes...

    Long answer: Expect to get a lot less for your car than you think it's worth...

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Not looking to do anything, was just curious if that how it worked. Thanks!
  • Dude - If you want to sell your car, which is still very new, do it private party. Trading in a such a brand new car is just stupid.

    When i was 18 i bought a car i couldnt afford and wanted to trade down, but i checked out the trade in value with a dealership - threw up :cry: , then put it on craigslist. Two weeks later i sold it with a 4k loss, which is much better than the loss of 9k the dealer wanted me to eat.

    Always go private party as a seller on a < 3 year old car.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Always go private party as a seller on a

    any age car - if you have the time you are likely to always get more money selling privately. With the current slump in residuals and resale value, be ready for really low trade in values. 08 TSXs w/ 10K miles are going at auction for 16-17K.

    In this economic climate be ready to hang on to your current car for a while.
  • Not that I don't believe it, but point me to one and I will take it in a flash.
  • u serious? Where r u?
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    what dealership was that? So how much was the total drive off?
  • Offered only 400-500 off an 09 in choice of color (base no NAV). The jokes on McGrath Acura! Told no need for most popular car. : :confuse:
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    That's the going rate at Manheim auctions - you can only get that if you are a dealer and trade in value are usually based on that.
  • Come out to New England, I have quotes that are just about $1000 below invoice with the current $750 incentive.
  • Northern LA county/Ventura county will do $25,600 +/- including destination....just add license and reg fees and tax......base w/o tech via internet sales groups
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    any delaership you can recommend? I am in Las Vegas
  • thousand oaks or calabasas, always better to go with at least 2. valencia was close but not quite there.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    Thousand oaks has an ad on their web site for a 2009 TSX I-VTECH 5-Speed Auto Trans lease. Does this mean the one with technology package?
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    i think I found the answer, no i guess that doesn't mean with tech pckg.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    Where does the miles/yr come in? What would be the difference on this if you only needed 12K/yr?
  • We just purchased an 09 TSX w/Tech (Black on Black), protection package and body side moldings for 28,866. This was from Keys Acura in Van Nuys CA. I think the deal was good but I wound not go back to Keys again. It took us ALL day. They put in these "hidden fees" for $640 and called it some type of "inspection." Rip-off. I would have walked but we were below invoice with options and close to TMV. It was high pressure and not a pleasant experience.

    The other thing I didn't like was the financing. We had 5k for a down payment and their first rate was 6.9 for 60 and $559.00 a month. Rip-off. We eventually got this down to 4.9 for 60 and about $500.00 a month. The 2.9 for 60 was gone.

    We just turned in an 06 on a lease return.This model in a BIG improvement over the old model. It's quieter and more comfortable. Great car!
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