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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just recently got a TSX non tech package out the door price 28,900.
    I live in central jersey. I think the 28,265 for the tech pkg is a good price
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I talked to the dealership. They are willing to do 28,265+760 Destination charge for a total of 29025 +taxes and tags. I wonder if I wait longer, will this price be lowered? Or is this still a good deal? I'm about to pull the trigger in a month also.

    What do you guys think?

    BTW where did you get that 28,900 OTD deal from?

  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I looked up link title

    I found out that a "good price" is 29,539 + dest. and a "great price" is 29,230 + dest. I feel that 28,265 is an amazing deal even if you add destination charges. I'm going to also contact DCH in Montclair and see if they can offer 28800 including destination charges.
  • jc50jc50 Posts: 1
    Clinton Acura is offering 2009 TSX Tech 29
    $29,295. with destination charge other remaining charges are sales tax, motor vehicle, and document processing ($198 for doc fee).
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    DCH Montclair offered me a TSX with TECH for $29000 incl. destination charges. That's the lowest they'll go. I asked for total OTD and they said $31421.50. Is that a good deal or should I walk?
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    Acura TSX Base for 27,512 OTD would be an amazing deal. If it is 27,512 +dest. and taxes then that is way too much. If I can get 29,000 for Acura TSX with tech incl. dest. charges, then I would go for 25,500 - 26,000 + taxes for an Acura base.
  • Your numbers actually have me considering the TSX w Tech. The dealer told me that the $27,512 is w/o taxes but does include dest. charge. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep you posted. I may start trying to neg. with Tech now.
  • Good luck. I love my TSX. I didnt think i was allowed to mention the dealorship but seems i am. It was Precision Acura in Lawrenceville. They were great. There is also a tire tax (go figure..this is NJ after all) and another charge of i think 189.00 for something. Plus there are registration fees. Get the out the door price and all that will be considered. Let me know what you got.
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    I requested a price from Clinton if they could beat 29,000 including destination charges, they said to take the 29,000 deal from the other dealer.
  • cfrstruncfrstrun Posts: 10
    Looks like the BEST DEAL around NJ for an ACURA TSX with TECH is 29,000. I've called other dealers and they will not budge the numbers to 29,000 incl. Destination. They are, however, claiming that after this month, I would have to do research again because incentives for next month are coming out. So it may even be cheaper than this price...
  • ldanldan Posts: 12
    Went ahead and purchased a preown with 6380 miles for 26,800 OTD. sales prices was 24,700 given a few more months of warrty and more miles. I thought we did okay. This is in Dallas Area. Hope this helps.
  • crlaoycrlaoy Posts: 1
    Did anyone get a quote from any Acura Dealership in Southern California? What are they offering? Thanks.
  • ldanldan Posts: 12
    Discovered that the dealer add some fees. I called them back and they were kind enough to void the contract. As a result I found a better deal through another dealer about an hour away. 09 TSX base with gray interior with 6,900 miles. but his one has moonroof visor, spoiler, tinted windows, bodyside molding and chrome wheels. Vandergriff in Arlington gave me this preown for 25,250 + TTL no trade in. we did buy the additional warranty as this car has a lot of neat stuff, including the 3,134 dollars worth of chrome wheels. if anyone looking for preown in dallas, go to vandergriff Acura in Irving. Good luck everyone.
  • If I got an offer for a TSX Base for $26,000, what would be a reasonable OTD price?
  • 26K out the door for a non tech 2009 TSX? thats an awsome price..Go for it
    Is that a preowned car?
  • Sorry, I wasn't really clear. The price quoted to me was not an out the door price. The $26,000 is the car plus destination. I wanted to know what a reasonable out the door price would be given that as a starting point.

  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Add Freight, tax, tags & title. Forget any extra dealer fees; They're just extra profit in the dealers pocket
  • I think that is a good price. My base was about 26,3, so your 300 bucks less than me and i shopped around. Go for it. Also remember you will get an added deduction for the sales taxes if you buy a new veh by 12/1/09
  • resslingressling Posts: 1
    That is a very good OTD price!

    on 12/31/08, I paid $27.3k OTD for a 6MT CBP on a 36 mo. lease w/ $3k down. If you can get under $27k OTD for a base, I'd say you're in good shape.
  • Do you mind telling me what your out the door price was, given the 26.3 starting point? Does it end up being about 10% above the starting price (that's what one dealer told me)?

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