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Toyota 4Runner Accessories



  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    I don't have the double-decker shelf, so I just got the one for the whole floor. It seems to me that you have two options. You either get a floor mat for top of the double-decker shelf, or you get one that goes underneath it. There are pictures on that seem to show both of these cases. I like the rear mat much better than the floor mats because it was made specifically for the 4runner so it fits down to the centimeter, and it has a large (2-3 inches) lip to contain spills.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Check this place for foglights for your 2003 4Runner: - - g-light.html

    Looks like they carry them, but you'll need to call them at 1-888-267-1845 for pricing... Shouldn't matter if you have the V8 or V6... it's the model year that matters.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Want a better match for your paint than the blob bottle from the dealer? Check out:

    They sell touchup paint and clearcoat in custom made pens, bottles and even spray cans. Prices are very reasonable and they come highly recommended...

    Also check out to eliminate paint blobs..
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    Hey Bryan, any idea how the blob stuff works? It's more than a toothpick in a can I take it?

    Steve, Host
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Apparently the Langka blob remover is a specialized solvent that works only w/ touch up paints. It will not harm existing factory baked paint. You essentially apply it to a tightly woven fabric such as a tshirt, etc, and use a plastic straight edge similar to a credit card to keep the fabric taut while gently "scraping" away the blob w/ the solvent on the fabric...
    I've read reviews/articles on "other boards" which can't be posted here, and the results (and photos posted by others) showed some impressive results. Doing a search for "langka" on should suffice to help folks find the articles. :)
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Found a great source for rear spoilers for the new 4Runner. Check the following URL:

    $100 extra if you want them to paint it to match...
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    Thanks Bryan - interesting stuff people think up.

    Steve, Host
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Macneil mats ( have models that go both on top and below the double-decker cargo system. Personally, I've found the double-decker shelf to be more of a pain than a help, so I will likely get the model that fits below and just leave the shelf lowered. My 4Runner came w/ the carpeted embroidered mat which looks nice, but isn't practical for hauling "dirty" items. is another source that sells products made by husky and nifty products for slightly less money than what Macniel sells for. I had a nifty mat in my Envoy and it sufficed.
  • hpoohhpooh Posts: 13
    Got my 2003 4Runner Sport V6 w/ the Day time running light. Whenever the head light is not on and the truck is moving. It lights up orange/amber. Take a closer look and find out that it's the bulb which has the color, the cover is clear. Just wondering if any one knows what size of bulb is it so that i could get some after market super white bulb for replacement.
  • rokinkrokink Posts: 25
    That amber bulb also serves as the turn signal light. Now, I have seen a Hyundai with what seems to be clear factory turn lights on the rear (and it annoyed me driving behind it).
  • mtc5mtc5 Posts: 2
    I read the directions on how to use the Langka solvent and found it is exactly what I had learned from a paintless dent removal technician. The only difference is that he used 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Part No. 051135-08984. It costs about $10/ quart last time I bought some. It is available in auto paint shops that sell wholesale and generally you won't find it at places like Home Depot.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Hmmm.. I wonder if the adhesive solvent that came w/ the DING KING kit I bought will cut the touch up paint too? I'll give it a try - may save me from having to hunt some down. BTW, the DING KING actually did work to remove several minor door dings in our 02 Malibu, so the $20 spent on the kit was well worth it.

    The 3M stuff is relatively inexpensive and I found a cheap source online: t_subcategory=Solvent%20Cleaners
  • 2walker2walker Posts: 9
    Has anyone installed a rear spoiler (re: $138 Rear Spoiler post) on a 2003+ themselves? If so, I'm interested to hear how the job went. Looking on Ebay there is another alternative for ~$190 + shipping for one already painted. The dealership wants over $750 to install one. Thanks.
  • sequoiasoonsequoiasoon Posts: 223
    Check, they do a nice job. My 2003 Sequoia was very easy since you only need to drill a couple holes in factory location / access areas
  • 4runtexas4runtexas Posts: 31
    hey guys, does anyone know when any accessories will be available for the V6 engine 4runner?

    i can already see superchargers,air filters, exhausts, etc for the V8...just checking if any one had any info on accessories for the V6, like when the performance air filters, etc will be available!
  • hpoohhpooh Posts: 13
    Really wanted to have the AC Power Outlet but don't know if it's possible to buy it as part and install it by myself. Any idea?
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    The V8 has more accessories because it is the same engine that has been used in the Tundra/Sequoia for three years now. The V6 is spankin new, so after-market parts might be some time off, especially if this engine is used only in the Runner. Prolly, this new V6 will be offered in the Tundra and Taco in due time.
  • ruskayruskay Posts: 5
    Hey Gang...just bought an '02 2WD 4Runner SR5. This vehicle doesn't have many options. I want to add running boards, fender flares, and a roof rack. I'm confused about the fender flares. I've seen two different type is painted and looks like it may even be part of the fenders....the other type is black plastic and looks like they just bolt on. The dealership tells me that they are not designed to be sold as an accessory. Has anyone out there added fender flares and running boards? I am interested in genuine Toyota for the fit and quality, but I'm open to aftermarket.
  • slitorslitor Posts: 29
    I have a good place where you can get cheap toyota running boards. send me an email ( if you want to know
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    A simple "so and so has running boards" will suffice.

    tidester, host
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