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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have all the options except the Navigation System/Radio and the entertainment system for the back seat. I added Chrome Wheels and The Teflon Protectant inside and out. The Chrome Wheels list for $2,400 but they only charged me for $900 and the teflon was $500. The sticker was $40,258 without the dealer add ons. Package is the Premium + with additional options including the 18 inch wheels and preferred accesory package.

    All I can say is that I was told that the car has everything but that navigation system and the Entertainment.

    We have discovered there is no ashtray or lighter. Don't really care except I have to figure out a place to put my change!

    Did fill up the tank - what a pleasure it was not to pay for 91 octane.
  • bobg2bobg2 Posts: 8
    HI texancpa,

    I posted a message to you this afternoon, however, it was deleted :(

    Here is the info again:

    Before I ended up bought one with NAVigation, I looked the package you are interested too. I actually got a quote from the same dealership. I got the invoice to be $35,317 (MSRP $39,703), the quote was $35717 which is $400 over invoice.

    It does already include the destination fee of $625.

    Good luck
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    Looking for 2005 RX330 AWD lease specials in New Jersey, my FIFO score is 700ish.

    What are some lease specials for the following combinations? Thank you!

    Color: Bamboo Pearl

    Options: (1) Navigation with Mark L. audio, (2) Rear Seat Entertainment System, (3) Heated front seats with rain-sensing wipers.

    Lease Terms: 4 years/40 to 48K miles.
  • Hi bobg2,

    Thank you so much for the info. I was quoted $36,392. Do you know how the service maintenance work if you buy from out of town? The dealers in Houston tell me that only their dealership would provide the 2-year free oil change and maintenance if I buy from them. If I buy it from somewhere else, I'm on my own.
  • bobg1bobg1 Posts: 2
    Hi Texancpa,

    Negotiation is always a mind game, you can enjoy it if you know how it works :). If you can look into their eyes, quietly but firmly state your bid, and still enjoy the "moment of truth", I am sure you can get a reasonable deal with any dealership. It would be more enjoyable if you can get the dealers to compete for your business. :)

    The quote that I got from the Dallas internet mgr was $35717 or $400 over inv for the exact car (MSRP $39703). I think you should be able achieve that. (I am sure dealers are making more than just $400, even if you pay only said $400 over. They are getting finacial reserves, ads hold backs, and incentives. I would guesstimate that these incentives are no less than $1500. I thought about it but I was never tried to get them. I posted questions on these incentives on this discussion group, no one answered me. I think everyone acknowledge the right that the dealers deserve their profits :)

    As far as the maintenance, I think Lexus has 12 mos of free oil change and their maintenance program can be done at all Lexus dealership within continental USA (48 states). I think the extra 12 mos may be a dealer thing specifically from this dealership you talked to. You can calculate it to see what it means to you as it may be 2-3 oil changes and may cost you $150 bucks.

    Another thing I noticed with my new car (this may belong to the problem discussion, but since I am here ...) you may want to watch to see if it bothers you: I felt gas pedal kind of soft (or the free play too long) when I preceed from stop to go. My old maxima always give immidiate response when I touch the gas pedal. My new RX330 seems slow in reponse, it may be meant to be more smooth in ride, but at least I am not so used to it yet. I called the dealership tech support, I was told to take it in for a check up (to any dealer near by :). He also said, RX330 since 04 model has used electrical control on the gas throat, not the traditional mechanical linkage. I will have it checked and report back again.

  • thanks again gardencar:

    Sorry I reply this late, because I am looking another car now since I am just beginner so I wanted to buy used car just to practice driving skills. But after I take a look all those used car information. For a person like me not understand car AT ALL I can't buy used car, the money cost to fix the car would probably get me a new one.

    I asked the transportation fee is $1000 from west to east coast. I actually can't belive you paid for $500 for 100 mile trip and they charge by hour!!! Maybe it was more expensive five years ago So I thought if the price there is cheaper than $1000 that might work. But the trip to LA could be change now, and the car I am looking now is new Scion XA because its cheaper compare to other new cars.(Korea brand not included) However, Scion is a no-haggle brand. I've emailed few dealers their answers pretty much the same. Pure-pricing and no haggle. I am wondering if no-haggle is really no-haggle mean we have to buy in MSRP??

    The Scion form here seems not as much post as lexus as far as price and buying experince. I don't know where else has discussion board like Edmunds, but I think I'll try to post in here and see what happens.
  • Please send me the name of the dealer/internet manager you worked with. My email is

  • Thats waaaay too much for that car! i got my RX330 w/ navi and premium plus at glendale for $36,500 before TTL. Out the door i paid $39,850. and they even sent me a huge fruit basket!!
  • I was wondering if anybody had buying experiences in Eastern OH or Western PA on an RX330? Also I have been quoted at $38,500 plus tax for an '04 AWD with the Premium Package. Is this really a good deal? It sounds like people in other areas of the country can buy an '05 for that amount because competition is greater. They'd still be making over $2500 over invoice, not to mention the hidden kickbacks they receive. If this is not a good price, what would be??
  • I haven't read anyone that talked about the performance package for the RX330. Did anyone get the air suspension and sequential automatic transmission? Is it worth it to get it or should I just go for the premium plus package instead?

    I would like to hear what you guys think.

    Any info would help.

  • bought a 2005 rx330 at Lexus of northboro.

    msrp 42,458

    paid 38,700 plus a 200 for title and prep fees

    they put on the hard press but were good to deal your homework. I think I could have done a bit better
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    You are welcome, newestnew.

    I'm glad to hear that your price will be much cheaper to transport a car. The reason my bill was so high is because the boat was overall 35 feet in length and weighed 11,000 plus pounds.

    About the Scion, it's a cute little car. But remember, it's a cute,little car. If you are a beginner, like you say, you may want more steel between you and the other car, just in case you get into that first fender bender (knock on wood). Anyway, you can click on this link to look up low Scion pricing at Good luck on your purchase and safe driving to you.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    I remember someone asking about the performance pack before but not anyone commenting on how they liked it, probably because it is not the most popular package.

    The adjustable suspension sounds good on paper but you need to make up your own mind about it by test driving one with and one without the sports pack, back to back. I personally didn't feel much of a difference. IMO, the RX is too geared towards luxury to have a suspension stiff enough to really corner well.

    The swivelling headlights, again, sound good on paper but not everyone agrees that they are actually useful versus being gimmicky. Just ask wwest. He posted a whole article on this subject.

    Lastly, the graphite, powder coated wheels are nice, but is the package really worth the $3500 or so? I opted for the premium plus pack with the Xenon, non swivelling headlights. No regrets so far. Good luck.
  • hi gardencar:

    So good to hear from you again!!

    no wonder..because Scion weights about 2380lbs. Your boat was five times than that. I see why now..

    haha..first fender bender..ya, I've prepared for that since I am brand new. Not too big car and budget has been first and second priority for me. Scion weights better than similar model and I don't need to purchase other options. However, Lexus car has been my dream car, even now. Thats why I wanted to buy Lexus from very beginning, but since I'm too new too buy great car like Lexus, maybe after I got my driving skill, I'll be one of the owner in the future just like everyone here :)

    Thanks again for providing the great website and all the help.It help me a lot!! I really appreciate. I'll drive safely too :D
  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    The AFS headlights come with ALL HIDs now ... not JUST on the Performance Package ... starting in the '05 year.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    We do not exchange that kind of information on this board. We do encourage the name of the dealership and location where you have your buying experiences. Goodluck!
    Also not a good idea to put your email on the board. Spammers are sure to pick it up that way. It is much better to list your email, public so that Edmund's posters can email you.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    You're welcome, newestnew. I have no doubt you'll be the proud owner of an RX, soon. If your budget is a priority, I strongly suggest pricing some pre owned Lexus ES300's and some LS400's as well. You'd be surprised. For the price of a new Scion, you could get that Lexus car you crave. I drove my LS400 until it hit 157,000 miles with little more than regular maintenance. The ride was quiet and smooth, and the engine still purred like a kitten. A well cared for Lexus LS400 is pretty bullet proof. My Lexus mechanic told me he has seen many with over 200,000 miles on them and still running strong. He went on to say that he has never had to rebuild an engine or transmission on any LS400 model. Moreover, if you have the VIN # of a car you are looking at, any Lexus service dept. will gladly look up its service history at your request. Unlike MBZ, they are very open about this.
    Toyota started making the Lexus LS400 in 1989 and until 2000, there were three generations with minimal change in styling. You can get a 1990 to 1992 for $5K+ or go to a 1995 to 1997 for about $12K to $15K. My favorite models have always been the 1998 to 2000 models. However, you can expect to pay $17K to over $28K for one of these.

    You should at least test drive an LS400 at your dealer's, just for the experience. The LS400 is the quietest and smoothest riding car I have ever driven, even quieter than the big MBZ. It was great fun to drive on the freeway, felt like gliding over the road. If you must have a new car, get the Scion. Otherwise, you could have your Lexus now, with just some miles under the saddle. Good luck.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    I too am interested in prices paid recently for a 2005 RX 330 AWD (non-Nav) in the Seattle area. Also, has anyone received an appraisal from Lexus of Bellevue in response to their mailer regarding their need for good pre-owned vehicles? Curious as to whether they are really giving good purchase/trade offers.
  • I am planning to walk into the local dealership to purchase a 05 AWD RX330 premium plus package with navigation. Did anybody purchased this car in Oregon? How much?

    I would like to know the best competitive deals out there before I make my trip?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Given all of the incentives, rebates, and low APRs now available on many new vehicles, a lot of used cars are sitting on lots. Thus, few dealerships have a "need" for pre-owned vehicles. This is a well-known marketing strategy to get you in the door in the hopes that you'll buy a new car from the dealership.

    If you were already considering buying a new car, then go for it - but don't expect higher than usual trade-in value for your current car. I receive these mailers requesting that I trade in vehicles that I've sold long ago.

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