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Chevy Uplander/Pontiac Montana SV6/Saturn Relay/Buick Terraza



  • morewasabimorewasabi Posts: 58
    I have a 2005 Terraza: Very comfortable, extremely quiet, higher quality leather, great fit and finish. Better suspension, built in Air compressor, zero electrical problems (got the tow package which has the heavy duty alternator). Kids love the DVD and so do we as it keeps them quiet too! ;)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The Terraza has QuietTuning, supposedly making it quieter, but I wouldn't know since I don't own one.

    The chances of a Terraza are slim though. I mostly see Uplanders, Freestars, SV6s, and Grand Caravans.
  • iglooigloo Posts: 8
    The Buick version has the only independent rear suspension of the four GM vans. I have not driven the other three, but they are different in terms of packages and styling. As far as I know, QuietTuning and IRS are standard for the Buick. I have seen quite of bit of soundproofing the similar way like my Cadillac, but the Terraza's tire noise on rougher roads are noticeable however.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 7,494
    We have an '05 Uplander LS, bought 7/1/05 and built in 6/05. While we like the styling and rigid construction feel compared to our previous Ventures, here are things that just seem so damn dumb to us:

    1) Even being built in June '05, it needed body side moldings replaced since they were starting to peel in the corners.

    2) Whoever decided that the middle-row seats in the base and LS versions should have no armrests, should be forced to ride in those seats on a five-hour trip! We made a big mistake not looking into that further.

    3) Rotors began showing signs of warpage at around 14K. We have 15.7K miles now. I make it a point to not ride the brakes, and only my dealer has touched the lug nuts on those wheels. Every time they rotate, I remind them to be sure to use a torque wrench/stick and torque them all evenly to 100 ft.lbs. They smile and say "we always use a torque wrench/stick" and assure me it's OK. Still get warpage. I've had a couple friends with different make cars and both said their brake rotor problems miraculously disappeared once they started torquing their own wheels using a torque stick after rotation. said after he got new tires he couldn't believe how p*ss-poorly and unevenly the nuts were torqued to. The other said he couldn't get lug nuts off by any means after his dealer service department had put them on. Guess I'll have to start doing it myself if the shops can't be trusted to do what they're saying they're doing.

    4) We have Goodyear Integrity tires and while they appear to be wearing OK, they have become noisy (HUMMMMMM!) and we have had the feeling of a poor-balance issue since day one. It's currently coming from the back of the vehicle. Have an appt. next week to have tires balanced.

    5) Sometimes it doesn't seem like the A/C is as good as what was in our last Venture. I have heard about alternator issues and flickering lights...while I don't really have any issues with flickering lights, I'm wondering if an undersized alternator could also be contributing to sometimes-weak A/C performance.

    6) At times the vehicle starts before the starter disengages. Not an issue, just kind of embarrassing.

    What we do like:

    1) Styling

    2) Overall value (bought during the "Employee Pricing for All" progran)

    3) DVD feature

    4) Color...ours is "Sport Red". Why did they discontinue this color for '06?? It's the best color they had!!

    Bill P. from OH
  • dannodanno Posts: 114
    1. I have had the newest version moldings put on when the second set also peeled. Check with your dealer. It should be warranty.
    2. LT has the armrests - I agree the base and LS should have them as well.
    3. I have had my rotors turned twice now (under warranty) and they are to the minimums. I torque my own wheels and the rotors still vibrated. Poor OEM quality rotors IMHO.
    4. I have the Conti tires that come with the LT. After 20,000 miles they seem to be holding up very well.
    5. A/C works fine. Have you had the charge level checked?
    6. I believe the starter has some type of electronic control and until the engine is completely firing to the computer's need, the starter is kept engaged.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 7,494
    Wow, will the dealer replace your rotors next time under warranty? My dealer's service dept. is excellent and only one mile from my home. They replaced under warranty, rotors on my '02 Cavalier at 35K and my '02 Venture at 39K miles (rotors are always my biggest gripe). I have been told that GM is cutting down on paying for rental cars during warranty visits, so I have to wonder if they'll be cutting down on warranty expenses in other ways too. I know there is some leeway for the Service Manager to make such decisions.

    Bill P.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I have an 05 Terraza CXL with the 3.5 engine. It is primarily my wife's vehicle and she has been complaining about the air conditioner. It doesn't seem as if it cools as well as our 01 Silhouette did. It comes with dual air, and when you slow down, the air conditioner slows down with it instead of staying at a consistent speed. Also, it just doesn't seem to cool as well as I would expect. I know this was the first year model and was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and if it would be worth it to take it into the dealer to take a look at. I drove it this morning and it seemed to work fine, but that was only for a short trip. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • morewasabimorewasabi Posts: 58
    Get your AC checked. Just took a 4 day weekend camping trip to eastern oregon. 100 plus degree weather, and the AC was great. Kids asked me to turn it down. Usually the rear is colder than the front. Works great.
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I have always noticed that the AC in the front seat was normally on the warm side. Try putting the unit on MAX, the fan speed on 3, and the rear unit on 1 or 2. The rear definately gets colder than the front...probably because thet rear windows are tinted and the front windows are not. Also, the windshield gets very hot...not much you can do about that.
  • dannodanno Posts: 114
    If the rotors start vibrating again, I hope they will change them under warranty ( they hinted that would be the case ). The dealer is doing what GM tells them to do as rotor replacement is last ditch fix. Retail on the full set is $1,400 Cdn !!!! With labour and new pads and done at GM, easily over $2,000 . Wow!
  • gagregagre Posts: 3
    Ironically, I just returned from a trip to the Colorado mountains. When coming down into Denver on I-70 and coming down over some mountain passes, I noticed that the brakes made loud noises that only could be heard when the brakes got very hot. (I was also using the lower transmission gears to help.) Also, the steering wheel shook slightly when going down the passes at highway speeds and I tapped the brakes. It is going to the Chevrolet dealership to get the rotors and pads looked at! It is still under warranty. Anyone having similar difficulties in mountainous terrain? I did not have this type of difficulty on my 99 Montana.
  • 3weddings3weddings Posts: 1
    I picked up the car two weeks ago and even the salesperson commented on the contacts in the door (both the door jams and the door itself) I do not have power doors, but could it be that this could added on now?? I regret not ordering it with them...three kids in and out is cumbersome.

    TIA for any assistance. :P
  • genmtrfangenmtrfan Posts: 78
    We returned yesterday from a trip and had similar experiences coming off of a mountain in Tennessee. The van was heavily loaded on the trip. I noticed a roaring sound when I applied the brakes for long periods of time while coming down a mountain. I never felt the brakes were unsafe, but did back off for a while and tried to apply as needed instead of riding them constantly down the hill. Still, I had a Venture that didn't do that, no matter how heavy the load. Again, I never felt unsafe, but definitely noticed a roaring sound as I applied the brakes during certain circumstances. I believe it's probably the rotors and plan to get them checked.

    Otherwise the van was great! The 17" wheels really help keep the vehicle in check at all speeds. I felt very comfortable pushing 75-80. On the 550 mile trip to the beach we averaged 24 mpg with a heavy load and the air on constantly. I was very happy with that. Without luggage and air it probably would have done 26-27. My kids also commented on how cold the rear air is. I agree that the front air needs to be turned on maximum if the outside temp is above 80, then it does cool sufficiently. We have 21,000 on the van now and it's performance on the trip really reminded me of why we bought it. The kids used the wireless headphones with the DVD on the trip which really helped pass the time for them. Overall, for the money, I think it's the best van on the market. It has served our family of 6 very well since we bought it on 05/31/05. By the way, we got new tires before the trip (Yokahama Avid TRZ's). They really improved the ride/noise/handling/rain handling. The engine, while not break-neck, is plenty powerful. I think it's actually gotten a little faster with age.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 7,494
    I have posted earlier about the roaring noise our Goodyear Integritys make on our '05 Uplander (18K miles and rotated religiously at 6,000 miles). Today I took it to the Goodyear store to see if they could adjust these tires to new ones. They told me the rear alignment was out-of-spec and that to correct it would require the use of shims and total cost would be in the $150 or so range. With a solid rear axle, I thought rear-wheel alignment was a "never need to do" item, unlike front-end alignment. They claimed that's what was causing my LF tire to cup on the inside, making most of the noise (LF since I have been faithful about rotation, but alignment issue is in rear). They printed me out the specs from their machine. Bottom line: They would not adjust any of the tires since they think it's an alignment issue.

    I immediately contacted my local Chevrolet Service Manager (whom I like and respect). Of course, he immediately pooh-poohed Goodyear's analysis and said even if they are correct, alignment is not covered under GM's warranty after 12K miles. I said, "But the rears should never need alignment on this vehicle, right?" He said yes, then I said, "So it's not a maintenance issue, like a F/E alignment, but I think it's a defective installation/design issue." He said nothing, except let them look at it Monday.

    So, I've got a twelve-month old van whose tires are driving me nuts, and neither the tire manufacturer nor the automaker appears to want to do a thing about it...sticking me (the owner) in the process. Tires should not wear to the point of sounding like a Monster Truck in 18K miles. And it appears that unless this rear alignment is fixed,I could have this problem with any tires, evermore.

    Just venting, but I'm very disappointed.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • We had the same issue with the cupping tires. I recently purchased new ones in a different brand. When I had the vehicle alligned, they also said that the back tires were out of allignment, especially the right one. They were able to correct it without using anything special. At least I'm assuming they corrected it. I now think, as you, that the allignment issue cause my integrity's to wear. But, I was glad to get rid of those tires, they were bad in the rain anyway.

    Keep us posted on what happens.
  • Here’s a good tip. You don’t have to take your Goodyear tires back to Goodyear to have the tire warranty honored. You just need to go to a tire store that honors all tire warranties. A good example is American Tire Stores. They will prorate your Goodyear tires based on the warranty and apply the credit towards a new set of tires. I have done this in Oregon with Goodyear’s, Michelins, as well as Pirelli’s too.

    Go to this web site to find a store
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 7,494
    Thanks for the advice. However, there isn't one of those stores within one-hundred miles of our home.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I have the same 05' Terraza CXL, and have had the van in the dealer numerous times for the A/C. They replaced the compressor, assorted electrical parts, and checked for leaks in the system. Finally after a year and half and 3 different service depts., they found a small leak in one of the the pressure hoses. The air seems to work pretty good now, especially being in the florida heat. :surprise:
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 7,494
    Follow-up on my Goodyear vs. GM tire noise issue:

    After hearing that Goodyear wouldn't do anything about my cupping tire(s), I had my Chevy dealer rotate the tires and also they did an alignment...but said it had been within tolerance or specs. They also told me that the specs Goodyear printed out, that said "98-04 Chevrolet Venture" at the top, were not the same specs as for Uplander. (Goodyear told me they didn't have Uplander in their computer yet but it would be the same as Venture.) I told them I had two Ventures before, neither with Goodyear tires, and neither made the noise these ones did.

    Well, when I found out Goodyear was not using the right specs (at least according to my Chevy Service Manager), I called their 800 Customer Service line. The next day or so they told me they would replace from one to four tires, my discretion, at $39 and change, mounted and balanced...less than one-half normal retail. I told them I would. They had to order the tires from the York, PA Goodyear warehouse. I know I'll have the problem again, but I "bit" anyway.

    One interesting sideline: I had assumed my Chevy dealer was rotating as per the owner's manual, which includes side-to-side rotating. My Service Manager, when I asked, said they only rotate front-to-back. When I asked why when GM suggested otherwise, he basically said he didn't think it would make a difference. Tell you what, from now on, I am rotating religiously at 5K miles, and I'm specifically asking they rotate as per the owner's manual...I'll mark the tires to make sure!

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
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