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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think there's a salesman from pohanka in chantilly, va making some false posts! No way could you have purchased a 2010 tech for under 30k OTD!!! I just called pohanka and the lowest thy were willing to go is 27310 (destination included) for non tech. Take a look at all the false statements from this pohanka guy. I even saw someone claim that they purchased a non tech for 26500 with destination included! Obsurd!!! Here's the deal, realisticly you should be able to get non tech for under 30k otd and tech for under 32500 otd. Request the quotes and you'll see.
  • Just had a tremendous buying experience at Fayetteville, AR Acura dealer where I bought my third car. Great guys and no BS. Took the information from this forum and some online proposals I had and was able to get a deal I'm very happy with. All weather mats and splash guards were included in this price but no sales tax. Also was able to get the 2.9% financing. Thanks to all who post their experience here. It is all very helpful. Almost went crazy and bought a CPO Mercedes C350 but just couldn't justify the price differential from a new TSX. Love the way the C350 looks but just couldn't get comfortable with the reliability issues. Way too many forums with bad stories. I like to drive a car way past the warranty expiring and I think Acura is the way to go. Has been so far for us anyway. Good luck to everyone and enjoy your TSX!
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    This isn't a salesman, I have been a member of this forum for several
    years and I have no reason to lie about my deal. I was just sharing my
    experience as I did on my last car purchase on here (a 2009 camry), which I purchased in Rockville, MD. Look under my past posts if you need to, lol.

    I hope it helps others getting the best price possible and best of luck car shopping.

    Also, note due to my camry trade-in I experienced significant savings
    on taxes, which enabled me to get the OTD under 30k.
  • My apologies to you. I didn't realize that you had a trade in. That's why the numbers didn't compute for me! Hey, I hope you're enjoying your new car. I love my new tsx just as I bet you love yours! :-)
  • I closed the deal and drove home a Polished Metal/Ebony TSX with Tech Package. Love the car.
    The final price (including destination charge, before tax/doc fees) was $29,800. This was at Sunnyvale Acura in San Francisco bay area. Probably could do better if I shop around more. But at least the tax reduction is great, see
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    no worries. when i thought about it more i realized that might have confused people. always good to have discussions that lead to clarified information that is more helpful. cheers! :)
  • I got the 2010 Acura TSX, Base, Auto trans for $27,077 (including destination fee) also included the Pro pack (matching splash guards, wheel locks and Trunk tray).

    Has anyone else gotten a better deal than this?? I looked and looked and no one would beat this.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,101
    You people are getting some spectacular deals. Back in August, I paid only $1000 off sticker for my 2010 Acura TSX Tech (Black/Black). It was the best and only deal I could muster using the Cash 4 Clunkers program (which gave me a $3500 discount after taxes) + My finance rate is 5.9% for 60 months.

    Congrats to you all!

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • ddobddob Posts: 11
    where did you get this deal? Was that OTD price? Did you have a trade that they factored in?
  • I got the deal at Keyes in Van Nuys.

    I did go back and forth with them for sometime but they finally took my offer. I did not have a trade in.
  • No it was not OTD, the price of the car itself was 27,077 with Pro pack.

    Documentation Fee
    GAP insurance
  • Hey, how much did you pay for your gap insurance? I was told that the price was 750, but they gave it to me at 500. I bet I could have done better. I put 10% down, but buying gap gave me piece of mind just in case something would happen to the car. I wonder if I could have bargained down on that...
  • I paid $575.00 so I got screwed there. And yes, it's piece of never know what might happen.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    Bear in mind that the doc fee is nothing more than ADM (additional dealer markup), above about $20.

    Preparing documentation is part and parcel of running a car dealership. Whoever thought up the concept of charging extra for it is waiting to start charging to cover the electric bill or building lease. Stay tuned. In many cases, skinny deals make more from the doc fee than they do from the car -- some places the doc fee is well north of $400.

    Gap insurance is another opportunity for the F & I department to up the ante. If you want/need such insurance, try getting a quote from your current car insurance agent. My guess is that it'll be significantly less costly.

    That's why OTD negotiating is useful -- the doc fee just blends into the whole thing, and it's clear that you're going to pay a particular bottom-line figure. No mop 'n glo, no GAP, no life insurance, no VIN etching, no . . . Bring a cashier's cheque for the amount you're willing to pay, OTD. If the first guy doesn't want it, maybe the next guy will.
  • Everything you said is so true. I was a little bothered when I saw that GAP insurance was put on withouth even asking me, although I WAS going to get it. There's so much paperwork to sign that I just sign, sign, and sign. I just skim through the numbers real quick to double check.
  • I just inked a deal for black on black, $27,200 plus $595 acq. fee for a total OTD of $27,797. 36 mths / 12K for $348 / mth. No money down. I think I got a pretty good deal.
  • $27,200 36 mths
    $348 / mth. No money down?

    I don't get it. Oh, you had a trade in right? Well..good for you.
  • Correct. No, I didn't have a trade-in. Sheer negotiation!
  • Also, included pro package and two cargo hooks.
  • Good for you!! :)
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