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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't think anyone has reported prices paid on the 2006 model yet and I don't think they have hit dealer's lots yet either. However, I received a quote this week (for an ordered car) on a 2006 RX330 AWD with Premium Plus, Preferred Accessory pkg, and Nav for $43,000. MSRP on this is $45,708 and invoice is $40,200. This was the dealer's 1st offer so I can probably do a little better. However, I will be leasing this car and there currently is no lease support from Lexus, so I've chosen to wait and keep my eye on lease rates. Being that the 06's are so fresh, it will likely be difficult to get $1,000 over invoice right now. I think that your best chance for doing so will be wait until they arrive on the lot and email several dealers at month end with your offer of $1k over invoice.
  • FYI - I was able to get a price of $500 over invoice on the exact 2006 you listed above. However, this resulted from first negotiating a deal on a 2005 and then the dealer was unable to locate the color combination that I wanted.
  • Nice move newmanba! I now remember reading a couple of your posts in the Lease Questions board but didn't pick up on the fact that you had moved from the '05 to the '06. What city are you in and did you originally negotiate with multiple dealers on the '05?
  • I'm in NY but buying from a CT dealer. I negotiated with multiple dealers on the '05 and the prices all ended up within a few hundred of each other. Only downside on the 2006 is that the lease offers do not appear to be as attractive. Hahn Financial was offering a 65% residual on the 2005 models but so far the 2006 numbers are less aggressive. Have you seen anything on that front?
  • Yes, I've seen the same thing concerning the '06 leases. Car man provided me the following info on a 2006 RX330 AWD lease for 3yr/15k miles (these numbers are reportedly from Lexus Financial):
    MF = .00245
    Res = 57%

    The dealer I received a quote from this week gave the following for the same car:
    MF = .00275
    Res = 55%

    Also, I got the following quote on the internet:
    MF = .00215
    Res = 57%

    I've decided that I'm not getting one until some better looking lease terms appear. The one above at .00215 is getting in the right ball park for me though ;)
  • unouno Posts: 15

    I was planning for a 05 or 06 RX330.
    Right now I took off from new car pricing.
    Here is the price for my configuration. Please could you tell me
    what my target price should be? Appreciate it.

    PM Premium Package
    HS Two-Level Heated Front Seats
    Total w/ Options: MSRP: $40,110 INVOICE: $35,268 (w/o Destination Charge)

    Thanks for help.

  • I am looking for one, and would like to know going prices for 2005 RX 330 ThunderClound (with NAV) in TX. Thanks in advance.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Just out of curiosity, when did they tell you to expect delivery of the 06 model?
  • Since the 2006's are arriving soon, I would like to know what kind of price I can expect to negotiate on a 2005. Specifically, I want 2005 RX330 AWD, premium plus package, 18" alloy wheels, 6 disk CD changer, rain sensing wipers, roof rack with rails, mats, silver or black forest. The MSRP is $42,700, and dealer's first offer is $39,000. What is final price I should expect?

    Associated question: are 18" alloy wheels really needed, or can I ask dealer to downgrade them?

  • Anyone has experience of buying a new car online and have it to ship to you? I am a first time buyer. Any advice? :confuse:

  • Just picked up a Flint Mica RX330 in Los Angeles.

    I've got:

    Premium Plus Package
    6 disc CD
    really awesome shiny 18" wheels
    cargo mat and wheel locks

    MSRP: $45k
    I paid: $40k (plus tax & license)

    I feel I did pretty well. I'd have bought the 400h if they were about $5,000 less or if they got much better gas mileage. I've found it a little too easy to get pretty bad gas mileage in the city in my 330... (around 17-18 mpg) if I am not really careful how I drive. In the other hand, long trips on the freeway result in 26-27 mph... so that is cool. I don't understand how ANYONE buys this car without Nav. This is the coolest car I have ever owned.

  • Adam,

    What dealer did you buy from? Can you send me the contact by email?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    Information about the dealer can be posted here... Just no salesperson contact names or phone numbers please...

    The permitted and prohibited information is described below "Post a Message"


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  • Congratulations! Is this a 2005 or 2006 that you got. Also what is the name and City of the dealer. What is your tax down there?
  • I live in a suburb of Chicago. Is there a big difference between the 2005 and 2006 Lexus RX 330 models? The options that I am interested in are the navigation system with Mark Levinson audio package, the premium plus package, and the heated front seats and rain wipers. Any thoughts on these options? Where can I get the best deal? Please help!!
  • My girlfriend recently purchased a CPO '04 RX 330 with premium package and 45,000 miles. I came along with her to help negotiate a deal... I feel like we got a good deal, but I'm unsure. I live in the Chicago area, and competition seems to keep prices of these vehicles down in comparison to other placed in the country. The list price on this vehicle was around $36k. When told of this, we both kind of scoffed. Later, he came back with an offer of $32,700. We were both taken aback at this because that's the price we were expecting to pay - seemed too easy. He also said that that was the best he could do. I wanted to try to get him to drop it a bit more, or have him throw in an extra or two, but my girlfriend didn't have a good poker face. Does this sound like a good deal, or could've we done better?
  • Hi, I was offered a 2005 RX330 brand new, 2WD, premium plus, with a 6 disk CD changer for $36,750 plus tax and license fee. Is this a good price?

    Also, is it worthed to buy extra warranty?

  • It is worthed to buy additional warranty to 7yrs, 100K miles? The dealer is offering me a big discount, $1600 for 7yrs, 100K (List price is $2880). The car is brand new 2005 RX330 2WD, premium plus, no navigation.

    I'm planning to drive the car for at least 3-5 years, if not 10 years in good weather condition (CA). If I do resell it in 5 years, would I be able to capture the additional warranty investment? I'm having it paintguard and fiberguard with PermaPlate for an additional $600 investment already.

    I have to decide in a few days so thanks for your help in advance.
  • I am looking to buy a 2006 RX 330 FWD with the premium plus package and the navigation system. I am in North Carolina and would like to have your thoughts on how much I should pay. Thanks in advance for any advise.
  • Just got a silver 2006 RX330 AWD...

    premium plus package
    navigation system
    heated seats w/ rain sensing wipers
    6 cd changer
    18" alloy wheels

    ...for $41990...does this sound like an ok deal?
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