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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dyeung1, From what I gather from the posts here, there are some advertising or other miscellaneous costs the dealers count in their invoice price that you won't see in the invoice price listings you find in Edmunds and elsewhere.
  • rjnrjn Posts: 8
    Thanks for the information on processing fees. I was wondering what the sales price was on your vechicle excluding sales taxes and fees. You had mentioned that the MSRP was 41,633. Thank you in advance
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    Hello... did you ever post the dealer name on your great deal. I may have missed it. Thank you...
  • My next door neighbor told me he just bought a 2005 FWD RX330 silver 32K + tax + 360 registration fee. Total is 34287 out of the door. He said he gets the HD headlights, rain sense wiper, dual heated seats, radio and 6 CD changer, wheel locks, cargo net , wheel locks and etc.

    I called the same dealer for a quote of AWD version with premimum plus but was told the invoice is 37908 and he is willing to sell for invoice + 500.

    I guess the demand for FWD in northeast is probably not high. I believe my neighbor got a great deal.
  • rastafori, ajm7 got the deal at IRA (see post 2047). Also see post 2062 re my deal at Lexus of Northborough.
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12

    my blank Citi Financial Check to purchase arrives via UPS today so it's time to negotiate. Typical Black Onyx, Gray Leather, Premium Plus, 18's, Nav, (No more no less). Lexus build site MSRP 45083, I think invoice is approximately 39360, (I think wheel locks or something minor is missing at edmunds options so it's about 90 off). So along with Lexus of Rockville NY, I'll try Lexus of Northborough in Mass.

    Seeing as I live in Connecticut it would be nice if a local dealer would step up to the plate with some good (TMV or Better) numbers, namely McDermott, Westport, or Hoffman Lexus (Good website with up to date "NEW" car inventory), but I'm in no real hurry so I have time to walk away from the "not perfect" deal for me... OR there's the NY, Mass, or NJ dealers.

    One thing with edmunds DealSmart membership that I purchased is the "Request Dealer Quote" link hangs up and won't open... anybody have any suggestions or had a similar problem? I may be forced to email the dealers directly with my request(s) unless I can get the link to work.

    Thanks all... Somebody nearby must want to sell a New Plain Black AWD RX330 to a cash buyer (for about 1K over invoice) :)
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Rastafori, I was thrown off by another member here and was confused by the member's stronger recommendation for Rockville Long Island. However, after reading comments from another forum (which rated Rallye highly and wrote less positive comments about Rockville NY), I remembered that I had actually gotten very good quotes from Rallye (NOT Rockville, which either did not respond or were non-committal over the phone). I want to suggest that you consider Rallye of Long Island (Glen Cove?). I remember the internet salesperson/ manager? was ready to deal after I put in a phone call. He was ready to match my price of $41,800 (included $400 transport from CA to NY) for the 2005 TC Ed. AWD RX330 with a MSRP of $46,363. He was ready to sell the same package but in flint mica instead of TC metallic. For $40,800 or $40,600 he would have sold me a 2005 AWD, premium plus with NAV that was not a TC Ed. The latter price appears to come close to your target. Maybe you can contact this dealership (internet sales) for a phone quote.
  • jj2jj2 Posts: 11
    I just bought an RX with AWD, premium plus for $38,400 (MSRP $43,722). This price was negotiated over the internet. The sales manager, sales person, and finance person were professional and excellent to work with. If anyone is looking for a great place to buy an RX, Lexus of Lindon (Utah) is the best in the state. :)
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    Thanks crystal2... isn't it frustrating :mad: when dealers don't return request for quotes or acknowledge an offer. The same guys that snub you at the beginning of the month are selling for what you offered, or cheaper at the end of the month. (to someone else to make quotas and keep a job) Honestly though... I think anyone from this forum would be a tough customer, I don't picture internet shoppers walking blindly into dealerships paying MSRP (plus the second window sticker... remember those) $1,000 for non-existent undercoating, $400 pinstriping?, AND the extended "local" dealer warranty :D :D

    The prices that you quoted are about what I want to pay... How long ago did he (Rallye) quote you those prices? In the meantime I'll add them to my "request quote from" list.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    I got the quote from Rallye in 4/05 after I saw a big ad placed by the dealership in Newsday (Long Island). I called up and might have spoken to a regular salesperson or internet sales manager (not sure which).

    I think the salesperson actually quoted me $40,600 for the package that sounds like the one you want. Also, that price included a tag-on for the $400 fee I was planning to pay for the CA. to NY transport of the RX. So you may be able to knock another $400 off the $41,600. However, the salesperson was quoting me prices for available RX330 at their dealership and you seem to know exactly what color and package you want, so you may have to wait for the right deal.
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    $500 over invoice is quite reasonable. What is the name and location of the dealer?
  • rjnrjn Posts: 8
    How much over invoice would be considered a good deal on an RX330 FWD with Premium Plus, 6 CD changer, heated seats, 18" wheels, and preferred accessory package?
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    How much over invoice would be considered a good deal on an RX330 FWD with Premium Plus, 6 CD changer, heated seats, 18" wheels, and preferred accessory package?

    Nothing over invoice is a good deal on this car. I paid nearly $6,000 below sticker and $560 below "invoice". I even cut in to their dealer hold-back, and that was in early April of this year. Admittedly, they were not happy about the deal I insisted on, were quite ornery, but in the end, the sales manager on duty took it ... once I said the magic words "I will buy the car today" -- but only at my price, of course.

    You should be able to do as well, if you are a tough negotiator, do your research, and put your poker face on. Heck, these days you can negotiate with the intermet/fleet manager over the phone.

    I checked, then paid the $12 for the Consumer Reports pricing service on this car. It paid off in spades!
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    I think you're 100% right in that you should drive for the lowest possible price - and walk if you're not happy with the deal... but once you go "below" our, or the buyers "known" invoice price there really aren't any guarantees... Unless you're purchasing a Kia, Hyundai, or the dealer is in bad shape. In the day of the internet with the potential for unlimited research on anything "walk-in's" are still paying MSRP plus for vehicles like Ford Explorers (Ford recalls (7)figures of them for faulty roof structure, it's posted on the six o'clock news, and they still sell like hotcakes :confuse: ),.... Other mitigating factors that you touched on such as season, region, weather, first model year, last model year, and the social / economic break down of the majority of a given dealers customers have to be Greenwich Connecticut they mark up milk 20% :)

    so IMHO, to purchase a premium vehicle (especially Lexus) with high reliability, top safety features, few recalls, and a high resale value within two to five hundred dollars over invoice one wouldn't be considered a fool.
  • mikenjmikenj Posts: 25
    Does anyone know or have an opinion on the avalabilty of Thundercloud edition in 2006?
  • aaatttaaattt Posts: 22
    Yes ! The final price need consider a lot of fact & condition!
    1-5 hundred over the best deal for hi-end car is OK. for low end-car may be not OK because the percentage.

    Because U don't need to spend more hours in dealer, or drive to another dealer to locate the best deal, or search the web,use the phone etc.... to negotia several hundred dollar.! for me I don't like that!

    If u can drive hi-end car. I think your income or hourly pay will higher than the time u spend. or IF you just I want "the best deal in town" . that is good too.

    Like some people talk about use premium or regular gasoline.
    No matter how the gasoline price is sky high.
    The premium is higher than regular around 20cent per gallon.
    If u use 1000 gallon per year. that is $200.
    In case u drive MB E320 would u mind spend $20 per month to use premium gasoline. (just follow the owner handbook by carmaker)

    Several months ago a class action lawsuit against the LosAngles local dealers.
    Because they lower monthly payment (looks like good deal) but use the very high interest rate,& did not explain to lots of car buyers. For some buyers they don't know the math & don't know how to calculate the good deal! Several hundreds dollar is a lot percentage in their income.

    So why is the good or best deal? all depend which side u are in & on a lot of conditions & TIMING !!! demand & supply!

    Like my deal. I'm still in waiting list to wait next shipment. All dealers is low on inventory for RX330 in SoCal during May & June. I think may be lexus do some adjustment for the quality control about the complain so lowing the supply (I hope so.)
    So the BEST deal is different from time to time !
    May be the June' best is 1K over invoice ! July's best deal is below invoice 1K.
  • jj2jj2 Posts: 11
    You sound like an angry person. Such an intelligent post. Thanks!
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    I actually enjoy the research process for anything I purchase, I've always been the type who will read Car & Driver and Consumer reports. To me finding the "best" product (for me) regardless of price and then getting the best deal on that product is fun... call me weird. I'll sit in my office and spend a few minutes poking around various sites, and on Sunday morning surfing the web (about the same amount of time someone would spend reading the Sunday Times). It's not a wholesale sell-out of my life to save $2, I make sure I get exactly what I want.

    Yesterday I purchased my RX330 Black Onyx, Gray Leather, Nav, Tow, 18s, HID AFS, etc... for $712 over Invoice. Maybe not the best deal as many members here are doing better, but I only wanted Gray interior, and everyone seemed to have Tan leather with Black Onyx. I know for a fact that if I took any color combination (same options) I would have saved substantially more. The upside to the deal is the dealer is only 25 minutes away with pick up from the home or office, valet service, Lexus loaners, and very nice people (McDermott in CT) I was really expecting to have to leave the state to get an invoice up deal. I only went to one dealer, gave him a check, and walked out 1 hour later... I take delivery at 3pm today.

    Ultimately my internet negotiations saved me $4,483.00... AND I got the exact model, color combination, and options I wanted.

    Now I have to slave away researching and negotiating the best price for the Family Disney Vacation at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Rastafori, Congrats on getting the exact RX you wanted at a price you are happy with! Let us know how the driving goes! Also, it is good you are near the dealer (big plus it is someone you have had a good experience with)!

    I agree with you about internet research and comparison shopping. It is educational, informative and can save money! Case in point, I started with internet shopping 3-5 years ago for a beach house. My family bought a practically oceanfront house 2-3 years ago in a place along the eastern seaboard that has been undervalued (though the prices have escalated rapidly in the past 2-3 years). Now the latest is that even the average upper middle class person finds it hard to buy anything near water, esp. the ocean (CNNFN or MONEY magazine article).
    The internet research started this for us.

    Regarding shopping for the RX, I saved about $4500 under MSRP for my 2005 RX as a result of these forums and internet research (otherwise, there would have been too many walk-ins, telephone calls or faxes required to find the best price/ quality possible).
  • austiniteaustinite Posts: 1

    I am trying to find a dealer in the Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin area who will be willing to sell a RX 330 closer to Edmunds TMV. I am looking for an RX with premium plus and navigation.

    Does anyone have any recommendations ?

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