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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello, I was able to renegoitate my deal, MSRP 45,753, but final sale 40,200 including new Jan DVD Nav for 05.
  • excellent price. i got mine for $41K. i would hop on it.
  • i paid 1500 out the door which incl tax tags bank fee and first month, and a small cap cost purchase price was 38500 for a 2006 2WD with prem plus, navig heated seats upgraded wheels cd changer, etc. 44,300 sticker....

    through lockheed credit union as financing bank, lease was 36 mo, 12k per year for 547 incl bank has a comparable lease. with lexus credit, the payment will be about 25/mo higher
  • Hey Guys :

    I just purchased a brand new RX 330 With DVD Nav, Heated Seats, Premium Plus Package, 6-CD Changer, Wheel Locks, Alloy wheels, cargo mats etc...for 37600+Tax & Lic

    I know the car dealer personally and was able to get this fantastic deal (I Think) - does everyone subscribe to that view ? - send me an email msg thru the site -

    PS : This is probably good for people in Southern California only..

    Thanks for your responses.
  • My wife took delivery on her RX yesterday afternoon and is very pleased. The sales staff at Cherry Hill Lexus (NJ) were excellent to work with, every question answered, we will highly recommend them. They programmed her Verizon phone into the Bluetooth phonebook and added her one touch dial numbers. This system works very well, equal or better than (expensive) handsfree system installs by Verizon in our previous vehicles.

    Driving home on I295 we did not hear appreciable road noise that another person had concern with, this is a very quiet SUV. It handles well and has adequate power, it will be a perfect vehicle for her. Will follow-up in a few weeks with an overall opinion of the RX but so far it has been very good.

    My thanks to newmowner and others for their comments and suggestions. And much appreciation to Edmunds for providing this forum, no doubt the best auto site on the net!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!
  • Can you please tell me what is the version details that is indicated for Jan DVD Nav for 05?
  • gustgust Posts: 1
    That seems like a fantastic deal. What was the MSRP? I also could not email a response to you since there's no associated email address.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • very welcome, highlander7, enjoy your (wife's) vehicle!
  • Car man,

    I just leased a 2006 Lexus RX330 2WD with MSRP of ~$46k and Total Cap cost of $42k for 48 months, residual of $19k, 15k mile/year, during the December to Remember. Also, I got them to throw in 2 year ot 25k miles maintenance. My total monthly payment is $640.

    Did I get a good deal? Looking at the postings for the deals mentioned, it does not appear that I received a good deal...
  • Since I used you guys to establish prices I wanted to leave you with my details on my new 06' RX330 Premium (6-cd changer, heated leather, rain sensing wipers, 18" wheels, upgraded alternator, cargo mat, wheel locks) MSRP=$41,188, Paid $37,050 before TTL. From an earlier post, it was mentioned if you could get between 88%-90% of MSRP then you are doing well. I hit 90% so I was satisfied. Purchased on 12/22/05 from Lexus of Clear Lake (Texas). Good luck to you all
  • What are the Stats on the Lexus RX330 yopu brought

    I am heading down to Ray Catena on friday to get some pricing, would be good to know what the competition is at
  • lidlid Posts: 9
    Interesting. I called Clear Lake Lexus and they said they did not sell any RX330 for that price of $37,050. I was wanting to get something similar but with the Nav. package and the sales person checked with both managers and they deny they sold any RX 330 at that price!
    I was willing to go to Clear Lake if the price was right!
  • lidlid Posts: 9
    I am reading what sounds like fabulous deals on the RX330! Approx. $4000 of sticker. The numbers I have been quoted are closer to $2000-$2500 off the price.
    I am in TX! (I even called Clear Lake Lexus and they said they never sold any for $4000 off MSRP!)
  • footwood,

    My wife purchased from Cherry Hill Lexus in South Jersey. Catena can beat this price. Calculate the invoice and make them an offer $300.00 under or whatever number you feel is fair? and see what they say. This is a good time to buy a RX.

    2006 RX330 9424A
    4dr SUV AWD (3.3L 6cyl 5A)

    Crystal White
    Ivory Leather
    Bird's Eye Maple wood trim

    Navigation System / Mark Levinson Package
    Heated Seats, Rain Sensitive Wipers, Headlight Washers
    18x 7 18" Wheels with 235/55R18 M & S Tires Towing Prep Package
    Cargo Mat
    Wheel Locks

    M.S.R.P. $46,688.00

    Price Paid $41,852.00 (tax, tags, fees not included)
  • footwood, i'm going on sat. I have scheduled a test drive on one. I'm too hoping to get a good quote and possibly walk out with the papers signed. let me know how it went for you. Good Luck.
  • Woot!!! I said I would and I did!!! I just purchased from McGrath Lexus in IL. Good time to buy a RX.

    2006 RX330 AWD

    Black Onyx
    Black interior w/wood trim

    Navigation System / Mark Levinson Package
    Rear entertainment center, Heated Seats, Rain Sensitive Wipers, Headlight Washers
    18x 7 18" Wheels with 235/55R18 M & S Tires Towing Prep Package
    Cargo Mat
    Wheel Locks

    M.S.R.P. $48,539

    Price Paid $42,009.00 (tax, title, license not included)

    I think I got a great deal!!! Internet sales staff was great and they took good care of me...Got the tour of the place, nice presentation and friendly staff! Highly recommend the Lexus experience! Now when I hear that commercial I don't have to dream about owning one anymore!!!

    Best to go in w/everything prepared, read, read, read...the internet is your friend...
  • Armando I def will let you know how I did.

    The one thinng I have a problem with is that Ray catena will not quote any prices over the internet. They said to get there mopst agressive pricing I need to go in. I am a little concerned because I will not be able to run any deal by anyone on the board. Is this normal? I guess I should just print out the invoice prices on all options and bring it with me. then do as highlander suggested and offer a little below invoice. Ray catena did say they would accept any reasonable offer that was made on one.

    Thanks for all the advice I will let you guys know how I did.
  • footwood, i spoke to a sales rep (rep2) and i was given a msrp. it was pretty competative to what another rep (rep1)quoted me after hagling. rep2 said he "could squeeze the manager for something better". rep1 is asking for the opportunity to beet what is out there.
    let me know if you want the msrp i was given as a starting point.
  • Armondo,

    They said that they could not guarantee any vehicle would be in stock when I got there tomorrow unless I put down a deposit.

    Looks like the going prices people are getting them for is below invoice so I will try for that
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