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Toyota 4Runner Accessories



  • Are the OEM rubber floor mats available in stone -- or are they black only. I have seen two different types of rubber OEM floor mats at two different dealerships. One said there was a 'new' and an 'old' style. One seems to have thicker, deeper channels for mud/slush (the black only ones). The ones available in stone are much thinnner and plastic-like. Don't seem worth the $99.

  • have a 2005 limited 4 runner with navigation and JBL stereo. does not have auxillary input for ipod. tried wireless FM transmitter but sound quality is very bad at times. anybody know a better way of connecting my ipod to my car stereo. thanks for your help.
  • try monster's FM transmitter. i've heard there's no static disruption.

    otherwise, you could have an FM transmitter installed, so that your ipod plugs into a wire, which is connected to your console and transmits a signal to your antenna, which is manifested through your stero speakers.
  • Here's a sight that has what your looking for. A bit pricy, but for a direct connection and great sound, What the heck!
  • grahmmgrahmm Posts: 28
    I found & installed some very heavy duty floor mats (Costco) in my 2005 SR5 and found them to work extremely well. Cost was only $19.95 and available in light brown and charcoal. If you have no aversion to a floor mat that does not say 4 Runner on it this will work as well as the factory (in fact the surface to catch debris is greater). I did trim a little from the upper left corner for a better fit on drivers side to accomodate the drivers foot rest. The label said each will hold 2 1/2 qt of liquid and we just went to slushy snow area and the mats saved the carpet. Might wnat to check out if not hung up about factory label. Good luck.
  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    What is the widest floor mats you can get? Ones I have seen look narrow.
  • grahmmgrahmm Posts: 28
    The one's I got did not have an option of sizes but pretty much go wall to wall. If they were any wider they would have been too wide so, for me, the fit seems just right.
  • instead of just having 2 things to carry. i just want one.

    anyone know if you can use a lexus key cut to fit a 4runner? or a place to buy a remote transmitter and key combo type key.
    or can you just slip in a toyota key in one those nifty vw keys?
  • tlttlt Posts: 2
    I am leaning towards buying the 2006 SR5 4wd 4Runner, but I would like to have the X-REAS suspension. Is it worth the extra money to buy the Sports Edition just to get the REAS?

    Also, what are the advantages of larger wheels - 17 inch -- for both onroad and offroad driving? I don't care about the appearance.

  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    My 06 SR5 has 17" 5 spoke wheels. Don't know if this info is accurate or not but someone told me the bigger the wheels the better the gas milage.
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    Larger wheels onroad will provide better handling, but a slightly less cushy ride. Offroad it will only give you less rubber between the ground and the rim, but unless you are doing serious offroading, it shouldn't be and issue.

    The more rubber you have, the cushier the ride, the less rubber, the more precise the handling will be.

    Regarding X-REAS, I would suggest to just drive both vehicles and see which you like. By getting the Sport, you aren't just getting the REAS as an add-on, you are getting the extra options here and there, and as you mentioned larger rims, and larger brakes ( which can't fit with 16" rims ).

    Good luck.
  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    We ended up getting the weathertech floor and cargo liners. They fit perfect and covered the edges all around to the max. Color matched perfect and is the nicest looking floor liners I have ever seen. The company has developed the liner for the second row that goes all the way across including the hump. We also ordered that and only had to pay 15 shipping for the whole thing. The second row can be ordered in about a month and will match the front ones. The cargo liner is also the right style we were looking for and also covers the sides nicely.

    Another item we discovered was the standard Toyota hitch cover. It is very stylish and will keep the inside of the hitch from rusting. Fits snugly and is a rubber like material. Looks much nicer than the one the dealership had on.
  • robg4robg4 Posts: 32
    Considering adding a rear spoiler to my 06 SR5. I noticed a 4 runner today that had their rear braking light on the spoiler. With my rear top braking light on the vehicle is it possible to add a spoiler?

    If so, is it possible the screws used could rust from water penetration between the spoiler and vehicle?
  • Hi folks,

    I have a 2005 4R LTD with navi.
    I plan to add an overhead DVD player and a local TV tuner. Is Alpine a good choice?
    Also, is there a way to make the stock navigation screen also accept outside inputs to act as a regular display??

    Thanks much!
  • I found that Weathertech gives a PERFECT fit for the front, while Xtreme does it perfectly for the second row. The colors matched very very well across manufacturers. This mix-and-match worked perfectly for me.
  • Did you ever find towing mirrors for your 04 4Runner? I have the same problem with my 04 4Runner Limited. Seems like there is not a lot of selection to pick from.
  • gostrosgostros Posts: 10
    hey guys, i'm sure this has been discussed before, but searching the archives is proving difficult and new products might have been developed since the last time this was discussed.

    I am preparing to purchase a hitch rack that carries 4 bicycles for my 4Runner. Due to cost, I am not going to purchase the rack that holds the bikes by the tires, but the one that supports the frame. I believe that I have a 2 inch hitch.

    Yak and Thule seem to be the most popular brands.

    1. Do I need a rack that swings out (sideways) or one that leans forward in order to be able to open the tailgate while loaded with bikes?

    2. Which version of each brand is the most durable (i.e. more metal than plastic)?

    3. Are there any other brands that you guys would recommend.

    4. What is the weight rating of the 4Runner's hitch?

    Thanks in advance.
  • smalldogsmalldog Posts: 1
    Last night, my fiance and I bought a 2006 4Runner SR5. I am trading-in my 2005 Nissan 350Z roadster as part of the deal.

    I am removing the stereo from my 350Z which is double din Pioneer AVIC-D1 navigation unit, along w/ the XM radio module, and I want to put it into the ner car.

    My question is this.. Can it be done? I checked on Crutchfield and it says it can't be done, but does anyone know if the car an accomodate an double din sized head unit? I don't want to buy a unit with a flip up screen because that would just look cheezy (IMO)

    Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  • indian5indian5 Posts: 1
    Greetings from Chicago. I just purchased an '06 4Runner sport, however, it did not come with the chromatic mirror which also has the thermometer built in. According to the dealer, you need to have a special winshield in order to install the OEM chromatic mirror. Does this sound right to you? How difficult was it to install and how much was it? How did you run power to the mirror? Thanks for your feedback.
  • why would anyone want to remove the running boards? I have the lighted ones, which I really like and would not remove.
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