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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Edmunds calcuation of RX 350 invoice is incorrect. They missing invoice price for few items (for instance PT option). I use carsdirect to calculate the MSRP and invoice.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Even $38K or $40K is the invoice price, it doesn't reflect the true dealer cost for the car. Dealer can buy one for below invoice, probably $36K or less (who knows) if they buy more from the manufacturer. However, I found the TMV is inaccurated most of the time.
  • Two days ago, I paid $40700+ tax,tags etc for Lexus RX350 with premium plus and Nav package (MSRP $45683+ destination charge$695), at Rockville Lexus. This isn't the lowest price I have seen on this forum, but I was satisfied. It really helps to know what others have paid (and also to have a wife who is a master at haggling!)
  • hi stockrad, did you in the end pay $40700+destination($695)+dmv+tax, or was it just $40700+dmv+tax (without destination charge). thanks.
  • similar question.. does you price $40,200 include the destination charge or not? thanks..
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I just purchased a '07 RX350, AWD, Navigation, Premium Plus, Heated Seated, Rain Sensor Wipers, 18" wheels and Tow Prep Packaged for $40800 with dest on Monday. Of course, license and tax are extra. I will pick up the car on Saturday. It wasn't the lowest, but I am happy with the price.

    Here in New England, most RXs come with Navigation or non-navigation, plus the Premium Plus Package.
  • an MSRP of MSRP $45683 (invoice of $40,748) is very common for RX 350's all over the U.S., it appears. I was quote the exact #'s in San Jose, CA, and I've seen these posted in this forum many times. The Internet quote at the largest Lexus dealer in San Jose is the invoice #.
    As for myself, i got a good deal on a Cayenne v6 yesterday (last day of the month) and I grabbed it. The RX is very pampering, but its success seems to be working against itself at least in my case: there're just so, so many on the road over here in the bay area. Now, if Lexus comes out with a 7 seater, i'll get one.
  • jezzjezz Posts: 6
    the 2009 lexus will have the option of a third row...saw the design on a wwebsite which was confirmed by Lexus. picked up my new lexus and love it
  • jezzjezz Posts: 6
    sorry was away on vacation...thr price included destination but not tax liscense plates etc plus a 199 doc fee the dealerships adds on for registeration and them doing all the paperwork. Thought they were going to hit me with all sorts of add ons when we went to pickup car, but instead they gave us gifts...hats mugs easypass holders....
    purchased at Ray Catena
  • Sorry, my original reply was deleted from the forum, probably because I included the salesperon's initials. Anyway, we paid final price of $40700 +DMV+tax. No extra destination charge.

  • I live in madison and went to the lexus in madison

    and they quote me 42,400. for navigation, 18 inch, premium +, etc. (msrp 45,683).
    I dont think I wanna pay that much, since i see people getting it around 41k.
    I am wondering how much I should expect if I shop in chicago, or any suggested dealership.

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    I am in the market looking to buy RX350 AWD with premium plus package without navi. Has anybody has bought with the specified options...Can anybody share how much they have paid for it(The MSRP on Lexus website is $43,033). I have seen lot of posts where people paid between 40,200 - 41,000 with premium plus package and navi.

    Any input is appreciated.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I would go for the one with navigation system. You can easily get one in the $41K price range or even less. My co-worker bought a RX330 with Premium Plus in 2004 for $38+K. That was 2 years ago, but I think you can do the same these days.
  • I bet Ray Catena can give you a sweet deal. I got my 2006 RX330 there last year, and it was a very pleasant experience over email. When I got there, no nonsense either. I recommend them. And be aggressive, get the loaded one ($45K sticker) for no more than $41K. The NAV is nice.
  • Lok,I live in Quincy MA and am looking to buy the same vehicle as you. Would you mind share which dealer you used? Did you deal with the internet manager? Thanks
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    Dan - What are you looking for your RX350? Navi? Premium Plus? You can send me an email for details. BTW, how can I activate my email profile?
  • Please share this information with me too. Thanks!
  • Yes. Premium plus with Navi. Pretty much the same options and features as yours.:)

    Did you get from Watertown or Norwood?

    How can we send PM or email? Thanks
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  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
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