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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • From what I've read about prices I think you're right about saving another grand in LA. Of course if my negotiating skills were better I probably could have done the same here. Thanks.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    That looks darn good to me. My wife has an '01 ES300. We leased 6 months before the new body style. It was a zero down deal @ 5+% interest and we pay $540 a month. It was a $35k vehicle bought for $30k. While my decision to do an end-of-the-year, end-of-a-body-style lease was against all the rules of leasing, the old body style has held it's value very well thanks to the the yawning response of he public to the new ES300. I actually have some equity against the $19k residual.
       Anyway, you're bound to have a great interest rate and/or a high residual to get a $41k Lexus with zezo down for $570 a month. Sounds like a heck of a deal to me. You'd have to do a 7 year zero down straight loan @ 5% to get the same payment. What kind of interest rate and residual did you get?
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    When I leased my 01 ES300, the lease people at Lexus had a perk.....they paid the sales tax. In Texas that's 6.5% or nearly $2k on a $30k vehicle if you have no trade (sales tax is calculated on the difference between the trade and the new car price). A good friend who has leased 2 cars from our local Lexus dealer got a no-sales-tax lease both times (on his '99 and '03 RX300). It's a long story but in Texas leasing is a disadvantage due to the sales tax issue. Does this happen anywhere else? It's a heck of a deal.
  • I ordered an RX330 a couple of months ago and was told to expect a November delivery. The vehicle came in early and the dealer wants me to pick up next week. However, Sat 1 Nov is most convenient for me. Apparently there is some cost to the dealer to hold the vehicle past the end of the month into November. Does anyone know enough about this to advise me as to whether there is additional bargaining room for some additional $$ off of my purchase price if I were to agree to pick up in October? If so, any ideas on a figure? Thanks!
  • No extra room. The salesmen might get a bonus for units or something of that sort. If you liked him, it might be helping him out.
  • I'm not sure you can get a discount for an early delivery but you shouldn't be charged anything extra for the dealer to hold it on the lot until your original pick-up date. If they do charge, the dealership isn't being very "customer friendly" in my opinion.

    You are the customer and Lexus sells itself on customer service. If you can't get to the dealership until November 1st...then they should be more than willing to hold your car.

    If it is SO important that they get the vehicle off the lot before November 1st...tell the dealer to deliver it to you at your home or office.
  • Lovemylexus has an excellent point. I'm sure they would be more than willing to deliver it to you. I know from experience.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Back in 1998 I had put a "hold" on a new Miata, after I had already negotiated a price lower than I originally anticipated. This was the brand new 1999 redesign, with a sticker at $22.9K. The negotiated price was below $19K, maybe $18.8K. This was for the only silver model in his inventory. I was feeling very proud, having worked this negotiation for a couple of weeks.

    When we talked on the phone to set the appointment to pick up the car, he asked if I could complete the transaction at the end of the month (within the next 2 days) instead of waiting until the weekend (which started the following month). I replied that I would rather wait until the weekend. After putting me on hold for two minutes, he came back to me with an offer of an additional $100 discount if I didn't wait until the weekend. Yep, even after I thought I squeeked every little profit out of that transaction, he still offered me another $100 to pick it up two days early.

    So, yes, sometimes a dealer and/or sales associate is very motivated to complete the sale by the end of the month, depending on his sales quota and bonus structure. My recommendation is to ask your salesperson if HE can motivate YOU to rearrange your professional and personal schedule to accomodate his schedule!! No matter what you ask, the worst thing he can do is say "No, I'm sorry, I cannot help you."
  • Don't know the residual or int. rate and did not really care. Shopped 3 dealers which all started at $610.00 a month.
    Told the sales rep whom I had previously bought 2 cars (and hammered pretty well) to go back to the sales manager; tell him to quit playing games as he had one last shot at making a sale. They knew from before that I have no problem walking and pitting one dealer against another. They came back with $571.
    The car is now in and being delv. to us 250 miles away from any Lexus dealer.
  • myk_amyk_a Posts: 70
    How much are you NJ folks paying for insurance? I know that there are a lot of variables but just wanted to get a general picture. Thanks!
  • myk_amyk_a Posts: 70
    Do Lexus Dealerships refund deposits? I read in the document that they don't but I'm getting frustrated now.

    I ordered mine 1 month and 2 weeks ago. I was told that it will come in within 2 weeks when I first ordered it. When that didn't happen, they told me it was going to come in today (10/27).

    Since I really wanted this LUV, I didn't mind the wait. But now, it's really getting ridiculous and am getting frustrated and impatient. If I don't hear from them today, I'm retracting my purchase/offer.

    Does anyone know if this is a valid reason to be able to refund the $2k deposit?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    Sounds like they have broken their delivery date promise to you so you can argue that your agreement is void and ask for the deposit back. Sounds like a valid reason to me to cancel the deal. The real reason they aren't forking it over is probably because they want to keep you out of the market as long as possible so you won't go buy a Volvo or something.

    Try calling your state AG's office or whatever agency handles consumer protection (assuming your state has one). They may be able to help.

    Steve, Host

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  • myk_amyk_a Posts: 70
    Thanks! I'll definitely check with them.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Did you sign any paperwork as in a purchase agreement? In our case we also special ordered, but put just $500 down which was completely refundable, even if we had just changed our mind. We were originally told the wait would be 90-120 days, which we didn't mind because we had another perfectly good car to drive. As it turned out, the car was delivered 80 days after the order was placed with Lexus. This was the car we wanted so it was well worth the wait. I know for many such as yourself the process can be very frustrating, but you may try to summon a little more patience since if you do cancel the order you might come to regret it later, unless of course you have since found something else that you would much rather have now instead. At a minimum I would try to get some assurances from your dealer, who should be able to tell you exactly where the car is in the manufacturing/shipping process and give you a pretty narrow range of when you should expect to receive it. Good luck.
  • To answer your question: The dealership cannot keep your deposit unless you signed the waiver on the contract. By law, unless you signed that box, you are not obligated to take that vehicle. Check around with other dealerships to see if they have what you are looking for and see if you can get it somewhere else
  • Can anyone suggest the best way to find out what the current money factor is for a Lexus lease? My concern is that I will get a good price on the 330, but will get a higher M.F. once I tell them that I plan on leasing.

    Any advice?

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
    Try Lease Questions - Ask Here. Car_man or someone should be able to help.

    Steve, Host

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  • myk_amyk_a Posts: 70
    I did sign the paperwork. It wasn't a special order but they did have to locate the vehicle. I guess the frustration comes from the salesperson not giving me a specific date. It's always a time-frame (e.g. next week, in about 3-4 days, etc.).

    In all honesty, I wouldn't mind waiting for the delivery but my wife and I are sharing one car. I sold my car the day before I was supposed to take delivery of the RX. That's where the rush is coming from.

    Anyway, I contacted the dealership's manager yesterday. He said that he's looking at the computer and it's indicating that the RX is on it's way and should come in on Monday, Nov. 3rd at the latest and today at the earliest.

    Given that my wife and I really wanted this specific vehicle, we've given it a chance. Let's wait and see!
  • myk_amyk_a Posts: 70
    Thanks for the comment. I'll check.
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