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Maintenance & Repair Costs



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  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,895
    it was one of those I thought "this COULD be real." :blush:

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • I understand. But there were other similar instances. We notify people if we aren't sure and give them the benefit of the doubt and a chance to post without selling or soliciting. So we'll see.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    I never had a spin on leak but I fought with a few cartridge types and was very happy to convert my 327 Chevy to a spin on!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    Now isn't that funny.

    Cartridge systems were such a pain in the 50's and 60's cars that they made conversion to spin on units and now they are doing this once again??
  • 92 Buick regal Limited 3.8 engine, 140,000 miles. shifting odd. When going up hill it wants to shift up in gear,ie. from 4th to overdrive . Don't know what history is . would flushing trans. fluid and new filter hurt. Dealer say they would not recomend. and recomendations???
  • Pretty hard to diagnose transmission ills from this distance. Just a WAG--I would scan the car for any transmission trouble codes. Maybe a faulty shift solenoid or maladjusted throttle valve cable. You'd have to investigate how the transmission gets its speed/load information.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    How long has it been since the last transmission service? I wouldn't "flush" it under any circumstances though. Just change the filter and fluid in the pan. If the filter is very dirty it can cause a load of problems.
  • Hi,
    So I wanted to ask everyone their opinions or thoughts on the reliability of Audi's and the maintenance costs of them. I am looking to buy a used Audi, undecided on make, produced from 2000-2005. I have heard a lot of negative things about Audi's reliability and their extremely high maintenance costs. I really just do love the look of Audi's and so I am still exploring purchasing one. However, I was wondering if members of the forum had opinions if certain models from 2000-2005 were considered more reliable and had lower maintenance costs. Any and all opinions would be much appreciated.

  • Repair and maintenance costs will be high for any German luxury car out of warranty, so the year is irrelevant to that.

    As for reliability, this is very much tied to the car's past history, the car's mileage, and the competence of the shop that has previously serviced the car.

    Obviously, you need to stay away from Audis with high mileage (over 100K) and/or with oil stickers on it from chain stores, or with cars that have zero service records.

    Buying from an original owner who has all the service records would be best.

    Also, be sure to run a CARFAX on the car and get a pre-purchase inspection before you buy.

    You should plan on spending $100/150 per month on average for maintenance and normal repairs (expendable items), less gas and insurance, and presuming no major component fails.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,895
    nobody concerned with reliability should be looking at a used Audi.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • Thanks so much for your post. Yeah, I am not hearing great things about Audi reliability and maintenance. I just always loved Audi's though. Understand completely about the year may being irrelevant once out of warranty and also all the other factors you mentioned. Does one make though have better or worse issues? I have been looking at A4, A6, and A8s but I am now considering a 2005 Audi S4 as it is a great price and the mileage is well under 100,000 miles. Any thoughts on an S4 versus A4, A6, or A8s?

  • I think an A8 is out of the question for any number of reasons.

    the S4 advice is about the same an A4--low miles, good service records, and put away $1K or so for emergencies.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350

    Coming in late here...but...

    The store where I worked will NOT retail ANY used Audi no matter how nice it is. They got burned so many times and had so many unhappy customers. Aftermarket warranties are available but they are EXTREMLY expensive to buy. That alone should speak volumes!

    Of course, on used Land Rovers they won't sell warranties for ANY price! They used to and even after jacking their prices through the roof, they STILL got burned!

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