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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    The RX330 was just completely redesigned for the 2004 model year. Toyota/Lexus is not going to redesign the RX330 after 2 years on the market. The next total redesign should be for 2009 model year.

    You may see some slight changes next year, such as front and rear nip & tucks, some feature upgrades, and maybe a new engine. The RX330 may become the RX350 for 2006.
  • officejofficej Posts: 1
    I just bought a fully loaded (Nav, rear entertainment, premium plus etc....) and paid $40,900 from Palm Beach Lexus. My sales guy was fantastic (I'll give you his name privately if you ask)

    My question for the groups is this:

    After I negotiated what I thought was a killer deal, the finance guy convinced me to purchase additional wear & tear insurance. It cost me about 19 / month, which translates to roughly $720 over the 36 month lease. His rationale was that Lexus Financial will hit me up for every scratch, ding and stain possible and that the insurance will cover me up to $5000.

    Has anyone else come across this? If so, did you buy the insurance? The only other lease I had was through Chase and they gave me an allowance built into the payment.

    I appreciate all feedback.

  • sjdudesjdude Posts: 4
    I have been looking for a 2005 RX330 with NAV( Premium+,
    I am getting a quote for 40,100. Is this a good deal? The whole invoice price is very confusing as different dealers are showing different invoice price for similarly equipped vehicle.Anyone with a better deal recently.
  • sjdudesjdude Posts: 4
    Congratultions on your new Lexus and getting a great deal! Was this a FWD or an AWD?
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Hi Officej
    Can you please tell us what was the MSRP of your Rx?
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    I have been reading these boards and other forums and noticing that most of the action is with the RX400H (main concern appears to be with the lower MPG than anticipated for those still in the break-in period, though most seem very happy with the performance). I have to admit feeling twinges of regret that I did not buy the RX400h, but the technology is still too new for my comfort. I will stay focused on the luxury of driving the RX330. I finally went with the Thundercloud Limited Edition 2005 AWD RX330. It is scheduled to arrive by this Friday (probably). It took so long that I suppose the prices might have fallen. But I got the deal I quoted in a previous message. Purchase price: $41,800 (including $400 for transport from CA. to NY). It comes with the Premium (Plus?) package, NAV with rear view camera, Mark Lev sound system, heated front seats, HID, Towing Prep. A Long Island person said he could match the price, but I had dealt with the Ca. dealership (Lexus of Glendale) Internet Sales Manager for a period of time and he had been consistently fair and professional in his services. (I even got a cargo net installed (free) in this deal). By the way, I was referred to this dealership by Fleetrates and the owner there also set up a good deal. He really seemed interested in working out a good deal for the customer as much as he could. I recommend both services highly. I just hope th SUV will get here in good condition. I will find out soon. Can't wait! I will post back on the results (esp. with the cross-country trek).
  • kdiaokdiao Posts: 2
    I am living in Houston, and want to buy a RX 330 or Acura MDX w/Nav. I have gotten a quota of RX 330 from internet salesman for $40,000. Could I get it down a little more? Thanks for anybody's comments about it. The sales person also said the Nav system and premium plus package are manufacture installed, and cannot be separated? Is it possible to buy a car with Nav, but no premium plus? I also want to get recommendations for dealers or sales persons. Thanks in advance.
  • ajm7ajm7 Posts: 8
    I live in Boston and just purchased a new 2005 AWD RX 330 with Premium Plus and NAV for 40,500, the sticker was 45,083. The dealer is also installing mudflaps and including winter mats ($200-$350 value depending on who you ask). The purchase was made over the phone, dealing witth the internet sales manager.
  • I've been shopping for RX330 AWD 330 with Premi um and Nav and went to Pohanka, the salesman said he would give me Thundercloud for 41,500 with Premium Package and Nav which is the same price he would give me for a similarly equipped non Thundercloud, his MSRP was 45,000. I told him his quote was too high given what I've been reading here and him stating that Pohanka had a bad month. I'm seeing here people are getting 40,000 for premium and NAV. Am I correct or really wrong?
  • dakota5dakota5 Posts: 3
    Most of the RX 330 seem to have been manufactured in Canada vs the Thundercloud manufactured in Japan. Anyone notice a significance in problems of Canada vs Japan? I live in the Virginia Beach area and have not found a good deal on the 2005 Lexus. Anyone have any experience in the East Coast.?
  • samusamu Posts: 8
    I am also looking for a thindercloud package with premiumplus nav package and live in md. I am willing to go to any area dealer in md/va or even a little beyond but just want to know what price people are getting on this car. also wat people are being quoted for this car without thundercloud. thanks.
  • lyssialyssia Posts: 1
    I live in Missouri, and I just ordered one RX330 AWD last week with Navigation and head rest DVD for 43,000.
  • happirockhappirock Posts: 4
    I live in the Kansas City area and I am wanting to purchase a RX330 with AWD, Navigation package,factory instaled DVD, heated seats, and laser cruise control.
    What should I expect to pay in this area. I am sure this will have to be specal ordered. Any dealership suggestions?
  • maf1maf1 Posts: 15
    Hello, congratulations on your deal!
    I have been looking in the Boston area as well. Can you tell me which dealership you worked with? Did you find that waiting until the end of the month helped in getting that great deal?
  • buyerincabuyerinca Posts: 5

    I have read several posts by officej, crystal2, ajm7 and lyssia about the price paid for RX330. Does the price in your e-mail is out of door price (i.e incuding sale TAX and other fee) or the price pre-sale TAX?
  • techmantechman Posts: 1
    I just put a down payment on a AWD Thundercloud with Nav and Lev for about $3700 under MSRP. Of course that is not including tax title and license yet. But I think I did just fine.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Buyerinca, I paid $41,400 (MSRP = $46,300) before sales tax, licensing/ reg. fee in NYS and a dealer $45 doc. fee. Additionally, I paid $400 to transport the 2005 Thundercloud Limited Ed. AWD RX330 (with NAV and Mark Lev audio, HID Adaptive Headlights, automatic headlamp and windshield wipers, heated front seats, towing prep package, 18" alloy wheels) to NY from CA. Southern CA may have some of the better deals still (It was the case when I first started the process in 3/05). Hope this helps.
  • tcheungtcheung Posts: 6
    I'm interested in buying a new RS330 FWD with premium plus in the DFW area. What should I expect to pay? Will I be able to get a better deal in Austin or Houston? Thanks.
  • miked22miked22 Posts: 20
    If you get it done at invoice ($39,888) with tier one lexus credit you can be at $555.00 w tax
  • ltazeltaze Posts: 17
    I was quoted $35,472 for the premium package w/heated seats plus tax and title. The MSRP was $39,820. The finance on it is 4.4% for 60 months. Is this a good price? Could I do better? Thanks.
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