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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am interested in purchasing a 2005 RX330, FWD, premium package, MSRP $39,703. I went to Clear Lake Lexus last week for a test drive but have not started the negotiation process yet. Can you tell me how much you were able to knock off the sticker price? Can you give me the name of the person you dealt with or any other helpful information with the pricing?
  • Hi Eyeskatermum - Congratulations for making a great buy ! I am interested in the similar deal .. could you be kind enough to list all the options as line items and let us know the price points. Thanks.
  • Just wondering what experiences anyone has at Westside Lexus in Houston, TX?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • jack15jack15 Posts: 25
    Is yours AWD or FWD ? I'm guessing the latter at that price.
  • Tex: Best thing to do is establish the exact model of 330 you wish to buy. Then, establish the invoice price for that model with options included. At that point you having a beginning bargaining position of the invoice price.

    A good deal for the 330 would be a few hundred over invoice in most markets. You can get some of this info. from the past month's posts here.
  • I have quickly worked out a price on a remaining 2004 AWD with Premium Plus and Navigation near the invoice. Is there any room for further negotiation, since I am going to bring in my trade-in tomorrow?
    Thanks in advance.
  • jasonsjasons Posts: 5

    I bought by RX 330 AWD with Navigation and Premium Plus package + 6 disc cd changer for 40,700 (which is 1200-1300 above invoice, MSRP of 44808). Is this the good deal ?

    Apart from Titling and tax what other fees can I expect dealer to charge ? My dealer was talking about documentation fee of $150.00. Is this standard ?

  • I am in the market for an AWD RX330, 2004 or 2005. What are some of the experience at the local MD/VA dealership?

    I am looking to get AWD with performance package, heated seats. what is the best price I can get. the MSRP is 43295. what is a good quote from a dealership?

    Thanks for your help
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    It bugs me how here (Nebraska) where it's not tough to find your way around they don't send out RXs with Premium Plus without NAV, yet in Denver and other larger cities they send them out to the dealerships in Premium Plus without and with NAV. Am I just being cynical, but does this just seem like Lexus' way of milking people who ordinarily wouldn't want the NAV for more cash? I don't really wanna wait and special order, but don't necessarily want the NAV but don't JUST want the Premium package.
  • Which dealership in NJ? I have been trying to get the same deal in NYC.
  • bobg2bobg2 Posts: 8
    First of all, let me thank every one who answered my questions or posted their experiences in this discussion board. Without your help, I would be ripped off again :)...

    I drove home my 2005 RX330 with $400 over invoice yesterday.

    Its a great car! I really enjoyed driving and navigating this baby through a new city where I picked it up. It is really a hassle-free buying experiences, not like the other two dealerships I have talked with. I landed this price with a few email exchanges, very straight forward. Since I was from out of town, the dealer even bought the air ticket for me to pick up (they can deliver too, but I just don't want any body other than me to lay a hand on it! :)...

    I think it is the time for me to contribute my buying experience here, I have tried what you guys were suggesting, it works, my 2 cents addition would be -

    If you are from a near by city, they seems to be more agressive on getting it lower, since this deal could be other people's lunch!

    If you want to know the dealer/internet mgr that I delt with, let me know (give me your email). She is straight forward, stick to her words and easy to work with.

    Best :)...
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    We don't pay taxes until you take the car to register it. There is a $169 documentation fee here as well at the dealership.
  • Congratulations on your new purchase. Can you tell me where you made your purchase? I live in Houston and am interested in 2005 RX330, FWD, premium package, MSRP $39,703. Can you tell me how much you paid above invoice? Does this include the destination fee? Thank you for your help.
  • Congrats bobg2. I'm also from Houston and would like to know which dealership you got your deal from and what price they were able to give you for the package you wanted.

  • Hey bobg2,

    Please email me more information on your purchase. I am in the Houston area looking for a good dealer to work with in the state. Thanks.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,971
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post.

    Who was the dealer Bob?

    Steve, Host
  • bobg2bobg2 Posts: 8
    I should appologize for the delay of replying to you all (I just found there are more than one requests for me...), but I was busy driving :)...

    She is the internet sale mgr, internation is typo from my last posting, sorry.

    Also, there is state tax/inventory tax of 93.07, $50 doc fee and $5 deputy fee I think are typical.

    My RX330 FWD has PT NV FT HH TO DC, I think it is typical installed option for southern states.
  • bobg2bobg2 Posts: 8
    Hi folks,

    the post that I put there got ruthlessly deleted by the moderator. even most of those postings without any contact info. sighs...

    well, here is the dealership that I worked with:
    Sewell Lexus
    6421 Lemmon Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75209
    ask for internet manager

    good luck!
  • bobg2bobg2 Posts: 8
    This is a stripped message from my previous posting:

    The deal that I got is $400 over invoice. You may want to prepare your invoice price first, since she didn't show me the invoice (you should find invoice info from this discussion group). But she will honor the price she committed - in my case, my MSRP is $43408 and the invoice price is $38381, I paid $38780 + TTL. Plus, she paid my air ticket!

    Good luck to every one!
  • Mission Viejo Lexus Internet Manager made me a deal at $400 over invoice on a 2005 RX 330. Picked up car a week ago; interface w/dealer was painless, polite and satisfying.

    Am posting for those who may be searching for SCal Lexus connection. I did go email to several other regional dealers, but the best anyone of them offered was $1000 over invoice.

    As an aside, I've read the 624 page Owner's Manual and it's the real thing. Great detail. I've had to go sit in the car with the manual to "get it".

    Good luck to 330 seekers. It's a beautiful vehicle in all respects.
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