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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan



  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    What can i use to glue it down so it doesn't show the glue & will be easy to remove the next time the car is inspected.

    Duct Tape, the worlds bet fixit! :P There is a clear 2 faced tape that may work for this, but I wouldn't use any other kind of adhesive, it may make it worse. You may want to just use a piece of clear packing tape over it instead, just cover the whole thing and leave about 1/4" tape past the edges, in fact you may be able to find some clear tape specifically made for doing something like this at an office supply store.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    My sisters' 2008 Milan V6 is leaking oil at 12,000 miles! She traded up from a 1991 Cougar (purchased new in 1991) that leaked oil like crazy. Thought she had put the oil spot on the garage floor behind her, now this. Ridiculous. I crawled under and made sure the filter and drain plug weren't leaking. They aren't. Leak is coming from somewhere higher up on the engine. Anyone else have this problem? Car is sitting at the dealer now, waiting for the heavy-line tech to look at it. Advisor says he is backed up and may not be able to look at it until tomorrow. :mad:
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Dealer service advisor said the oil leak was traced to a defective oil filter that was leaking at a seam. Also, the drain plug seal had a very small nick in it. They replaced the drain plug seal and changed the oil and oil filter... all good now ($35 total).
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Sometimes it can be the simplest things, yet people will blame the car. :confuse: Not saying you were, but it did came across that way a bit. This morning I took my Fusion in to have a vibration looked at, they think it is just the tires, but I could not replicate the problem today due to the weather, it is snowing so I can't drive like I normally do to show the tech what I am feeling when I slow down. They rotated the tires, needed to be done anyway, and fixed my one wiper that was dragging and driving me nuts. The wiper blade that was installed was the wrong one, how that happened, don't know, but it was on the car when I got it, NEW. Works the way it should now. Here I thought is was a problem with the car, but nope, it was just the wrong blade. When the weather clears I can go back after work and take it out for another test with the tech so he can feel it for himself. It is most prevalent when slowing from 55-60 to make a turn.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    FYI; If it only vibrates when you are applying the brakes, then it's probably a brake rotor problem. If, when the wheels are remounted after rotatation, they don't torque the lug nuts properly, the brake rotor will be ever-so-slightly distorted, which will result in uneven wear on the rotor. Over time this will result in enough uneven wear that you will feel it as a pulsing or vibration when the brakes are applied. If it is one (or both) of the front brake rotors, you'll feel it (and see it) at the steering wheel.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Don't think I've seen this tested anywhere, but you're likely looking at the low 7s.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Oh I am quite aware what the problem is. I used to work on cars full time and got my ASE in brakes, suspension, alignment and a few other areas. The problem is, I know its a warped rotor, in the rear, but it is only slightly warped so it is only apparent during certain braking situations when the rear brakes are actually applied. With the way the weather was on Saturday, I was not able to apply the brakes in such a way to demonstrate the vibration. The tires were also vibrating, which may be just the road being sent through due to the very short sidewalls. Braking can amplify these vibrations, and that is what the tech is thinking because I was not able to get the car to shake the way it does when slowing from 60-30 for making a turn. I will bring it back in when the road conditions and my time permit. I know it is in the rear, I just don't know which side without jacking it up, pulling a wheel and putting my dial gauge on the rotors.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    I give up what is the small compartment to the right of the glove-box for?
    The owner's manual does not fit.
    To big for the registration.
    Not deep enough for a map.
    Is it for gloves?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    what is the small compartment to the right of the glove-box for?

    I think the engineers did that just to screw with us. Hey there is a little extra room here, what shall we do with it? Lets make it a cubby just to screw with the people buying it. :)
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    I rented 2010 Fusion but did not notice that compartment. Maps fit pretty well into box on top of dash
  • blumsteinblumstein Posts: 38
    I have a 2007 Milan and do not have that compartment. However, we once owned a Mystique with a small compartment, but it was on the far left side. I don't believe that the purpose was identified anyway, but a set of leather driving gloves fit perfectly, so that it what I used it for.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    huh, just had to go look in my 1 month old FFH. Not sure what that is for, but the inside is open at the top toward the back. Would the owner manual fit there?

    I have my garage opener in the little tray to the left of the steering wheel.

  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    Not in the case the manual comes in. I even tried to open the door to see if would fit in from the side.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think the far left side compartment in the old Contour/Mystique was for change. At least that is what I always used it for and that is what I use the one in my Mazda6 for.
  • koho955koho955 Posts: 97
    You have good eyes. I've been driving my 2010 Fusion for 5 months now and I never noticed that compartment until you mentioned it. Looks good for holding extra sunglasses or something????
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    I have an I-Pass, so no need for change in the car. Fits the garage opener just fine though.

    That slot on the right of the glove box is an interesting one, that is for sure. Even the owner manuals out of the case they come in don't really fit in there perfectly, and you still have to bend them to get them in. Maybe a CD case holder?

    Edit: it does work well for holding single CD cases, about 3 or 4 fit perfectly in there.

  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    edited April 2010
    I have read the book and gone to "SyncMyRide" is there a place that defines all of the commends? I would expect a glossary list for each commend would be available in the book or on line at least.
    1) Why would you search for a Track and not just play a track?
    2) What does 'Connections "do?
    3) If you want to switch between two cell phones do you use "Connect "?
    4) It you want to listen to conference call but have a conversation in you car that others can not hear do you just say "HOLD" or "Hold On" and "Hold Off"
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    Update I got "Hold" to work on the phone. The phone I was using was not capable of that function.
    I tried a Blackberry and the "Hold" commend works but it blocks both sides. I listen to long conference calls but I would not like the partties on the other end to hear me. The "HOLD" function prevents me from hearing the call completly. What I need is a "Mute" function.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    This is one item I miss from the Hyundai. It could surely use a mute button on the steering wheel.
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