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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • weno2weno2 Posts: 38
    Does anyone know what's the cost of pin striping on a TSX? I'm buying a Pearl White TSX and I'm adding pin striping and sunroof visor.
  • vskvsk Posts: 4
    Hi guys,

    I am planning to buy a TSX in a few days. This is my first car so please help me find it for a decent price. Is there anybody to share experiences in buying around the Seattle, Washington area?

    Seems like a stupid question, can you please tell me what "being well informed" means. What all do I need to know to strike a good deal? I think that the invoice price is 24,734 (or something around that), isnt that enough. I had been to the Acura dealer at Bellevue and mentioned it, hoping for a good deal, but he added the numbers like this - 24,734 + 560 (dest) + 320 (protection pkg) = 25614. And says that its what he pays for and and he can never come to that!! His offer was 26990. I asked him for 25K and he wudnt budge. Another offer that I hav is for 26151 but it doesnt include the protection package. I am very poor at negotiating so please help me. I like the car a lot but 26K seems a lot for it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • drewbadrewba Posts: 154
    I bought a non-NAV TSX from Acura of Seattle about 6 weeks ago including the protection package. I had a trade on which I got full KBB trade-in value, so it's hard to separate the trade and purchase, but the sale price on the car was $26,450 plus TTL.

    From reading here and other forums, it looks like a fair number of people around the country are beating that number, but I haven't seen anyone near $25,000. That's several hundred below invoice, something that isn't likely to happen on a strong selling car. The good deals seem to be in the mid to upper $25's, but I don't know if that includes a protection package or not.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,913
    The good deals seem to be in the mid to upper $25's, but I don't know if that includes a protection package or not.

    This is a good assessment.. Shoot for this number plus tax... Don't obsess over a $300 protection package.. . that is just another number for the dealer to play with, since these cars don't come with any factory options..

    You don't need to be "well-informed"... Just know what is a good number, and try to get it.... then don't buy anything extra in the finance office..

    The NW area seems to be a tough market for almost any car... You might have to shop more than a few dealers..



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  • vskvsk Posts: 4
    Thanks guys,

  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Although he might laugh out of the office you might come back to him with the hold back. Why is it that on high volume cars like the Accord dealers don't seem to mind dipping into that pot of money for a better deal but at an Acura dealer that seems like a no-no.
    $500-750 over invoice seems to be about the best deals out there. If you have a few dealers around you should be able to get $1K over invoice. If all else fails - expand you search area.
  • paul33paul33 Posts: 2
    I too am interested in buying a non-navi automatic TSX soon in the Seattle area. So far the best quote I've gotten is 26,400 (if I were to immediately buy the car, which I didn't) from Acura of Seattle including the protection package, but I'm thinking I can get it lower....

    Here's the breakdown they gave me of their cost:

    $25,353.84 base invoice including destination charge 570
           408.50 pro package
    389.95 PDI (pre delivery inspection...getting vehicle ready for sale)
    $26,152.29 Sales Cost!

    And then they said they wanted me to make an offer above that so they could make some profit.

    I've never heard of the PDI thing--is that bogus? I also thought the protection package was $300. It seems clear their real cost is lower than this total.

    Any thoughts or advice on getting a lower offer? I've told the 3 dealers in this area that I'm shopping them all and will buy from the one giving me the best offer.
  • rbevz67rbevz67 Posts: 69
    pdi is bogus, where is the doc and dmv fee? ttl also
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    PDI is just part of the dealer's cost of doing business. If he passes on a specific fee to the buyer for this, it's part of the gross profit.

    Does the protection package include the mats or just the trunk tray, mud guards, and wheel locks? If it's all four, the listed price (from Acura Store) comes to $369 plus installation (book time is 0.9 hr). If no mats, think $237 plus 0.8 hr for install. Then again, there's some shop profit in that time, and no telling what the dealer's actual cost is on the accessories.

    And for whoever replied about the TTL/doc, etc, I interpreted this listing as the dealer's portrayal of his cost and nothing else.
  • paul33paul33 Posts: 2
    The protection package includes mud guards, wheel locks, trunk tray, dooredge & wheel lip guard. Thanks for the info on that and the PDI.

    The price I was quoted, as you (ronsteve) interpreted, was not including TTL/doc, etc.

    I now have an offer for 26,350. The dealers around here seem to pretty resistant to lowering their prices.

    Realistically do I have much chance to go lower than 26,350? The last dealer I talked to gave me only a $50 lower price than the other one (dropping from 26,400 to 26,350 and the 26,400 was only a $100 drop from the 26,500 I started with at a third dealer...pretty unimpressive increments of drops in price). What's the best strategy? Should I keep bouncing the prices between the 3 dealers (it's not getting me very far) or kind of "draw a line in the sand" and say for example, I'll buy the car right now for 26,000 or 26,150?
  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    Does the $26350 include the protection package? How much is the doc fee?

    I looked back over about a month worth of posts in here and have seen posted prices ranging from 25374 to 27250, some including doc fee, others not. The median seems to be around 26K, with some decent clustering near that figure. In light of that $26,3 with the protection package doesn't sound all that bad.

    Can you get a better price than 26350? Maybe. But how much better, and how much effort will it take to get there? I read somewhere that a good rule for negotiating is to be sure you make (i.e. save yourself) $50 an hour. But that was 10 years ago, and now I'd want to make $75-100 an hour to go thru this process. Make one more counter-offer (be sure it includes doc fee and tell them that), and see where it gets you.

    If I felt more comfortable with the 5-6 shift, and could get one out the door for $26,5 + ttl I'd be doing some paperwork myself.
  • drewbadrewba Posts: 154
    Sounds about like my experience 6 weeks ago. Acura of Bellevue quoted me around $27,000 in person; Acura of Lynnwood $26,500 via e-mail; Hinshaw's let me walk out the door when I was ready to buy with a best offer of around $26,800 and I ended up buying from Acura of Seattle at $26,450. All prices included the protection package.

    My impression at the time, and it sounds that way still, is that purchasing a TSX for anywhere near invoice isn't happening in the Seattle market.
  • stillageekstillageek Posts: 113
    I have bought a few cars (6 to be exact I am 28 years old). I don't like to pay too much....but I don't want to screw the dealer either. It would be great if we all paid invoice because hey the dealer gets a hold back right? True, but there are a lot of bills to pay to run a car lot. I paid $27,995 + TTL for my 05 TSX auto W/Navi. I got tint and wheel locks free. Could I have done better? After all invoice including destination is $27,175. Maybe. But the buying experience was nearly hassle free. The dealer made $800 on the car plus his holdback. Eight hundred dollars over the next 39 months isn't even going to effect me. If it does affect someone...should they be buying an Acura? I see those people the same way I see those complaining about having to put in Premium and asking if it's really needed. Acura says it's needed, it's a premium car so whats the big deal of spending around $200 extra a year to put gas in it? A good price on a car is one you feel most comfortable with and is fair for both parties. I would have paid MSRP for my car, it's a heck of a deal at that price.
  • saviosavio Posts: 12
    Time is your friend. The 06 models are getting ready to come out so I would be on the look out for deals. The 06 TSX will have a different styling than the 05 with other additives like bluetooth and an input in for IPODs, etc. Once the 06 hits the market, you can get the 05s for invoice but if you want to wait for the 06, it'll be a bit nicer.

    I have a 05 TSX no nav and have been enjoying it since april. I paid 27,500 in NC with TTL included in that price.
  • loubearloubear Posts: 1
    i went there on a whim after doing a little bit of research online (just so i wouldn't get screwed completely). by chance, i ended up getting the internet manager as my salesman. within the first few minutes of talking i told him i wanted to know the lowest price he'd offer me noting that i came in after some research online suggested the tsx to be a good car. he flat out said $25,600 for a non-navi. i took up his offer. i know i probably could have done even better, but for an initial offer from a dealer it sounded good and i didn't really feel like wasting my time trying to work it lower. just wanted to let you know that the guys here are very easy and obviously fair. a no
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,913
    Sounds like a good deal... You did your homework, and knew when you were getting a good deal...

    Knowing a good price when you see it, doesn't help if you can't pull the trigger..



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  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    For any recent purchasers of TSX's that financed thru AHFC (Honda), what sort of rates are people getting on these puppies? I know there's no special rate out there, but had to wonder if Honda is beating the likes of e-loan and Capital One.
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    I haven't made my purchase yet but Acura in Ontario is offering 2.99% for 24- 60 months on a new 2005 TSX. I'm hoping it will eventually trickle down to the U.S. Here is the Acura Canada site.

    Here is a specific link to one of the dealer sites
  • I also may be buying a TSX in the Seattle area. Have not started contacting dealers yet. What type of deal did you get? Please specify what the price includes - protection package, D&H, TTL? I am comparing it to the new Passat (not officially launched) and the Accord EX V6. Any opinions on those 3 choices? The Accord V6 has the quickest engine and has nice features and is cheapest, the Passat has a nice turbo 4cyl 200hp with good torque, so the TSX has the slowest engine but I love the styling/design/features. Also, I've read some posts about the stereo system having issues. Let me know what you've experienced.
  • bda1947bda1947 Posts: 20
    Where did you get your info about the changes to the TSX? What kind of styling changes and when do you expect them to hit the market??? :shades:
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    I test drove the TSX. Its acceleration is not as good as the Accord-V6 when the AC is on. But I do like its interior and some of the features.
  • mt56mt56 Posts: 15
    I'm in the market for an 05 TSX within the next 2 weeks. The only dealership that is willing to correspond through e-mail with me is Sterling Acura of Austin, and the internet manager won't budge on his $26,500 price quote on a black auto, non-navigation. What can I do to make him go down? He says that the last TSX he sold was at sticker price, and last month, they were on a waiting list for TSXs, so there is no reason to sell them at or near invoice. Help! I don't want to get taken advantage of.

    Hook 'em horns!
  • weno2weno2 Posts: 38
    Why bother w/buying the car there? You're only eighty miles from SA, and a tolerable drive to Houston and DFW.

    When I lived in SA, I flew to Houston to test drive an Acura (1986 - wasn't a dealership in SA), bought an Integra, and drove it back home.

    If you can get a savings of - at least - $500, elsewhere, pay the cost of the flight and buy the car elsewhere.
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Sticker! Yeah right. He's just trying to play hardball. He knows Austin is a small market. They gave me that price a month ago. Just email the four DFW dealerships and the four in Houston, 1 in Beaumont, 1other in Austin. Show him what quotes you are offered and tell him to beat it or lose the sale. They DFW dealers quote around invoice and so are others in other cities. I've had no problems getting quotes via internet. Try John Eagle in Houston. They seemed to be pretty responsive and reasonable. More competition, more willing to flex. Either go through the Edmunds site to make the request, or go to each of the individual dealership sites. Let him know you are shopping a large area and willing to travel to the best deal. If he still doesn't want to bend, even with the '06's a little over a month away, then make the drive to Houston or San Antonio, or even an $85 1 hour flight to DFW, might be worth it to save a thousand or more dollars. All of the dealerships are about 20 minutes max from the airport.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,913
    Pick up a phone... or, get in your car...

    Anything you encounter that is icky, will come off in the shower.. ;)


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  • mt56mt56 Posts: 15
    What price should I aim for? I've been reading on this forum, and $25,300 - $25,600 is what I've heard. Can I get it lower since the 2006 models are coming out soon??
  • mt56mt56 Posts: 15
    "Even if you were able to find someone selling TSX's at invoice, with the first set of $900 tires that you got for free from us, you would already be getting the same deal. After that each free set of tires would only increase your savings."

    That's what the guy at Sterling Acura of Austin told me. I don't know anything about tires, but do they really cost that much??? Sounds like bs.

    Help me here!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,913
    Forget about "free tires"... The chances of you meeting all of the requirements of the program, then actually wanting to replace just one or two tires at a time, make it really worth nothing....

    Concentrate on the price of the car...



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  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Ask the service manager how many TSX owners have gotten $900 worth of tires free. If he's honest he'll tell you - zero.

    With an attitude like that I'm not sure you'd even want to have your car serviced there.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    Yes...agreed...avoid the gimmicks and attempts by the dealers to cloud the deals. just have to wonder what would happen if you didn't rotate the tires as they expected, didn't get alignments, have road hazards (bet they won't cover that), etc.

    Get a good price and don't fall for the gimmicks.
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