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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes.... just a negotiating tactic..

    Look up invoice here on Edmunds... start there, and hope to take it home within $500 of that amount...

    Just my $0.02
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  • does the $500 over invoice target include the infamous doc fee?
  • Always consider a doc fee part of the price... So, $25,300 plus a $499 doc fee is really $25,800.....

    So, $500 over invoice is everything except state mandated fees and sales taxes... Let them break it down however they want.. :)


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  • Hi, I am looking at buying a automaticTSX without Navi in Chicago. Can you tell me how much you paid for yours and what was the name of the salesman that sold it to you.
  • $25750, includes $399 doc fee, wheel locks, trunk liner, mats

    Tax and $21 reg fee added.

    Nalley Acura in Atlanta (Marietta)
  • I bought the Acura TSX, 6MT, silver/gray from Sunnyvale Acura at $25,400 + Fees = $27,317 OTD today.
    The internet sales manager offered me this price over telephone and didn't want to go below the invoice. I would say the entire transaction was quite smooth, except for slight haggling/pushing by the finance guy to install an alarm. They have one more TSX w/NAV 6MT available if anyone is interested and the price is $27,200.
  • jfergusjfergus Posts: 30
    Alarm system? It already comes with a "Theft-deterrent system with electronic immobilizer". How did he push that one? "Sir, now that you've purchased this 'luxury car', I should tell you that the alarm system is woefully inadequate."

    The name of the alarm he was peddling wasn't by chance "The Club", was it? Or was he trying to push a recovery system like Lo-Jack?
  • cota99cota99 Posts: 28
    I got a Silver 5AT 05 for $445 over invoice at Sierra Acura in Alhambra, CA. The $445 includes wheel locks, splash guards, a trunk tray, and a moonroof visor. The doc fee was $45. Is that a pretty good deal?
  • It was more like, "Sir, now that you have bought this vehicle, I must tell you that the thieves can easily bypass all the security features and steal your vehicle. But our $300 alarm can deter all of them"

    It was some dealer/OEM alarm not LoJack.
  • After shopping for a 2005 TSX automatic non-navi via the Acura dealers in Madison, WI and Brookfield (by Milwaukee), WI, and all of the Acura dealers in the Chicago suburbs, I ended up with a great deal ($25798 + TTL) at Muller's Woodfield Acura on Higgins Rd in Hoffman Estates. I e-mailed for a quote at 1:30 in the morning and my phone was ringing 8 hours later with a great price (and the color I was looking for - some dealers only had a few TSX's on the lot). I dealt only with the internet sales guy and my transaction couldn't have been smoother. No BS, no late price add-ons, and he was prompt and helpful in dealing with my lender. Couldn't be happier with this car. Considered the Volvo S40, BMW 3-series, glad I saw the light!
  • jkaye1jkaye1 Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a TSX AT w/ navi very soon (black with ebony interior ideally). I am a novice to car buying so need a lot of help, and it seems like there are a bunch of experts here.

    Based on all the posts I poured over it seems like mid to upper 27s for the price of the car w/ navi (incl. destination and dock fee) is a good deal. Does this sound correct?

    I am looking to buy soon since I looked at the 2006 model pictures and did not like the new style. The addition of an AUX input is a great new feature, but not enough to make me want that model, which is not as nice looking as the 2005 imo.

    It seems that a lot of posters had great experiences getting a good hassle free deal using internet pricing (which I have never done). Questions;

    A) Am I correct that mid to upper 27s is the deal I should be looking for for the 05 with Navi?

    B) I have a trade in. In reading Edmunds they say to negotiate the trade in price totally separate from the deal on the car (to prevent the dealer form massaging numbers on one for the other). Is the correct approach to get internet quotes on the car (hopefully close to my 27 figure). When I send these emails requesting quotes, I do not mention that I have a trade-in (or what I am going to do with it). After receiving a good quote, Go into dealership. Then when at dealership, mention the trade in and attempt to get kbb price on trade in while keeping same price on new TSX. Is this how it works? Or does having a trade in mean I can not do internet pricing. Just a bit confused on the logistics of this

    C) it is currrently 10/6/05 - how long do I have to get a 2005 before there is no more selection of the model I want in stock and it is all the new 2006s?

    I appreciate any help I can get. Seems like there are some real pros posting here. thanks very much for any assistance.
  • Just want to thank the board for all the pricing posts. I purchased a 05 TSX non nav AT at Power Acura of Southbay for $25,170 plus TTL. Overall great car, it is replacing my 02 325i that was totaled :cry: . Not my fault :) . Hope it gives me as much fun as that car.

    Thanks again
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    A) should look for a price between $500-1000 above invoice.
    B) you got it mostly right, but as usual you'll get a better price if you sell privately and its likely CarMax will give you a better price than the dealer
    C) depends on inventory of each dealer, you'll likely to see a few 05s leftover when the 06s show up next month

    Radley seems to have the best deals. End of Oct. might be the best time to pick up an 05.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,057
    Biker4, you mentioned getting a better deal selling to CarMax than trading to a dealer. But how does one go about selling their used car to CarMax? For example, I live in the Boston area, would I have to drop the car off at a designated area for inspection or is that done by phone?

    For those who have sold through CarMax, could you share your experience? It would be much appreciated.
  • Others have talked about selling through CarMax in our discussion called Advice on selling your car. You might drop by there and ask for opinions.

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  • stone19stone19 Posts: 16
    Pretty close to pulling the trigger on a black/black Auto Non Nav from Open Road - currently have the price at 25,625 + 300 doc fee. I told them I will take the car at $25,500 + doc and they won't move. I know it's a small amount of money but based on principle I won't budge - it's an 05 and with the 06's coming I feel 25,500 is what I should get the car for. We'll see I don't need it right away so we'll see whose got the stonger will.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,093
    I'd be more concerned with the $300 doc fee that they're charging in addition to the $125 that separates you and the dealer. That doc fee is pure profit.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • Do you think it's possible to get a TSX OTD for 27,000 in SoCal right now? I'm on a budget, and i can't spend over that amount.
  • i just closed a deal for 26500 out the door including all fees and ttl. they broke it down as 25355 for the sold price, which is a dollar over listed invoice online. not a bad deal i think. it was 26500, but i added lojack so that boosted it up a lil, but thats not them making money on the car. that's a service i'm paying for extra to an outside contractor to install it.

    oh yeah it's black on black 6 speed non nav.

    i'm in northern va
  • I am absolutely in love with the 2005 TSX, but there are only 3 Acura dealerships here in MN and none of them seem at all interested in selling this car at a fair price. The "best" quote I got for the TXS without navigation and with no "dealer-installed" options was $26585 (inclusive of destination charge). I tried to get the two other dealerships in a bidding war by disclosing that "best" price and asking if they could beat it. Both dealerships promptly called back to tell me that not only couldn't they beat it, they couldn't even match it (though one dealership rather underhandedly tried to imply that the other guys would try to foist some hail-damaged cars off on me).

    I love this car and I want it so badly but I'm getting fed a line about how they just can't keep the 2005's on the lot anymore since they're preparing for the 2006's and, of course, EVERYONE wants the 2005 now (eye rolling). You'd assume that now would be the BEST time to buy, considering that they are preparing for the '06 models.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I crazy to believe that $26585 is too much to pay for the '05 model with no additional frills & no navigation system?
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