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Extended Warranties



  • fsmskfsmsk Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 RAV4 (9700 Miles) with a salvage title and I am looking for after market Warranty for it. Any suggestions? I am thinking about talking to the local Toyota dealer. I don't have a problem with them looking over the RAV4 - it turned out great after the repair. Where should I look for a after market warranty for the Toyota if the dealer says they can't give me one??? anyone???

    I would cancel the third party warranty and purchase the Mercedes Benz Warranty. I have a 2006 Toyota 4Runner and purchased a Toyota warranty because I have read some bad stories on this web site about third party warranties for New Cars.
  • tds1tds1 Posts: 73
    I went ahead and cancelled the third party warranty. Thanks for the advice!
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 611
    I don't believe there are any service contract companies that will cover a vehicle with a salvaged title.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    No company in their right mind will warranty a vehicle with a salvage title. Especially a late model vehicle like a 2005. It had to have been in a serious wreck to be totalled out.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    dealer talked me into a third party warranty (EZ Care) instead of MB warranty.

    I am not familiar with MB ext warranty but I can tell you that easy care isnt the typical aftermarket warranty...easy care is owned by Ford and they back the factory labeled ext warranties for quite a few, honda, acura, volvo, jaguar, mazda etc.....

    I always suggest that people only buy factory backed warranties...just wanted to clarify who easy care is and who backs them. Its not like an ext warranty that is backed by some mysterious third world nation. ;)
  • iriemoniriemon Posts: 4
    I recently bought a 2003 Acura CL Type S. It currently has 49,500 miles on it and falls just outside the VIN range of affected vehicles in Acura's A/T recall. I am thinking about buying an extended warranty thru Acura as I am a little concerned that the A/T issue may not be isolated to the identified 2003 VIN's. Any thoughts...good idea, bad idea?? Any and all comments welcome...

  • I see validity in your point I had an extended warranty on my maxima and I've only had to use it once.
  • I purchased a Powershield contract form Warranty Direct and found out today that they DO NOT cover normal wear and tear. Now I purchased the Powershield, power train only coverage, for a high mileage pick up truck, 149k miles - 5yr/100K coverage, then found out they don't cover normal wear and tear. I had a long discussion with Robert a cliam supervisior about this issue. And after talking with him, my feeling was that I would be fighting every claim I would make with them. Now, since I had not made a claim I was able to get a refund ( I hope to see it).
  • ekueku Posts: 1
    GEICO coverage is the best thing happened to me. I insured Chevy Impala 2000 for seven years, which turned to have a persistent coolant leak problem and I had it fixed several time for the duration of the coverage for $250 deductible. It costed me $14 or so a month to have coverage (so about $170 a year - $1,190 for 7 years). Each repair bill would be about $2,000. I am not sure if GM even covers for seven years. So if you are buying a car from GM, Ford or similar kind with history of mechanical problems -- GEICO is a MUST.

    IMPORTANT -- You can go to ANY repair shop - not necessarily dealers (who might be the one who sold you the lemon in the first place).

    ALSO: The process is very easy - they approved most of the repairs on the phone with the shop and pay them using their credit card. If dealers are lazy and do not want to help with the processing - find another one who can - again you DO NOT have to go to a dealer.

  • I am pretty sure that no one will offer a warranty on a salvage vehicle. That vehicle was totalled out by an insurance company for collision or fire, theft, vandalism, hail, water etc. Even once repaired some states will not give you a "clean"- unbranded title. Most likely the warranty company will do a CarFax report and see it was once branded as salvage anyhow. Sorry, on salvage vehicles you get what you pay for and nothing more. But if you DO find a place, let me know.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 611
    What coolant leak problem did you have? An intake job (most common) would be around $600-$700. If you used GM parts to repair, you would have 12/12 warranty each time it was repaired. Many service contracts waive the deductible for repeat repairs, does Geico?
  • I just bought a '03 with a little over 48K on it. Love the jeep but need a warrenty. I called the Jeep dealership and they won't sell me one. I have looked into and AAA 's warrenty and GEICO. I need a 3rd party warrenty otherwise I am without warrenty. I get the impresson from the board no one likes 3rd party warrenties but if you have to have one - who has a good one?

  • Hello All,
    We're buying our first Lexus (2007 RX350) and wanted to know if anyone can share their thoughts on whether or not an extended warranty would make sense. I know how reliable they are, but we plan on keeping it well beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We're buying our first Lexus (2007 RX350) and wanted to know if anyone can share their thoughts on whether or not an extended warranty would make sense

    EXT warranties can be very beneficial for some folks.

    Ask yourself this question...

    When the vehicle is out of warranty and something mechanical any given time, can you afford to pay a substantial service charge without going broke?

    thats a big one...I have known people who needed some major repairs out of nowhere and couldnt afford to get it done.

    On the otherside if you can afford a major repair but want some preotection you could self insure....put the cost of the warranty in a bank account and only use it for non-warranty repairs. If you never use it you get your money back with interest.

    Of course if you go with the warranty....make sure its one backed by an automobile manufacturer and not some aftermarket warranty company in Mongolia. The factory warranty is usually a little bit more money but well worth the extra cost.

    Good luck and enjoy your new Lexus.
  • eroseros Posts: 27
    As I mentioned earlier, I just purchased a 2006 RAV4 and decided to get a 7yr/75,000mi Toyota factory warranty. I'm not so concerned about hardware problems over the years. I worry more about the exorbitant cost of replacing electronics in the car; I previously had a Volvo which needed a new chip at 60,000 miles to the tune of $800!!!

    I'd STRONGLY recommend that you contact Toyota of Greenfield, Mass to get a warranty quote. My dealer wanted $1900 for the warranty, but I picked it up through Greenfield for $600. The warranty is issued via Toyota corporate headquarters, so you don't have to worry about obtaining it away from your own Lexus dealer.

    Good luck,
  • Hi All,

    Could you please suggest me an Extended warranty for my 2003 BMW 525i with 26000 miles. My car has BMW manufacturer warranty till April 2007.

    I got this car last week and I'm the 2nd owner of this car. I bought this car from a Non-BMW dealer. He is offering me to take 3rd party warranty from AUL corp (6years/100k/$0 deductible) for $1900.

    and also I got some online quotes from Continental for "Protective Factory plus" warranty (6years/100k/$100 deductible)for $2000. Did anybody using Protective warranty?

    As BMW is not offering any warranty after 4years/50k miles, Could you please suggest me of any reliable 3rd party warranty,

    thanks in advance,
  • statstat Posts: 19
    I love extended warranties. I wish I could sell each and every one of you an extended warranty on EVERYTHING you own. They're great source of pure profit. In fact, I live in an area where a Toy dealer is throwing in a limited lifetime warranty on every new Toyota they sell. The catch is, it's nothing more than a marketing gimmick to get the customer to perform all of their maint. at the stealership. This way, they can bleed you dry before they have to repair/replace anything under that lifetime warranty. They have a long list of exclusions (including gaskets and seals -- the two most common items needing replacement above 100k miles). Furthermore, the company underwriting the warranty is based out of an island (i'm sure they'll be around for many years to come).

    Instead of pouring your hard earned money into a worthless warranty, you're better off just paying a little extra and getting yourself a more reliable car. There are very few companies (if any) that will warrant a car past 100k anyway. That alone should tell you something.
  • :P stealership :P

    I love it! :D
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    My thoughts exactly......Thank You.

    Another of my favorites is......Free tires for life. But as you guessed it, all the maintenance, and it's the stealer recommended maintenance, has to be done there.
  • Let's not go too far with the "stealership" comments - just like everything else, there are good & bad dealerships around, and blanket insults aren't always appreciated.

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