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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mrrm11mrrm11 Posts: 5
    I'm in Columbus, Ohio. Looking at a 2012 TSX with Tech and they aren't moving off the $30,695 + TTL. I think it's a good deal but just can't pull the trigger. Plus the .9% financing is nice for the remainder. These decisions are so difficult.
  • dmvesqdmvesq Posts: 4
    $32500 (including destination, processing, and 6% tax). I want to be near $30500 OTD.

    Went to dealer in Northern Virginia today and they couldn't make a deal. High volume dealer with lots of my color combo TSX in stock. You would think I have leverage, but they were happy to let me walk.

    1. Is their offer a good deal?
    2. Can I get to my price?
  • mrrm11mrrm11 Posts: 5
    I bought last night. $30,395 with floor mats and upped the trade-in by $200. I am happy it's over. It was the forged grey exterior which I couldn't find anywhere else. Lots of black and silver but no grey with tech.
  • dmvesqdmvesq Posts: 4
    Is $30395 including taxes and dealer fees? Either way sounds like a great deal!
  • mrrm11mrrm11 Posts: 5
    No, that was before TTL -- thanks. I saw "Target Price" on truecar at $32.5k before tax. I was at around $30.7K so I feel good about it.
  • Bought a 2012 TSX Tech for $31,500 including tax/tags, destination, dealer fees ("OTD")!!! Also got 0% financing. Think I got a good deal, but I KNOW I got an awesome car. Thanks for everyone's post for helping.
  • I live in Naperville, IL. The cheapest quote I received for a base model is $29705 (incl. TTL). One of the dealers is willing to match the cheapest selling price of another dealer and offer a 5% off the difference (which is not much actually). The 0.9% APR for 60 mnths promotion expired yesterday per the dealer. However does anyone think this deal is the best or there is room for negotiation, if so, how much can I push?
  • Included in price.
  • Would you mind telling me where you get the quote for $30,695? Is it from Columbus Acura or Linksay Acura? Does this price include destination? It seems quote low compared to my first quote from Linksay, $33,300 (including destination)


  • Congratulation. This is incredible great price, but the price seem even lower than the

    Invoice price - dealer holdback which is 32,884 - 3%. Yours even include TTL. Do you mean TSX base or TSX with Tech package?
  • Mine was from Acura Columbus. I did at the end contact Lindsey and they were willing to go "below $31K" if I came in to talk and include the weather package. However they only had black and silver and we wanted the grey. It was for the tech package. I will say Lindsey came back aggressive very quickly and it was just via phone conversations. The 30,695 included everything but tax.
  • I will also say Acura Columbus also throws in free car washes for life, 10% off all maintenance and the never-ending coffee mug from Brueggers Bagles across the street (through 2012)!!
  • hapi100hapi100 Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    Do you mind sharing the dealers name in naperville. I got a quote for 30,800 for a base package includes (TTL).
  • pr20pr20 Posts: 1
    the dealer quoted me this price for 2012 tsx base model
    MSRP: 30905
    SELLING PRICE: 29156.33
    MILES/YEAR: 10000
    TOTAL UPFRONT: 2276.93
    RESIDUAL VALUE: 17615.85

    is this good?
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    No, it is not. I would counter offer with $319.43 permonth but with zero dollars upfront and as it was said many tinmes on this board avoid upfront expense as much as possible.
  • Thanks. I really mean TSX with Tech package. MSRP $34,0004. I did all my negotiating online. Again my final came to $31,500 without a penny more (TTL, freight, dealer fees).

    I appreciate your response. It really makes me feel like I got a good deal. If anyone needs more information I will be more than happy to help as this site provided me with a lot of help.
  • jcoryjcory Posts: 17
    Hello all -

    I got what I think was a great price on a 2012 TSX base. I'm in Arlington Heights, IL - paid 27,212 (destination included). I had a quote for 26,500, but the dealer seemed shady and didn't have the color I wanted. All-in-all, I love the car and am happy with the deal. Seems like there is a LOT of cash on the hoods of the 2012's.
  • Is this price including TTL...?
  • jcoryjcory Posts: 17
    Not including TTL, but including destination.
  • Wavering between this and a 2012 TL Tech. Love both cars.

    TSX offer: $31,200 + TTL
    TL offer: $34,600 + TTL

    Salesman said standard Acura warranty is 5 years/60,000 miles. Oops.
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