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Chrysler Pacifica: Problems & Solutions



  • alafan1alafan1 Posts: 15
    I've had my 2006 Touring 2 weeks now & so far am very happy with it, but the "Passenger Seat Belt Off Light" does not come on when that seat is empty or when my 80 lb grandson is in it. Has anyone run into this?

    Also a thing I really miss are the automatic headlights I had in my last car. Is there anyway to upgrade to Automatic Headlights in this car?

    Thanks, Richard :confuse:
  • rowdy2rowdy2 Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Touring and also very happy with it. The automatic headlights apparently only works in the USA from what I read in the manual. Not a big problem as far as I'm concerned.
    I was wondering if you notice a jiggle sound or clunking sound in the front end when driving at low speed over small bumps? I have posted that question at # 1981.
  • dbwsrdbwsr Posts: 10
    I have been driving my 2005 which I purchased off a lease, and have not have any clunking or jiggle noise. I do hear air passing near the roof exactly where my head is (sounds like radio static), and that is the only place. It's not the window and must be in the roof. My wife says turn up the music. I read that the lights are suppose to be automatic on and off, if so set,(my Cadillac called it sentry) After removing the key, and turning the lights off, the headlights will remain on for a prescribed time, set in the menu option and then turn them off. Mine cannot be automaticly set to go on while driving and it gets dark. Seat Belt Light....If you are talking about the light near the hazard warning switch, that is the air bag light. The light is activated, when a child or groceries are set on the seat to mimic a child sitting there. When the light is activated, the air bag should not inflate. I would think an 80 pound child would not trigger the activation of this light, and thus it is working properly. It would be advantageous to speak to the service manager.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    How tall is your grandson? He may meet the systems requirements in terms of weight, position, and height. The next time you get in your car, place something like a back pack perhaps, or something comparable on the seat and see if the air bag cut-off light goes on. A smaller or younger child would be a good test as well. My Pac's cut off light has turned on w. my 8 year old son, approx 45lbs, sitting in it momentarily. My back pack has also triggered it as well. This test would at least eliminate whether it's working at all. Let us know how it goes.
  • fusillifusilli Posts: 23
    I will speak out because I believe I know what I am talking about. I am in my mid-40's and in the last 20 years, I have had numerous, high-end cars (new Corvettes, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes 500 SL, two ML SUV's, etc.). This has been by far my favorite car. Granted my lifestyle has changed (I have a 7-year-old son) and it is my first car purchased on practicality and not passion, however, it has been a pleasure to drive this car. I have had it for a year now, and I absolutely love it. It feels like I am driving one of my old Benzes, only half, and in some cases, a quarter of the price. I have had only one problem with it, and it has to do with the ABS warning light getting stuck on. I have yet to remedy it, but it's just a matter of my bringing it in to the dealership. Basically, in synopsizing, I would consider buying this car again. To those picky people who complain about every little thing (the leather seating posts just crack me up--ALL cars, including Benz, do this, so don't blame Chrysler), try driving a high-end Beamer or Benz, quality is not what you think...
  • djagdjag Posts: 39
    I agree completely with 1987's post. I have owned many luxury cars and they all have problems. My Limited is really one of the best automobiles I have owned. It certainly is better than my last 530 BMW or Benz. I have had not any problems. I dont drive over bumps slowly so I have not heard any clunking. The Benz clone of this car doesnt even have Bluetooth or Sirius and I think the fit and finish is better on the Pacifica. I think a lot of these posts are by folks with little experience owning other so called quality cars. The complaining is really sort of childish. Get a life. If you dont like the car trade it in on somthing else. Then you will have another car to pick apart.
  • i'm not complaining- i was just sharing my experience with the pacifica which is probably just a rare mishap in the making of it- we now have a blackbox on the pacifica to record the events (2nd time with the black box hooked up)-first time we had stalling 5 times, recorded the events with the blackbox button- yet when chrysler down loaded the box, no information on the computer chip- the NHTSA is involved in washington dc because of an accident caused by the "engine stalling"- so this is a little more than child's play involved in my case. So i will respond to your email posting that my case would definitely qualify as more than just "complaining". chrysler offered to slide me into another product- but at the sticker price on the car on their lot- not allowing any incentives or haggling of prices or rebates allowed- now how many people do you know pay the MSRP sticker price and would pass on the $7500 rebate offered on some of the cars? then i tried to trade in my car (as your email suggested getting out of it) and they all said they would have to deduct for "mechanical problems"- it will be in lemon law court next week unfortunately. the safety ratings were high on pacifica which sold me- but if it stalls without warning and a 18 wheeler is coming at you and your baby at 70 mph- that voids the safety claim.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100

    That's unfortunate about your problematic Pac. You have every right to post your probs. on this forum. After all that's why it's called "problems and solutions". You post it in hopes of finding others w. the same problems and hopefully a solution. I've been more fortunate than you obviously since my Pac stalled only once w. a few other minor quibbles. Other than that, it's great However, I always check in to this forum to see what my fellow Pac owners are experiencing. If I have a problem or notice something odd I will surely post, trivial or not, if I feel there might be a problem. No one likes to hear that their car is potentially problematic, myself included.

    That's insane Chrysler offering you a window stickered Pac. How stupid do they think you are? Jeeeeez. Good Luck in court. I'm sure everything will work out.
  • fusillifusilli Posts: 23
    DJag,I have to laugh, because my Benz (well, at least the last one) was a POS, and the irony is it's all the same company! For some reason, Benz has let its quality slip, and it seems as if the Chrysler/Dodge division has improved immensely. I am so glad to be able to say that, after ten years, I am willing to try a domestic car again, and so glad I did, especially when I go to get an oil change, and I almost fall over when I can pay for it with a $20 bill AND GET CHANGE BACK!!
  • djagdjag Posts: 39
    You have a valid complaint and I would take the same action you are taking with Chrysler. If it is a lemon it is a lemon. I have never had one but I have friends who have.
    I am talking about many of the complaints on this site which seem trivial from folks that dont seem to realize that all cars have some issues.
  • rowdy2rowdy2 Posts: 3
    Re your "air passing near the roof---" . I have read where the roof racks can make air noise if they are forward on the roof. I had a Buick Rendezvous that made air noise until I moved the racks all the way back. I've done the same with my PAC. I actually find the PAC has minimal wind noise compared to other vehicles I've owned over 40 years. The PAC is a great vehicle as far as I'm concerned!!
  • tristan1tristan1 Posts: 39
    I agree with djag every make of cars will have problems,just check out other forums here and see for yourself.
  • twjtwj Posts: 6
    There are a few older threads about this (most recently Sept '05) but none of them indicate a fix. My newly-purchased '05 Limited demonstrates the pattern where the mirrors move when you press a memory setting, but don't go to the correct locations. Is there a TSB yet? I've only put ~800 miles on the car.

  • thanks guys for the encouragement- chrysler called again 7/7 and asked if we could work things out by sliding me into another car- MSRP of corse with no haggling allowed or incentives or cashbacks- eek- that's a sad offer. so "see ya in lemon law court"- even so, when i see my PAC parked in the parking lot i do think- boy that's a sharp looking car!
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    THAT CHRYSLER OFFER IS SO DAMN INSULTING, IT'S RIDICULOUS. That's really unfortunate luck on your part to get the bad Pac of the litter. If it were me, I'd probably walk away from the Pac altogether just out of fear. Nothing worse than getting a car you truly enjoy, only to have it cause you problems. Unfortunately, cars are so "high tech" and "high content" nowadays that I can't imagine any car not causing you some type of problem. I take some comfort when I read far more expensive cars, ie Volvo XC90 and VW Toureg, w. somewhat worse problems than our more affordable Pacifica. They are machines, plain and simple, and they are not perfect.

    Despite the Pac complaints, I still think it is a well built vehicle. Keep us posted, I'm curious how it all turns out for you.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,895
    that's a good question. I have this same problem, but its difficult to get the dealer to do anything about it. They "can't replicate the problem" although I know its very easy to replicate. I just need to have the time to go in and actually show them what I'm talking about. I would think if there was a TSB, they would have done it to placate me.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    There are very large differences in the memory settings between my wife and me. The memory systems get the pedals and seat just right as far as I can tell, but they could be a few percentage points off and I wouldn't know. The mirrors come very close to the setting you want but they are not exact. In their case, even a 1% difference is noticable. The mirrors are close enough so that it is safe to drive at the position they set, but I always spend a few minutes while driving "tweeking" the setting to exactly what I want, then I save it. I have not driven another car with a memory system before so I don't know it the other luxury cars get it exact. The side mirrors are so sensitive I would suspect few get them positioned 100% correctly.
  • twjtwj Posts: 6
    I've had a few cars w/memory mirrors (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes) and the mirrors have been flawless. I don't buy the "it gets them close enough" argument -- if I need to tweak them manually, the memory function is all but worthless.

  • There is a TSB on this ,# 0803803 reprogram the bcm. this might work,but I have been working on a 2005 with the same problem. I contacted the Chrysler hotline,they have no clue either.Good luck,hope the flash works.
  • It's located in the right rear area of the cargo area. IF you have a sub the vent is round. If you don't it's a rectangle, mostly louvers.
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