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Acura MDX 2007



  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    That's why I love the engine in my XC90, 2.5T. 236 ft-lb of torque at 1500 RPM. ;)
  • bakjdbakjd Posts: 1
    I bought my O7 MDX on Thursday. The salesperson didn't have a date but said Acura was working on it. When I checked this weekend, Acura was still listing it as an accessory for the 07 MDX, which is misleading and wrong. Without it, you have to use an FM transmitter to get your iPod to work with your MDX, and my experience with that in my metro area is that they don't work on our crowded airwaves.

    That said, I've already put 900 miles on my Tech/Ent model (two road trips), and I have to say that with the XM radio, I didn't miss the iPod link and now I don't care about it anymore. It's a very comfortable ride and the stereo is awesome. You will love yours, and I'm sure an aftermarket company will fix the iPod problem if Acura doesn't.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Torque delivery based on the official chart in new MDX seems to be:
    240 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm
    260 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
    270-275 lb-ft @ 4000 - 5500 rpm (before tapering off).
  • burtsburts Posts: 6
    I have an '07 Sport/Ent. After about 600 miles on it, I am starting to get more aggressive with the throttle. And the comment about the soft throttle tip-in is right on. The drive-by-wire throttle seems to open the throttle in a very mellow way unless you get on it with some aggression. If you do that, it holds first gear and gets the motor up into the powerband. Honestly, it never is really fast, but it is quick enough to get out of its own way.

    But the real miracle of this car is the SH-AWD combined with the magnetic shocks. It has none of the nose-heavy feel of most big SUVs, and actually rotates on throttle. That is what makes this thing special. I actually enjoy driving it, and am ok when I have to leave my M3 in the garage...
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "...every first drive I've read commends the new MDX for being faster and more stable on the track than V6-powered X5."

    First of all, for Acura's sake, I would hope that it compares favourably against the outgoing X5 3.0! ;) Wonder how it would fare, though, against the new X5 3.0, never mind the V8 version?

    Secondly, most personal reviews from Joe Consumer that I've read seem punctuated with remarks about how the MDX seems sluggish, albeit measured with buttmeters.

    "That balance is why the old MDX out-sold the X5 and Infiniti FX by a ratio of more than 2 to 1."

    I'm not sure if the main reason is the "balance", or rather, the fact that it really was aiming at a totally different market, one which essentially viewed the MDX as an AWD Odyssey?
  • ebbyebby Posts: 23
    Acura is marketing the MDX as a an SUV with a sportier edge. The MDX commercials constantly refer to the MDX as turned on the famous German race track to deliver an SUV with Sport credentials superior to the X5 and the Porsche. And it better deliver. My early road test confirmed it handles exceptionally especially in the Sport Trim. Acura tells us they have a performance SUV from Asia that bests the performance of the best from Europe. I like to reiterate the expectation that the MDX be "better compare favourably against the outgoing X5 3.0! Wonder how it would fare, though, against the new X5 3.0, never mind the V8 version"
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    how large is the nav scree? from pics it looks small. doesn't seem to be as big of a nav screen as the TL which obviously is a much smaller car.

    my wife is getting an 06 TL with NAv and i'm envious of the nice large NAV screen which is also voice activated unlike my B9 Tribeca among other tech features the Acura has over subaru

    was thinking of getting the 07 MDX and test drove one but didn't have nav and dealer ddin't have any with nav yet.

    wasn't suuper impressed and while it will have some things the Tribeca doesn't there are a few though less things that i like better about the tribeca.

    not being super impressed i'm not in a major rush to get it plus will wait till i can get for invoice which may be awhile

    going with wife tonight to pick up her TL so will find out more about the mdx but i think they would have called me by now if they could do invoice and i have anothe dealer that will do the same though they said it took the old mdx 2-3 years to sell at invoice, i'm like oh well, i just wont by it then, in 2 years beter suvs will be out.

    plus speakin of tech like nav and the screens,, i saw in a magazine the new Chrysler Sebring has an all in one NAV unit with 20gb hard drive and usb connection so you can put mp3s and i assume movies and pictures as well. I am very interested in something like that i know Pioneer has some amazing all in one touch screen voice activated nav units some of whic i think have some hd space.

    i would get an Acura just for the superior voice activated nav which the new ones also have live traffic but if aftermarket units like the Pioneer might be better anyway then....

    this would prob be more for a Tribeca thread but i think i already asked if one of the Pioneer head units with larger screen then B9's nav would fit where the nav screen is on the tribeca. of course then you might lose the other menus of the nav system like the mpg, temp etc. which wouldn't be too preferable.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Making a point against an apple to banana to peeled banana comparison that you did in your post would be a good start to stir things up on this thread.

    MY2004 TL/NAV arrived with a price tag of $34.7K. It doesn’t depend on how much you paid at the showroom. MSRP in the following years don’t follow what you paid doesn’t get adjusted to market price in the past either. Along with additions and inflation, the MSRP on that model for MY2007 is $36.1K. Transmission didn’t matter, since both transmissions were priced identically. That addresses the banana to peeled banana comparison.

    Now, TL-S isn’t TL. It is another trim, not unlike TL-S from the previous generation. More horsepower, sport tuned chassis and a few additional features for an additional price. Those add-ons increased the MSRP (note: not to be confused with market price) to $38.1K. That’s a $2K premium for sport package, along with additional power. Is it too steep? You decide. Comparing pricing on two different trims, would be the apples to banana comparison.

    As far as MDX goes, it is a major model makeover, and not unlike something TL saw with MY2004 redesign. TL saw a jump in price by about 10%. MDX is seeing a jump of about 8%. And with the price came considerable improvements in both vehicles. So, complaining about abrupt increase in price is unwarranted. Again, if you want to, compare apples to apples (or bananas to bananas).
  • In May, 2006 I purchased a 2006 TSX for my wife. We also had a 2004 4Runner for light boat towing and carrying us, our 3 year old grandson and our stuff back and forth to the river. After getting her the TSX, I used every excuse I could find to drive it. I was so impressed (and continue to be) with the TSX that I began looking at the MDX. When the 2007 version came out I was in deep trouble. Last Saturday I purchased the Tech/Ent package in Dark Cherry. My feeling on both of these vehicles is that they are not the best at any one thing but if you like comfort and technology in a great all around package, they cannot be beat. The RES is already a big hit with the grandson.
  • ebbyebby Posts: 23
    Motor Trend published test results for the 07 MDX among several tested new-for-07 SUVs in their 2007 SUV of the year contest. I am posting here the test results for the MDX and Audi Q7 (V8). I am also extracting from archives the test results for the Infinity FX35 for comparison.

    MDX Q7 FX35
    0-60 (s) 7.5 7.5 7.3
    1/4 Mile(s) 15.9 15.6 15.5
    1/4 Mile (mph) 87.6 90.2 91
    Braking (0-60, ft) 129 118 123
    600-ft Slalom, mph 60.3 62.1 62.4
    Roadhoalding(g) 0.82 0.84 0.84

    Bottom line: I think the MDX is competitive in performance. The Audi Q7 is the 4.2 V8 version.
  • Can somebody let me know if the power tailgate both opens and closes by power...and is it activated by a button on the key fob?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Yes, but only if you order the Entertainment Package. In which case the tailgate is power and can be operated by the remote.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "First of all, for Acura's sake, I would hope that it compares favourably against the outgoing X5 3.0! Wonder how it would fare, though, against the new X5 3.0, never mind the V8 version?

    Secondly, most personal reviews from Joe Consumer that I've read seem punctuated with remarks about how the MDX seems sluggish, albeit measured with buttmeters.

    I'm not sure if the main reason is the "balance", or rather, the fact that it really was aiming at a totally different market, one which essentially viewed the MDX as an AWD Odyssey?"

    My point was that I see quite a bit talk suggesting that if the MDX doesn't beat the BMW, then it's not sporty enough. Posters here make it seem as though 2nd place isn't worth spit.

    I agree with your second point. Many test drivers have concluded that the MDX does not leap off the line.

    However, I was talking about track performance. Various reports from the comparison at Beaver Run had the MDX taking corners faster than all but the Porsche, and leaving them all behind when the road straightened out. This is, of course, at WOT and being measured with lap times.

    That is not the same as the first two seconds of acceleration from a stand still with the pedal only pressed half-way to the floor. Which is how most consumers will test drive.

    Being linked with the kind of utility provided by the Odyssey isn't a bad thing. In fact, that's probably why the MDX was so immensely popular.

    When I'm talking about balance, I'm talking about being able to haul a decent number of people in comfort. Being able to take that antique dresser home immediately instead of paying to have it shipped. Being able to handle the twisties and bring a grin to the driver's face once in a while. Or providing comfort for long hauls and while sitting in traffic. And not breaking the bank. That's balance.

    The old MDX was a bit short on sport, but this new one seems to have addressed that.

    You can think of the MDX as being an AWD Odyssey, but the prior X5 and FX are both known as the hatchbacks of the SUV world. Plenty of sport, but almost zero practical utility. I'm reading all this glowing admiration for sporty characteristics, but the sportiest members of the class are the slowest selling. When BMW engineers redesigned the X5, they didn't make it significantly sportier. They made it bigger and gave it more seats. Clearly, they were seeking better "balance".
  • Drove my '07 w/sport & ent. home last night from the dealer (70 miles). Easy to creep up to 85mph w/o cruise on. rides very smooth in sport or comfort, can't really tell the difference on the highway. Am I detecting a very faint muffler "hum" @ 75 mph?(infamous w/ dual exhaust MDX, they eventually took a rubber muffler hanger off my '04 to fix the problem)Anyone else, or am I just hearing things?
  • deurodeuro Posts: 3
    Does the DVD player play CD-rom discs or DVD-rom discs?

    I have a HDD/CD/DVD recorder and I want to be able to play recorded shows in the car for the kids.

  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    whats the best price ppl are getting on 07 mdx. one with just tech package if need specific. but in general how much below msrp if any. I'm waiting until i can get for invoice but just wondering if anyone getting close to that now.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I've already put 2,200 miles on my 07 MDX and never noticed any "muffler hum" ~ but I'll be sure to listen for it now!
  • The DVD player will not play DVD-ROM discs. It says so specifically in the owners manual.
  • 07 MDX with sports/entertainment is tracking left especially when accelerating and above 60 m/h. Dealer has no clue to cause. Anyone else with same?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If it's on smooth highway, with no signifincant tire noise or steering wheel vibration, it probably means you are out of alignment. If there is steering wheel vibration and/or a resonant "thumping" from the tires, the wheels may be out of balance and/or have different tire air pressures.

    However, one thing I have noticed in all FWD cars is that they tend to track poorly compared to their RWD counterparts. The explanation I was given by engineering friends is that accelerating with same wheels that do the steering magnifies any tendencies to pull to the right or left on smooth roads, or go back and forth over rough roads. And when you are maintaining cruising speed on the highway at 60 mph, you are effectively "accelerating" against tire and air resistence.

    I cannot understand why, in an SUV, Acura insists on using "SH" AWD that is still FWD based/biased. They would have a much better system if it was RWD based and transferred power to the front wheels when needed (e.g. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW).
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