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Hummer H3



  • Ive been in contact with a Hummer dealership and was told the MSRP of a vehicle was $33,885. The price with the GMID discount is $31, that is a discount of 2499? I thought that the GMID was around 3k. Does this seem a lil low to anyone?
  • h3shopperh3shopper Posts: 11
    Just got off the phone with dealer.
    Zero Percent Financing is here !!

    Expected the announcement by the 30th, but evidently, it's here now. Check with your dealer.
  • overtovert Posts: 4

    I'm new to this H3 forum , however i do check into the Chevy Uplander forum as my wife owns one. I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado ext Z-71 and the lease runs out in appox 9 months. I have done the research on the 2007 model and the extra H.P for the new engine is what i'm looking for. Everything about the H3 has sold me on leasing a 2007. What i guess i need is some feedback from current owners on how they like the H3. I have gone over some of the past comments on this forum , but alot of the comments deal with pricing and not too much on what type of problems they have had , if any at all. Any info would be apprecited. Thanks.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Why not stop by the Colorado forums as they are the same thing. I have a Colorado Crewcab and the biggest thing I hate about it which would/should be the same on the H3 is the air conditioner. It is computer controled and not much freon in it so there are complants about the cooling.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    Here's the link:

    Chevrolet Colorado

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  • What about the A/C ? I'm in the south and the A/C is critical.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    We had our dark green H3 in Arizona with 100 degrees temps two weeks ago. The H3's a/c was plenty cold. Never had to set the fan above Low. And we still got 18mpg. H3 really doesn't have much in common with the Colorado p/u byond the 5-cyl engine.
  • nissan350znissan350z Posts: 81
    Hi all, I have a dealer that wants to charge $1,395 for a factory remote starter. I think this is way too much for a remote start since most GM remote starters are $500 or less for their other cars. Plus my wife got an after market put on her Xterra for less than $500 as well. It not even like I want the remote starter either, but since it here there I'll take it, but not at $1,395 that for sure. How much should I tell him I'll pay for it?
  • h3shopperh3shopper Posts: 11
    You mean you're actually still talking to this guy?

    For $ 1,395.00, the dealer should drive over to your house each morning and start the H3 for you. A remote starter?
    C'mon.. this is a $ 299.00 maximum item. Go to Circuit city. Your dealer sounds like a thief. But seriously, a remote starter? Does the car get that hot or cold that you can't warm it up or cool it down yourself?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Never had one have ya? Also you must live where it don't get cold. Here in Michigan I have started my Trailblazer after a ice storm and let it warm up for about 15 min. Scraped off the ice and was gone while everyone else hadn't got a 1/3 of the ice off their windows. Also those 90 degree days in my black TB takes along time to really cool it. I got my starter with alarm for less than $400 for the viper which is top of the line. :P
  • nissan350znissan350z Posts: 81
    Well I did buy the H3 and got the remote starter for $500. I paid 31000 OTD for a base with a few add on. I also got the 0.0 over 5 years too with the suppliers discount too. It bright yellow!
  • bummerh3bummerh3 Posts: 3
    my a/c on my 2006 H3.... on a hot day when my a/c is running it appears that "smoke" is coming out of my vents. it looks like a white foggy substance. anyone else having this problem? also have had a few issues with messages coming up like "stab system failed" "service 4WD" and then I take it to dealer and they find nothing wrong! any coments would be appreciated....I am in NY (long island).
  • pep1pep1 Posts: 4
    I've had the 'smoke' coming out of my vents on previous vehicles. It was explained to me that it was water vapor fro extreme humidity. I only noticed it when I had my A/C on max!
  • bosshoss1bosshoss1 Posts: 18
    Try using search. Post 816 if I recall correctly has some info.

    Still 1 left this month

  • dowen21dowen21 Posts: 4
    Hey gang,
    I am new here and haven't through the archives, so I apologize if this question has come up already.
    I own an '06 H3, bright yellow, every option gorgeous mini-beast, so far I have loved it. That is until I was driving it to work last week and as I got to speed on the highway a faint "hum" started in the area of the cab-lights. As I sped up, the hum turned into a roar. I opened the sun roof and was able to feel the plastic casing or bar across the top that the lights are attached to. That bar was vibrating like heck. The noise alone was enough to drive me crazy, so it was the service road for me all the way to work....15 miles at 45 MPH...arghhh.
    Anyway, I took it to the local Chevrolet Dealership, (Waco doesn't have a Hummer dealer) and after a few hours of them looking at it they called and told me that they couldn't fix it. They said that Hummer is supposed to come out with a fix "in the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year"...until then they told me to "deal with it". When I went to pick up my vehicle, I went over the guys desk that had worked on it and told him that I didn't think it was right that I have a 35 thousand dollar vehicle that I can't drive on the highway, and he just wants me to "deal with it". He was very apologetic, but entirely unhelpful. He just repeated that since it was not a safety issue, I would have to put up with the noise until GM decides to fix it.

    Have any of you guys had this problem also?
    I am just curious.
    I really love my truck and I have always been a "GM guy", but this little episode has me boiling.
    Any suggestions anybody?

  • h3shopperh3shopper Posts: 11
    Deal with it? The next sound that guy should be hearing is "repeat, that's a whopper with cheese" because he should working at Burger King rather than on your car. I would suggest calling Hummer Customer Service and opening up a ticket on this issue. Ask them to escalate the call. I'd imagine that they should have a field engineer or similar to handle this type of complaint. Sounds like a potential safety issue too. Perhaps NHSTA will help get you some attention -- but start with Hummer Cust. Serv. first. I just had a small issue and they resolved it very quickly.

    Good luck. ;)
  • dowen21dowen21 Posts: 4
    Hey thanks bud,
    I will contact the corporate heads tomorrow. After being given the "deal with it" line of BS I kinda figured my next option would be dealing directly with Hummer. I hate it that it looks like I will have to raise holy hell with Hummer. It shouldn't be that way, but it is maddening beyond belief to spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle that I can't even drive down a highway.

    Thanks again bud,
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Remember sugar gets you more than vinigar. Go in with a cool calm collected voice. It helps if you write down what you want to say and what youexpect from them. Explain that you spent a lot of money and you don't feel that you have to just deal with it. By any chance does the roof lights move forward and back on a track. I know on my trailblazer with sunroof I had to adjust the roof rack bars to get it so there wasn't that same kind of noise.
  • dowen21dowen21 Posts: 4
    Hey, thanks for the reply.
    No, the cab lights are fixed in place.
    I spoke to a Hummer dealership in Dallas earlier, and he told me that Hummer is not even offering the cab light option any more, because of this problem. That gives me hope that Hummer is acknowledging the problem at least...
    Thanks again,
  • i have the H3 with the 6 disk in dash monsoon radio system, i want to add my xm subscription to the radio so i dont have the ugly external unit on my dash, i was told at the dealer that all they had to do was pull the radio and add a chip to it in order for me to have xm as an option when i press the band button, the problem was that they want $400 for this chip, does anyone know where i can get this "chip" or how i can override the radio to recieve xm?
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