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Hummer H3



  • There is some gnashing of teeth about GM's sales figures released on some forums. I tend to think that they are trying to get back to quality and a fair price for a product. Yes, I am aware of pistons, gaskets, etc. (Those of us older drivers may remember long ago the dreadful decision to reduce the silver content of silver solder in the tranny coolers tubes in the radiator). But if I remember correctly it was dcx that first stated that parts suppliers with the cheapest price no matter where in the world would get their business. Someone at lost or here? posted that a certain relay used to have gold plated connectors and cost $1.50 and now the asian supplier provided a five cent relay. It was also gm who came to this country's defense with 0% financing.

    "230 Columns Later - 8/06/2006 03:00 AM CDT
    Wheels By Ed Wallace , Special to the Star-Telegram
    Perhaps the best memory is of a remote broadcast (scheduled before 9/11) on September 22, 2001, done from a Kwik Kar Oil and Lube Center in Plano. That would also be the first weekend of the original “Zero Percent Financing” offer from General Motors."

    And yes, we always appreciate the good people who are in the car business who have made our purchases so care free and honest.
  • Wanted to leave b-h's h3 alone, but the good people at another forum got those new torsion bars and other items up and running with some good pictures. Good Job. Well done. But now that is causing us to salivate and think about opening up our wallets, probably more like checkbook, to go where they have gone.
  • Any plans for the H3 to get a diesel like the H2? I would think a diesel H3 would get better mpg than an H2.
  • I'm having intermittent problems that Hummer can't find. My warranty is about to expire and then they;ll find it and find a way to bill me. Is there a way to disconnect the speedometer from time to time ( so the warranty doesn't appear to run out) to buy some time for the problem to manifest clearly and get fixed.
  • milhummilhum Posts: 3
    Has anyone had problems with their driver's window switch not working ?
    Mine has stopped working. Good thing the window was in the up position when the switch went out.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    should be a warantty issue. please post your result. :)
  • Reports here or other forums some time back about the wire bundle in the door. Or maybe this tired old brain is failing.
  • When Driving at low speeds while off-roading with the Air Conditioner on, my H-3 Adventure-Lux often overheats. The dealership mechanics are very capable and well trained and say that they can find nothing wrong with the cooling system. Any Ideas?
  • That is debatable, I'm having to bring my H3 to the dealership every week. I've had it there 4 weeks in a row. The problem is that my Service 4 wheel drive keeps coming up. Today I told them if they can't get it right I want a new vehicle. So next week there taking my H3 for 3 days they say and going to check it out again. The first time they checked it out they said they had to replace wiring the second time they said they had to replace a connector then they replaced the moduler in the transfer case........What next???????? :mad: Never had another problems with this vehicle. I love driving it except when that darn light comes on to tell me to service 4 wheel drive.
  • :confuse: How do I replace driver's side mirror on H3? Can't figure out how to get int. panel off.
  • My H3 won't start sometimes. It doesn't happen often but when it does the engine will crank but it won't start. Also when I let go of the key the engine is still cranking. Usually after about ten minutes it will finally start.
  • ok, this happened to me twice now.. i'll start from the beginning. A month ago my wife and I decided to go to vegas because gas has gotten so cheap. So we load up the kids, luggage get in and our h3 won't start.. first time this ever happened. We then took everything out and loaded it all in my truck still determined to go since we had hotel reservations paid for. As we were sitting in the front seat, I went over what I did different before the starting problem started. I told my wife I moved the passenger seat all the way forward and put my 4 year old in his big boy seat so my wife could tend to our infant in the back for the drive to vegas..well I got out of the truck, went back in the garage, opened the passenger door, moved the seat back a few inches, put the key in the ignition and bamm.. "it started" so then we loaded everything back in the hummer and off we went..Later I talked to my step father, who is a real grease monkey from the sixties and explained what had happened and he knew right away.. He said my GM product was in "crash mode" due to me moving my seat all the way forward. It thinking I was in a wreck, disabled the engine from starting or in the case of a wreck it would shut down the motor,gas pump and so on.. which leads me to tonight.. earlier I went to the store and again moved the passenger seat forward but this time, not even close to all the way foward. went to the store, came back home and went out to dinner later. lLaving the restaurant we got in and the unthinkable happened again.. It wouldnt start. just cranking and cranking. so I got out moved the passenger seat up,down, back, and forth, reached under the seat and jiggled the wires around."electric seats" reached over and turned the key and It started...and by the way when it would'nt start the first time it happened I would let go the key and for about 3 seconds it would keep cranking.. GM seams to be like ford."They have a better idea"
  • Hey this is an excellent explanation.......makes sense to me because my H3 parks on a 60degree incline......

    it is very possible that my seats were not moved correctly. I actually went out and bought a new battery!!!! and it still wouldn't start....... then about 15 minutes later, I came out and bam! it started??? OK here is the real test, tomorrow morning when I go to work, I will see if I still get problems.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    First thing to check are the electric cooling fans (I assume this vehicle has them). Then check for any blockage to the radiator. If you go through mud and the front of the A/C condenser gets caked with mud, there will be reduced air flow through the radiator.

    Keep in mind that the A/C condenser dumps a lot of heat when A/C is operating, and this additional heat makes it harder for the radiator to provide sufficient cooling for the engine.

    If the electric fans are good, you may want to consider going to a lower temperature thermostat.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 837
    This went on display this week...Arnold already wants one of these...

    33 MPG hwy long trips....electric only first 40 miles or so.
  • I leased a H3 with 285/75/16 tires, but when I bought the truck I swapped the tires with a different size. Do I need to put the exact size tires back on or can I turn it in with the other H3 tire option 265/75/16?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    On all the vehicles I have leased that I changed out the tires the only thing the dealer looked at was how much tread was left. One said he thought it was a little low and I stated that hey, I leased it for 3 years and the mileage is way less than I could have used so I didn't see a problem. Never heard anymore. They just send them to GMAC who auctions them off and no one even sees them. I have also called GMAC and bought one car for almost 6K less than the agreed price was on the lease as it wasn't worth that much. I bet GMAC will be/is taking a bath on the leases left now as my wifes Caddy is quoted at almost 27K and wholesale now is about 20K and the lease isn't up till next Jan. Its been a great car and we may decide on making them an offer next winter. Nothing to lose.
  • continues to keep open the tranny downshift issue. I also believe like the OP that the shift points, kick down switch in earlier days?, could use an adjustment or my depth of use is not meaningful. Other than having the plastic A pillars taped down to reduce the deafening noise at speed against a headwind from OK, the only other dealer visit was to take a tech with tool connected to the obd to test tranny. With the tool connected, a request for maximum power at 60mph produced that lousy kickdown to second which the tech stated was per specs. While taking blue beauty for a warmup and fuel up some time back, jumped on 65mph road and needed to get up to speed. Made the mistake of putting the pedal to the floor. Kick down to second, rpm's to max, and no real additional speed. Reminded me of the gas automatic deuce and a half at Bragg.

    Used Bu for numerous trips earlier this year for shorter interstate time. One time blue beauty was used - tired, tired of I 35. Little arbuckle hill, if at 80 would hold and build speed. Otherwise if they clogged all three lanes and had to brake, back to where is the power. I try to remember to watch the speed and play the go pedal to get maximum performance, like passing and saying where did that power come from.

    It was those trips that did in this tired old back and caused the bu to be replaced by blue rubi which is very nice for those trips.
  • Now they post about the tranny coolers. Repeat performance. Decades ago a lot of grief was caused by some bean counter reducing the silver content in the silver solder (as my memory recalls). You have to be able trust your drivetrain. Better_Half has a nice daily driver and Onstar (and an extended warranty).
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