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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Also been in the market for an '09Tech. Found a couple Md. dealers willing to go 29075...destination included. Radley Acura willing to undercut that price...28300...destination included. Plan to relay this offer to the Md dealers to see if they'll match. Think I'll be in the vehicle by Mon/Tues.
  • casdmgcasdmg Posts: 11
    Can you PM me the salesperson you were dealing with?
  • john1789john1789 Posts: 5
    I wouldn't trust what a website says. And I live in Los Angeles, not Phoenix. I went to close the deal but they're having trouble finding a base model. I also agree with the other user, Acura is cutting down its production drastically and is mostly focusing on the Tech version for obvious reasons. More incentive for close to the same production price. If I'm not able to get a base model, I'm going for the Tech. Same numbers as I previously listed, but $350/month.
  • dcbdcb Posts: 11
    Just struck a deal for $29,450. This is a drive off price including doc fees. This appears to be a little high, but inventories are going down and the color was what I wanted. Splurged for the consumer reports pricing cost after netting $1250 incentive and dealer holdback of $968 was $28,256. I probably should have haggled more but not much fight left in me.

    I got a firm quote from a different dealer on a 2010 for $31,300, plus a $489 doc fee...essentially $31,800. I think I'll go with the 2009. Anyone have any thoughts on 2009 vs 2010 at these prices?

  • Hi - what state are you in?
  • just got a quote of 28680 + Tax and license.

    Is this a good deal? Price good for 7 days
  • roubaudroubaud Posts: 39
    DCB -- I got a quote today for a 2009 tech at $29,850 and flew out the door. With the $1250 incentive to the dealer and the hold back, I was NOT going to pay over invoice. In fact, I frankly think these things should be going for under 29,000 given that your 2010 quote, for example, just isn't that much higher, so why not get the 2010? How much do you lose on that 2009 when you walk out the door? What is the depreciation once you sign the paperwork?
    SVCODEMONKEY -- I think that is a very good price, personally. I've been lurking here for a while, finally trying to make a move at the end of the month. As I said above to DCB, I think the 2009s should be at or under $29,000 (but what do I know). My dealer had 11 '09 techs and still wouldn't even meet me at invoice, at least not yet. I'm thinking why not wait a month or two then, let them see how bad the economy will still be, wait for an incentive on a 2010, and then pull the trigger.
  • dcbdcb Posts: 11
    I'm in Ky.
  • dcbdcb Posts: 11
    I have not followed all the previous posts. Bay area???? What state area you in? Yes, think that is a great price compared to my $29,450.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    I got a quote for sign and drive on a 09 tech of 443/month including tax for 36 mos, 12k miles per year, should I grab it?
  • dcbdcb Posts: 11
    I agree I am paying too much. I don't think they will sell at cost of $28200 or whatever. Probably add $500 $600 like the other poster got is more like it. I may renegogiate.

    On 2009 vs 2010, my price diff is $2350....about the amount of annual depreciation out in year somewhat a push.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    What was your sale price?
  • roubaudroubaud Posts: 39
    I'd try to go lower, but you might be right about them not selling at invoice. At least for June (but yes, in July there likely won't be many cars, and not the color you want).

    Do you--or does anyone know--what the depreciation of an 09 tech is when I drive it off the lot? Trying to see if getting a '10 is a better way to go. All I can find are graphs and tables that show me what it is at 1 year intervals or every 10,000 miles.
  • dcbdcb Posts: 11
    for depreciation, I look at edmunds true cost to own. results look reasonable.
  • ch3coohch3cooh Posts: 1
    I got mine in Houston, TX. 2009 TSX Tech Package. $28,500 plus tax and title. It was last 2009 in the lot, which is Champion Acura. There are more in Sterling McCall Acura, it should be no problem to get it at $ 29,000, but that sales manager is not professional at all.
  • roubaudroubaud Posts: 39
    And since I'm talking a lot lately, does anyone--in this day and age--not mind going a little bit further from home to get a better deal? Especially with the internet and internet pricing at dealers? Don't dealers know this when you are there, negotiating in person, and shouldn't they then try to work with you a little so you don't leave? I have no problem driving 200 miles to get a car if it's the right deal. Tired of the games this week I guess.
  • npolitenpolite Posts: 33
    Not sure what may have happened to my original post but here goes...I'm looking for anyone who has recently purchased an CPO 06 TSX that could share the price they paid and how many miles were on the car. A local dealer is offering one for 19k with 25k miles but has been sitting on the lot since the beginning of May. I did take a look at the car today and the knuckle/exhaust did have a lot of rust but the rest of the car was ok.

  • yamjamyamjam Posts: 21
    Looks like a awesome deal but ask them to throw in (for free) the Protective Package 2 (wheels locks + trunk tray + mud guards).
  • I picked up a new 2009 TSX (no tech) today from Jerry Damson in Huntsville, AL.
    Price was $27,167, including Protection Package 2.
    2009s are getting in short supply; they had 3 Tech and 3 non-tech left. Birmingham had only a few Tech, and no non-tech.
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