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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Montgomeryville Acura quoted me 28.5K for the same car... I just laughed... In the beginning I wanted to lease it, but since their residual value is not good, the lease is only 30-40 less/ month then if I buy it. So, I'm buying the car... I'm dealing with Ardmore Acura and also talked to Acura in downtown Philly. Forgot their name. I'm probably going to close this weekend, because they have the promotional 4.9% APR, which is obviously great.
    They were going to give me the car for 25.5K if I would take the ones that they have in stock. But, I'm looking for a white w/ Ebony leather and they didn't have it.
    Good luck with your search!!
  • Well, in the beginning I was going to lease it. But the lease price is only $30-40 less then if I would finance it, so decided to buy it. Currently they have a promotional APR rate of 4.9%, and for a 26K car that gets the payments down to about $480/ month. Might be less for me, if I decide to put some $$ down.
    I've also done a lot of research and considered cars like BMW325, Infinity Q35X and others... The only car that I did like more than this was the Lexus IS250. It does ride much better, but there was a $250 price difference, which I wasn't willing to pay for $36K car. But because it's a brand new model and everyone wants it, the dealer wasn't even to budge by $10.00. He told me if I wanted to wait till end of summer I could get a better deal, but I just can't wait and decided that Acura was a great deal and a great car overall...
    Hope this helps...
  • Is that a 2006 modal with nav? 25.5K is an amazing deal. How about the other fees, like document fee? Would like to contact them. Thanks a lot.
  • Yes, that's an 06 model. I didn't actually ask about the the other fees, but was told around couple hundred dollars.
  • That's great. Is that the dealer you are dealing with: "Piazza Acura of Ardmore" 150 West Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA. If that's the one, I will contact them today. Thanks again! :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,940
    I'd be interested to see what other charges you end up with... I'm guessing that the $26K is without destination..

    Even that would be well below invoice...

    This sounds to good to be true... Are you sure it has NAV? Good luck with it.

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  • Yes, I was surprised also about the price. I made sure that it has nav.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I have a feeling you'll be in for "Aw shucks we made a mistake" kind of an encounter when you pick it up.

    Biker, who doubts any dealer anywhere will sell an 06 NAV TSX for that much.
  • After going back and forth between the TSX and the IS250, I'm almost completely set on the TSX (about 90% in favor of the TSX). My reasons are:
    #1 The price and what you get for that price
    #2 I can actually find a manual transmission in the TSX
    #3 That IS is brand new, I just think that there will be a few problems starting to show up in the near future (even though it is a Toyota)

    Can anyone tell me what a manual TSX (more than likely w/o nav.) is going for in the Southeast?
    I am shooting for the middle of April...

    Thanks for the posts
  • TSX is a good car. I had a 04 and now a 06 6MT. I bought the 6mt last week. Easy price is $26,600. I got tint and splash guards thrown in. $26,100 may be done in special situation as some have done invoice.

    I saw a 6mt lexus for over 40k with nav, ML, everything. Stupid price for 204 hp.

    Acura is a bargain, well equiped, reliable and sporty.

    Good luck--6mt was hard to find for me. Took a month to get it in silver
  • rico23rico23 Posts: 29
    Hello im in sort of a dilemma... im in the market for a tsx, now i was thinking of buying a CPO but most dealers want anywhere from $22,000 to $24,000 for it and thats not even out the door... these are all 04 models... now ive read some posts about people that bought these cars brand new for around $28,000 OTD... i mean i know that these cars hold there value well but we're talking about cars that are almost 3 years old and have anywhere from 22k to 35k miles on it... does these prices seem high or are these good prices, i mean can i work them down a little? I was thinking about something like $21,000 out the door. Is this wishfull thinking??? Should i go for a new one, if so how much is a good OTD price for a new one? Man im really confused, some help would greatly be appreciated.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,940
    I feel the same way... An '04 should be around $20K, or the new one is a much better buy.. Whether you can get that price is another matter...

    The '04s came out on April 1st, 2003.. A lot of those cars will only have one year of warranty left... That alone would steer me to a new one..

    The TSX is a lot like the Accord.. The resale values are so high, that it only makes sense to buy a new one.



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  • rico23rico23 Posts: 29
    well the thing is that now i was throwing some numbers around and i definitly cant afford a new one...its probably gonna be like 28,000 OTD for that one right?? possibly even more... i mean the difference isnt much but the max i can afford is probably like 22,000 OTD... and yes they would only have 1 more year of warranty left but the CPO adds 1 more year to it... im sure you all knew do you guys think i could get a good deal on a tsx CPO for 22,000 OTD in like say 2-3 months??? also i read some where that these cars dont have a timing belt, they have a chain so you dont have to worry about changing it is this true? according to the salesman the tsx would problably cost me less to mantain that my current 99 V6 accord, does this sound truthful as well...
  • It is quite clear that the used value still too high. 3 years coming up soon and lease end values are $17000 for most 36 month, 45k mi leases. 22k used or 26k new. No brainer with amount of warranty and equipment and new car interest rates.
    used makes no sense to me.
  • hokiebird,

    Regarding the $27,750 deal for TSX w/Nav in northern VA, did you get this at Pohanka, and did this include destination? I understand T&T were extra. I've seen favorable reviews for Chevy Chase Acura, but Pohanka is closer. Thanks for any info.
  • Hi, some of the favorable reviews about Chevy Chase came from me. I live in Fairfax. I live and work 5-7 miles from Pohanka, they don't want to give a fair price and are somewhat arrogant. I got a good price at Chevy Chase, good engouh to take the Metro over to Maryland to buy the car.
  • rico23rico23 Posts: 29
    yeah but a new tsx isnt $26k, is it??? its more like 28k... how much can i expect to pay OTD price, i live in south florida
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,940
    You are correct.... after sales tax, etc... The TSX will likely be $28K..

    That still doesn't make the used one a good buy... Even if your heart is set on a TSX (also one of my favorites), sometimes it just doesn't make good fiscal sense to buy one... If the new one is out of your range, buying a three-year-old one, just because that is in your budget.. is probably not a good idea..

    Don't get me wrong.. It wouldn't be any sort of huge financial disaster.. It is just my opinion that the used TSXs aren't a good value at that price level..



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  • Yeah, I bought this car at Pohanka in Chantilly. The price did include Dest and T&T were extra. Funny thing is we sold our old car at Carmax and as we browsed around we noticed they had a '04 for $26,500- Just $1g less than I paid for an '06- The TSX's are pretty much going for invoice or just a little over invoice.
  • I just bought a '06 TSX w/Navi for 27,750. I think the Navi is worth about $1500 so $26K for a TSX w/o Navi is do-able- Just work the salesman a little. Personally, $26K for an '04 is ridiculous. The extra amount for an '06 financed over 4 or 5 years will make about a $20 difference per/month, if that. But you'll make up the difference when you eventually sale the car.
  • Thanks for the info. I'll try and use it to my advantage when looking to make my purchase.

    Did they have yours on the lot, or have to order it?
  • Hi Hokiebird,
    Did the price $27,750.00 include the Processing fee??
    or was it 27750 + TTL + Processing fee.

    the dealer qouted me a much higher price on the tsx (28,400) and ttl+processing fee of 300 on top of that.

  • rico23rico23 Posts: 29
    i was just wondering that myself... is that 27750 OTD price or before all the taxes and all of that??? And it wasnt 26k for an 04 its probably gonna be more like 22k-24k OTD
  • Can you tell me where you bought your car in the Bay Area? I'm looking for an '06 automatic w/o navi. I'm trying to figure out a decent price OTD. Also, did they have the car you wanted on the lot or was it a trade?
  • Bumping up my original post. Anyone purchase a TSX Auto w/Navi in the St. Louis area recently?
  • It looks like the average selling price of an '06 6m is cuurently somewhere between $25.5k and $27k. I am pretty sure that I am going to get aftermarket wheels from the dealer (okay or not recommended?).
    But what do you think I would expect to pay for TTL? I live in Charlotte.

  • without Nav
  • I think you've answered it before, but not 100% sure where I saw it.
    What exactly is "residual"?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,940
    When you lease a car, the residual is what the car is worth at the end of the lease.... It is typically expressed as a percentage of MSRP... though, on the lease contract, it will be spelled out as a specific dollar amount..

    The residual is equal to the option price, if you decide to buy the car at the end of lease term.

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  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Financially you'd be better off getting something other than the dealer supplied aftermarket wheels. You can get greater variety at a place like TireRack and you'd get to make some money on your old wheels if you want to sell them.
    You states' DMV can tell you the TTL rates.
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