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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    When I go to the Acura website, all they show is the 2013 wagons. When I go to the dealers websites, I don't see any, just the '12s. So... is it worth buying a '12 at this time of the model year?
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179 has the TSX with tech package at $31,080.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    edited November 2012
    Where do you find the dealer holdback? Most of your prices seem quite a bit lower than truecar's. As a matter of fact the price went up to $33K on true car from earlier this evening to now. What's going on?

    I'm going to test drive one tomorrow and if I like it, and can get one with the light leather, I'll be ready to give them a credit card to hold the car. Want to close before the end of the month and I imagine they do too.

    Can any of you tell me whether you did you negotiate through email? phone? in person?

  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I feel like I'm writing a monologue here, so I hope someone responds.

    Was able to email sales directly as I had the salesman's card.

    $33,129.33 out the door, nothing else to pay for 2012 Wagon with tech package.

    I live in CT. Sales tax is 6.35%. Since I bought my first Acura from that dealer, I think I should be asking if there's a loyalty reward.

    Also, how are all of you corresponding by email? When I go to the websites, you end up having to give your phone number out and there's not
  • dxxvidxxvi Posts: 12
    I bought a 2012 tsx w/o tech package around 2011 Xmas for $29600 including everything in NJ. Now I regret. The TSX is noisy and small. I don't know if the TL is noisy or not but everybody says the TSX is noisy.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Where did you get a MSRP of $34k? The MSRP is $35,905 with the tech package.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    edited November 2012
    If you so unhappy with your TSX sell it and get a Lexus. The new ES 350 is very quiet and somewhat sportier than the previous model. Be ready to take $3-4K hit on your trade.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I'm picking up my new TSX Wagon with tech package on Friday. The salesman sent me the bill of sale via pdf file. The final price is on there as well as TTL. But there is no destination fee mentioned. Anyone know why that is?
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I picked up my TSX Sport Wagon with tech package a few hours ago. Bought it from DCH Heart Acura in Wappingers Falls, NY. This the second Acura I've bought from them. I was lucky and got a salesman who was way under his quota this month. So it was $33,129 OTD. That includes TTL. I got .9% financing. They had a coupon on their website for a free weather protection package which was mud flaps and winter mats. I bought the cargo tray extra and will look at the clear protective bumper guard when it comes in. I also bought the tire protection. It came to $10 more a month and I've ripped a couple of tires apart in my day.

    The sales manager came to shake my hand as I left, and took me outside to show me a small, light scrape about an inch long under the back bumper. I can't even find it now that I'm home He said he wanted me to know they found it and would take care of it when I came back to pick up my mud flaps.

    I'm pleased with my deal and although my salesman was slow to get back to me, all in all, I'd go back to them in heart beat.

    It was a far cry from the sleazy Subaru dealerships I went to while I was trying to like the Outback.
  • Would a new 2012 TSX Tech for $31,500 OTD with all fees and TTL included be considered a good deal?
  • Yes. That's a very good deal, definitely among the lowest prices paid for that car.
  • I'm having a little trouble getting the dealer to agree on that price. The best another dealer is will to do is $31,995 OTD with all fees and taxed included. Is that still a good price?
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    It seems like a very good price. Just curious since you didn't list the price before TTL, where do you live ?
  • I'm in South Florida. He didn't show me the detailed breakdown. I simply told him I'm ready to buy for $31,500 and he counter-offered with $31,999. I emailed him back asking if this was the final price OTD and not a penny more and he said yes. The only problem now is I don't see the color I want in stock on their website inventory. Maybe I'll just get a black on black. Black is such a pain to keep clean. I had a 2004 black TL. Looked awesome when clean.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Very often they'll do a trade to get you the color you want. It's worth a try.
  • Sounds to be a great deal. I paid 32k OTD for a 2012 TSX Tech in the LA (California ) area for a black on black and dont know of anyone who paid that paid that low price in my area
  • sanmsanm Posts: 1
    Can you provide me more details of the dealer where you got the TSX for 32K OTD in california. Sounds like a good deal. I can go for it if I get similar price
  • Our local dealer (Cincinnati) has a 2012 TSX tech package with 5500 miles. Does anybody have a thought where I should start my offer. 5500 miles is just a few percent of the car's lifespan, but it's the best few percent! Not hanks!
  • I'm shooting from the hip here, but I'd say a sale price of $28,500 seems like a good place to start. That's a very nice car!
  • jcarlkjcarlk Posts: 3
    We ended up passing on the dealer car and closing with another dealership that had a 2012 tech package in stock with <100 miles. $32,800 OTD including TTL. (6.5% sales tax).

    Since the MSRP for the 12 and the 13 were so close, I asked if they could come close to that on a 13, but the salesman told me that there are a lot more incentives for the 12, so no dice. It always kills me when I don't do as well as other posters, but we love the car, and we came close! Thanks for the advice everyone!
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