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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • FWD
    Sales Tax
    Performance Plus Pack
    18" Alloy Wheels
    Transmission Cooler
    Tow Package
    Car Mats
    Rain Sensing Wipers
    Heated Seats
    and more :)

    After 3 hours of negotiating Price $36k even.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Ladyofluxury, yes it is, every penny!

    Remember, your moniker is ladyofluxury, not utility! Anyway, it's great to hear from you again. Take care.
  • lol I guess you are right. I will definitely post after my back-to-back test drives which will ultimately be the deciding factor for me. I am still concerned with what appeared to be large blind spots in the RX but I will know more once I drive them. I can't believe over a year of research and I'm still undecided! :-) Will it be ladyofluxury....or ladyofutility...
  • pulisubspulisubs Posts: 39
    The regular RX330 board may be the right one for this kind of response but here goes...

    I have a 1997 4Runner Limited 4WD. Love the truck. When we lived in Cleveland, I would get the truck out specially in snow, just to get a kick out of the way it handles. Arguably one of the best off-road vehicles available this side of 40K. I drove a Pathfinder and a Montero Sport and felt very insecure with their handling :-(.

    But unfortunately, its a truck. I get about 15 miles to a gallon in city and about 19 on the highway. I know the new one has a newer engine (4.0L V6 as opposed to my 3.4L V6) and better fuel efficiency but still, its a truck. It will ride stiffer than the RX330, undoubtedly. If you are looking for a family car, RX is the better option, IMHO.
  • Just received the quote from the first dealer via e-mail. Dallas, TX.
    2WD with
    Premium Plus
    Navigation w/rv camera
    18 inch wheels
    Heated seats w rain/s wipers
    Towing pack
    Cargo mat and Wheel lock
    MSRP: $42,788
    He offers to sell for $38,170
    Do you think it could be any lower? Any thoughts?
  • rx330rx330 Posts: 16
    I think its a good deal!. Howmuch they quote for the same options but AWD?
  • rx330rx330 Posts: 16
    Is is a out-the-door price?
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Da! Haroshi deal! Any discount over $4,000 is a good deal. $4,600 off is a great deal!
  • It is $38,170, plus tax, plus $50 doc. fee, plus $93.80 license, plus $33.23 registration.
    I also have the trade-in which we agree to price based on KBB web site assessment. I sent the summary to the dealer on fax and he congirmed the appointment.
  • look4carlook4car Posts: 3
    Is Performance Package available in SF Bay area region? If it is, is it a good idea to get the Performance Package? Is it worth the money? Thank you.
  • Park Place in Plano did a great job. The whole buying process took one and a half hours. Final price:
    2WD Bamboo Pearl with
    Premium Plus
    Navigation w/rv camera
    18 inch wheels
    Heated seats w rain/s wipers
    Towing pack
    Cargo mat and Wheel lock
    MSRP: $42,788
    Final price $38,170 +TTL
    I had a tade in 2002 Toyota RAV4 L package 24,000 miles for $12,400
  • donnadonna Posts: 23
    I don't know if gorbushka would tell me by email who he dealt with at the Park Place dealership but he got a much better deal than they are going to give me here. I don't have a tradein but will be paying cash. My email address for this is:

    The one salesman who called would not even mention an amount.
  • engineerengineer Posts: 1
    In reading the early posts to this thread, I see the 2004 RX330's began showing up at dealerships in late March, 2003. This would seem to indicate that 2005's are not far off, and I'm wondering why our local Twin Cities dealerships are still sticking to minimal discounts and not even mentioning 2005's are just around the corner? Anyone got the word on when 2005 model year RX330's will be coming?

  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    ...early September. That is when normal model years begin arriving at dealerships. The reason that the '04s arrived last March is because it was an early introduction of a brand new generation of RX. That is normally the way it is done with most vehicles.
  • windy6windy6 Posts: 57
    Don't want to deal, Donna, mainly because IIRC with 5 stores there's only two owners. Call Lexus of Austin, or Park Place. Austin is actually closer to you.

    We did our deal in about 30 minutes, they bought our lunch while they prepped it. We didn't save as much dollar wise but ours was just a premium package, 18" wheels, towing, cargo mats and wheel locks. IOW what passes for a stripped down RX 330. MSRP was 39233, we got $3500 off.

    Contact me for salesman's name if you want
  • fsc1555fsc1555 Posts: 42
    donna email me at and I will let u know who I dealt with in Park Place .
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    If you mark your email public in your Profile, other members will be able to reach you but your email address will get picked up by fewer web search engine spiders (like Google). And that may limit the amount of spam you get.

    Steve, Host
  • sharkalasharkala Posts: 48
    Does anyone know if there are going to be any changes to the existing model? thanks.
  • donnadonna Posts: 23
    If I buy the SUV in another city and have the warranty service done in Houston can I expect to get the same service that I would get if I had bought it from them? Also, how can I be sure the total cost will be emailed me if I end up buying some distance away? Will a printed email from the salesman or fax be sufficient? Do you take a cashiers check?
  • rx330rx330 Posts: 16
    I believe in 2005, Lexus is introducing RX400h (hybrid). It will have Rx330 body & style but more powerful engine that runs on hybrid technology.
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