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Chevrolet Cobalt



  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    I was glad to see a new article in the Inside Line section about inteiors. I almost cringe when I here people complain about the hard plastic in their cars. To my knowledge, the plainer the plastic the better. The softer plastic has toxic chemicals in it that give of harmful poision gases. Instead of people demanding safe plastics in their cars,many people are actually crying out for the most dangerous types of plastic. It was good that GM was not mentioned as a company that had the higher levels of toxicity from their interiors.
    I would much rather breath cleaner air in my car than have soft touch surfaces that are not as safe. Toxic gases are really bad for you, and I would like car makers to do a better job of selling people on plainer but safer surfaces in their cars.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    There is a selector switch for outside air / recirculate air. Just use outside air, or open a window on your new car. I have always done this, and I assume many-many more people realized that new car smell as something bad, and opened up their vents, or windows. Not rocket science to understand.

    The hard plastic may or not work out OK. I really don't know. My PT seems to have hard plastic on the dash, and so far no squeaks. I guess if it doesn't squeak, looks OK and lasts over the years, harder plastic is something to live with. The Cobalt hard plastic looks cheap to me, but if other like, so be it.

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Plastic is plastic. No such thing as cheap when it comes to plastic. Plastics have been around for decades in cars and now within the last 10-15 years, suddenly, auto writers for some reason like to include this in their review even though it has no merit.
  • ron_mron_m Posts: 188
    Plastic is plastic. No such thing as cheap when it comes to plastic. Plastics have been around for decades in cars and now within the last 10-15 years, suddenly, auto writers for some reason like to include this in their review even though it has no merit.

    No, plastic is not just plastic. There are nylons, PBTs, filled and unfilled, etc. Glass reinforced plastics have very different mechanical properties than unfilled plastics. Some plastics have an elongation at break value of only 5% while others have up to 150% and even greater in certain cases. The amount of strain that certain types of plastics can withstand is dramatically different than others. You can take an interior part and mold it in two different types of plastics using identical design geometry and the strain values will be identical when the parts are constrained the same and deflected/loaded identically. However, even though the strain values are the same, one will break before the other due to the plastic's flexural modulus, flexural strength and elongation at break properties. So no, plastic is NOT just plastic. You may think so from a cosmetic appearance standpoint at some distance from the eye, but when it comes to strength and performance there can be tremendous differences in plastics.

    Ron M.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I meant from an appearance stand point. My 1992 Chevy truck has excellent plastic material that has just started to fade by the top of the door panel but other than that it is just plastic. I could re-dye it if I was picky but the truck is over 10-years-old and it isn't a big deal.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Nope, there are cheap looking plastic parts, and then there are better looking and feeling plastic parts. I guess if you are thinking GM, parts is parts. But then again, how are they going these days?

    My guess is that some day GM won't be selling econo cars at all; at least in the USA. China will be the market for those cars. In USA Korea and Japan makes will dominate the econo scene, with possibly a couple of Fords thrown in there. GM will be Cadillac, GMC trucks, Corvette, and perhaps a couple of special looking cars, as does Chrysler.

  • More problems seem to be surfacing...wondering if anyone else has heard of or is having these problems...when I have the fan on level 1 when I first start the car, it makes a terrible noise...but goes away when I turn the fan up...usually goes away on 1 after the car warms up. Also having huge problems with getting the key out of the ignition...sometimes takes quite awhile to get it out...called the dealership yesterday and turning the steering wheel didn't work, nor did restarting the car and taking it out of park and back into park (I tried that one on my own every other time and it never works). Unfortunately, I live an hour away from my preferred dealership when I'm at school so it's a huge inconvenience to take it much for buying a new car to avoid dealing with car problems throughout the rest of school...also wondering if anyone has suggestions on GM/Chevrolet dealerships in Grand Rapids, MI area? :mad:
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Just out of curiosity, please look at the label on the door jamb and post the "build date" of your car. I am wondering if it is one of the "early" '05's.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    GM or any other American manufacture will never go away from economy cars when they have some of the best on the market; additionally, GM will not be dropping brands to satisfy someone who thinks otherwise. GM will rebound from the current downfall and prosper in the near future.

    It will take people like yourself to change the way they are thinking and get over their perception of quality way of thinking. GM has had comparible quality for many years but the problem is there is more competition to chose from and people are killing the jobs and American auto industry by buying foreign vehicles. All this way of thinking because of things that happened decades ago. Consumers seem to like the status symbol of a foreign car for some reason and like to use the quality issue as their reason because they really don't have a clue.
  • I'm sitting here at work...but thinking it says April 2005...I bought it in June of 2005. I made an appointment today with the dealership in a couple weeks...I live an hour away from them...thank goodness I bought the car from a great dealership that takes good care of me...we'll see what they say. This will be the 3rd or 4th time the car has gone in since June...yuck!
  • Chevy Impala, which experienced a 7.6 percent increase in sales in January thanks to a well-received redesign, was one of the country's top 20 best-selling models. Other GM models on January's top 20 list were Cobalt (sales increase of 140.5 percent), Malibu (18.1 percent decrease), TrailBlazer SUV (24 percent increase) and Silverado pickup (6.6 decrease).

  • That manual that came with it didn't seem to have one, is there one I can see online??
  • GM will upgrade the Cobalt SS with the new 260 hp superchanged 2.0L DIRECT INJECTION 4cyl, like the one from the solstice?

    On Edmunds there is an article that says it could be comming to the G4.
  • If you go to and register there (free), you will have access to full maintenace schedule
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Usually maintenance requirements manuals are separate from the operating manuals, but stuffed in the same case. Did you buy it new or used? If new, just look in the other parts of the manual slipcover/case. If used, sign up at GM owner's link as the other poster recommended.

    BTW, has Chevy moved to linking minor and major services to the oil life indicator, or is it still fixed mileage for services and variable mileage for oil changes?
  • ub1ub1 Posts: 7
    i have a 2005 cobalt and had the same problem. had to take it in 3 times and finally the thermo control unit seemed to fix the problem. are you having a proble with the car pulling either left or right and with the brakes?
    when i come to a stop the wheel pulls to the left and the
    steering wheel (not the actual wheel) but it turns/falls to the left...i've had to put all new tires on for tire cupping also...
  • ub1ub1 Posts: 7
    why does it matter for the timeframe...i also bought this
    vehicle in 2005 and have had it in almost every month...
    but i've recently had to change dealership because the one that i thought was good ended up having to call gm..i'm trying a new dealer, but this has been a nightmare. if they can't fix the pulling and the problem i am having with the brakes, i'm taking it back and requesting my money be refunded.
  • I have not had any problems with it pulling that I've noticed...alignment was off from day one - but so slight, nothing to take it in for - actually, I shouldn't say alignment is really off, steering wheel is usually a bit to the right. I'll try to pay more attention when stopping, but I'm sure I'd have noticed by now if it's pulling.
  • The timeframe matters because it's quite common for first year cars to have problems - especially in early production - mine is more of a late model 05 - they started 06's in the summer I that's why the person asked.
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