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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Where are you located? That is a great deal.
  • Pohanka Acura in VA.
  • i contacted the same dealer. who did you work with? Let me know please! they have tsx internet price at 27900 base automatic including destination. I am considering going to them this weekend
  • where in north carolina.?
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    edited February 2010
    27,900 with destination included (not including tax and tags) seems like a real price. No one gets a base tsx for 27 out the door unless they're doing a trade in or they're forgetting to include tax, tags, and processing fee. By definition, out the door means price plus destination plus tax plus tags plus processing fee. Additionally, watch out because some dealers pose as customers on this blog because they want to get you interested in their dealership. Think about it, if someone were to say, "I just got a 2010 tsx for 25k otd from ABC dealership," it would cause people to call and/ or go to that dealership only to find a bait and switch ordeal. Take a look throught this blog and you'll see. I myself got 27,650 (destination included) plus tax and tags prior to the end of the year. I recomend getting quotes throught the area, pick the lowest one, and then go to that dealer and get them to go down a bit more. That's what I did. Good luck and remember, don't believe everything that you see on the Internet. Cheers!!
  • Chapel Hill. Fayetteville was the best to communicate with and promised to beat any price. To a slightly lesser degree, Winston-Salem and Greenesboro were also competitive. Charlotte was not competitive. Cary was not competitive. Remember, this just represents a particular snapshot in time- I'd still check with every dealer you'd be willing to travel to, and give them the option of beating the other offers.
  • Hey Mike 651,
    Now you got me worried. Am I talking to a dealer Mr. Mike!
    This site has really helped me in my search. One VA dealer has come in with a strong offer at 27,500 with 2.9%. Monthly payments around 460 with some money down. I did contact in North Carolina and in Maryland. I have checked local and as far as 5 hours away. Your number of 27650 (destination included), what are your monthly payments? I continue to search. Thank you all.
  • make sure you don't negotiate using monthly payments- get the sale price/OTD price as low as possible....

    "with some money down", you can make the payments as low as you want......

    just my two cents....
  • Lol!! I swear that I'm not a dealer! Scouts honor! If I were, then I'd be shouting out a dealership name to go to. I just wanted to open your eyes regarding some of the posts that are on the blog. And like the other person said, don't shop based on monthly payment, shop based on the out the door price. Was the 27,500 an out the door price? I bet not, given that the tax, tags, and processing fee are most likely not included in that price. Out the door is the entire amount that you paid after leaving the dealership.
  • mimi0411mimi0411 Posts: 5
    edited February 2010

    It's up to you to believe it or not. Like other said, 27500 is the good deal already. If you feel it's a great deal, then go for it. I'm just here to share my buying experience and no commission as well as have no intended to tell you to go to certain dealer.
    I don't know if it's ok for me to post the saleman name here or not. Mod: pls let me know.

    My advice is shop around on the internet, get them to compete each other. One dealer in Maryland told me the internet price: 26500, but then I ask him whether he can beat the price, he then said he can lower more. Then it means what? The true price that they can sell is even lower. Using the same method, go to other dealer, and negotiate the price. The chance is you will not buy with them on the first trip, but don't panic, they will call you back. It's strategy game!!!
    This pohanka dealer told me that there is no price that they can not beat. And I'm going from there.
    Yes, Out the door means everything is included: Destination, Processing fee, sale tax, license, transfer, tag. And I don't care what these number are, what I do care is how much I have to pay, the final number. And I paid 27K even OTD.

    BTW: I don't trade in anything.

    Good luck
  • Hi guys I'm saving up money to buy a new car at the end of the year and I'm wondering if it'll be possible to get a 2010 base w/Tech for 29K OTD. I am really not sure how Acuras are priced because I never thought I can afford one. So based on all the experiences/info gathered here what do you guys think?
  • I give up... Time after time I see so many signs of dealers on this site.. It's freedom of speach that gives anyone the right to post anything on a blog as long as it isn't profane. All I am saying is that I've used this blog as well as my quote research from Oct. Through Dec. Of '09 for a car purchase in the DC metro area and I can spot dealers as opposed to real people. I just want to get the message out to people that please use this blog, but please try to be aware of dealers posing as customers. Just trying to help my fellow tsx buying friends. I am not a sales person and I don't promote any dealership. I speak for the buyers interest at heart. Awareness is key. The end.
  • It's funny! If one buy the car lower than someone's price, that one is quoted posing as dealer. Wow...I wish I work in dealership too so that I can get some discount for my recent TSX. Geez!!!
  • I agree with you (ie, don't give up). There appears to be some type of 'proxy war' on this forum, at least with regards to some northern VA and the Maryland dealerships... but, whatever, people can judge for themselves.

    just a FYI for everyone: to get an OTD price of 27k, and assuming a sales tax of 3%, and license/fees of about 425, then that means that the purchase price was 25,800.... give or take a dollar or two... that's a good price for the buyer.... so if there are northern Va dealers (or Maryland dealers) that can do that deal, more power to 'em and their happy customers!
  • tcwattcwat Posts: 10
    Anyone buy a TSX V6 Tech around DC? What deal did you get? I'm getting an urge to replace my 2005 TSX but am trying to hold off until after the last snow, which may be July the way it's going here!

    Back in 2005 I looked the prices posted here and took the best one into the closest dealer and said "I hate to negotiate for hours. I know you sold one for this price. Either give me this price or I move on to the next dealership." Didn't quite work because they agreed to the deal but I had to pay extra for the like $120 worth of accessories. Good enough for me! I'm hoping to do the same thing this time.

    Thanks in advance.
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    When posting your best deal or price that you have gotten from a dealer please don't include your sales tax ,city ,county or what other tax licence fees that you must pay to put your car on the road. Your fees are what they are for your particular state! The dealer can not change these as such they should not be included in your deal you got. Some one in California might pay 9% sales tax while someone in an other state might pay 3% or some are lucky enough not to pay any such as in New Hampshire. I'm in the market for a TSX 4 auto with tech it has gotten very confusing on the deals people have gotten when those fees are added in their bottom figure. So if you have bought a TSX with tech recently could you post your deal with out the other state and local costs which wont apply to people people that live in other States. Thank You.
  • I agree that you have to compare sales price separate from the other costs. The TTL costs are important, though, b/c they have to be paid, and it's helpful to know what those are (if nothing else it reminds people of the importance of tax policies and elections).

    Most importantly, however, the OTD price is important because it's the best way to make sure that people don't pay for useless add-ons or other hidden costs. Someone might be able to get an artificially low sales price if the dealer knows that they'll buy the 2500 dollars worth of paint and interior protection and free oil changes for life. The other thing to remember is that you could also get an artificially low sales price if the dealer knows they can make a lot of profit on your trade in.... (beware the four-square negotiation!).

    Just as an aside, you can approximate the price someone would have paid for the TSX auto I4 with Tech by adding about 2500-2900 dollars to the price someone paid for one without Tech (source- evaluations).

    I had a hard time deciding, but in the end, I didn't get the tech package- I'm still not sure I made the right choice. Let us know how you like it! Good luck negotiating your price!
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    I agree that extras dealers add on like paint protectant, mud guards wheel locks etc should be counted in price people got. Its just when price listed includes state taxes and city fees plates etc. States don't negotiate them. I think dealers add tax and everything to confuse people. To me bottom line is not how much a payment is but whats the price actually paid for a vehicle not including sales tax plate fees etc. I think taxes and plate fees are important but not when figuring out if someone got a got deal or not on a particular vehicle. As far as tech package is concerned I think Acura should add more things to justify the price like they do on the TL. Like chrome door handles up graded leather and push button start etc. I will let you know how I like car. Lowest price I got so far is 29550.00 for a Grigio with tech ebony int with Body side moldings.Price includes all fees other than sales tax, tittle fee and registration.
  • I think that's pretty good price, you're probably close to the bottom, keep up the good work!
  • mike651mike651 Posts: 24
    edited February 2010
    FINALLY!!!! Someone other than I finally realizes that there's a war between northern va and md dealerships on this blog!!! More specifically, I see signs of pohanka, radley, and rosenthal going at it time and time again on this blog. Thank you for noticing this 95tarheel! I thought I was the only one who noticed, or maybe the only one who cared. This blog does help the buyer because there are some real buyers on this site, but I bet a good 50 percent of messages posted are from dealers pretending to be real buyers. They utilize this blog to bait the consumer.
    Also, I agree with your view of the out the door price. The out the door price should include everything, even tax. I suggest that people mention the otd price along with the state that you purchased the car in. That way we know the tax rate for that purchase.
    PS- I liked how you picked up on the fact that you would have to get a sales price of 25,800 in order to get the final otd price of 27k. Numbers never lie, but some of the people on this blog do! Thank you my friend!
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