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Chevrolet Cobalt



  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    The Cobalt has just been there since 2005 and it's going to be already replaced after 5 years of existence? A great car like that pushed aside for a new model or version?
    G.M. is really looking for more problems or what?
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 200
    GM is run by a bunch of blockheads. They change car names like they're changing underwear.
    The worst part is that the Cobalt now has a tuner community and they're killing the nameplate. Even worse is what they're changing it to-
    Cruze. The dumbest name in the business. Sounds like it was named by The Village People.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    There are a lot of names out there worse than Cruze. Actually Cruze to me is not bad. It better than being identified by a number or letter or some other crazy name.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 200
    What car did you buy?
    I bought a Cruze.
    Sorry, but i find the name to be moronic. At least Cobalt was tough sounding.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,055
    > bought a Cruze.
    >Sorry, but i find the name to be moronic

    Hmmm. I personally think that's a good-sounding name.
    Maybe we should check on Fit, Civic, Accord, Camry, yaris, Venza, 4-runner, Prius. Those all sound lame to me if Cruze is going to be criticized.

    I don't think criticizing names is a ski slope to go down here.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Can someone tell me what's the best way to store 4 winter tires till next year (the tires are off the rim). I see people store them different ways. There must be only 1 good way to store them for so long?
  • de1029de1029 Posts: 52
    Has anyone posted anything about this GM recall? Seems the two do not mesh perfectly and car might roll after you put the car in park and put on the emergency brake.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    He just sounds mad that they are going to stop making the Cobalt after the 2010 model run. Also the recently stopped producing the turbo's.

    Cruze is an attractive name. Chevy Cruze; Chevrolet Cruze. It just sounds right. Lets go for a cruise (Cruze) tonight.

    Gee, the Mercury Zephre, Benz C20, Ford Taurus/Ford 500, VW Tourag, sound good. Event Chrysler uses PT Cruiser for their retro van which isn't to bad accept for the PT.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Store them flat off the concrete.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 200
    Its an idiotic name, IMO.
    Check, they had a Poll and the vast majority favored keeping the Cobalt name. More people preferred they change it to Nova then Cruze.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I said goodbye to my Cobalt on Monday, April 13, 2009. I had only owned it for ten months, and it only had 16,377 miles on it.

    It was a good car, and I hope it finds a good home, but I got the itch to trade for a Toyota Yaris after helping my son negotiate a deal on one for himself on March 16, 2009.

    I have given up a compact car in favor of a subcompact, but the Yaris has enough room to suit me, and I should see a huge increase in gas mileage. No, not enough extra gas mileage to make the trade economically sound, of course, but what the heck, I just WANTED a Yaris.

    I was getting 27 to 28 MPG in my normal driving with the Cobalt, and I hope to see about 40 MPG with the Yaris. Others with similar driving conditions are getting that kind of mileage.

    I now have power windows, power locks, power mirrrors, and remote keyless entry. I also have cruise control. Maybe if I had gotten the Cobalt LT instead of the stripped down LS, I would not have been so anxious to trade, but knowing me, I probably would have anyway. :)

    I gave up some things in going to the Yaris. No automatic headlights or daytime running lights, no DIC, no XM radio, and no play-on feature with the radio when the key is removed from the ignition. I gave up the killer acceleration that I had with the Cobalt, but the Yaris has decent power.

    Good luck to all of you Cobalt owners. I think the Cobalt would have served me well for a long time, but the itch to trade got the best of me.

  • steve333steve333 Posts: 200
    I don't think I've ever actually heard of someone wanting a Yaris, more like it was the only thing they could afford and they had to have the MPG.
    Not trying to rib you (maybe a little :P ).
    If I were you I would have just traded in the Cobalt LS for an LT. I drove a Corolla once and it was like driving a lawn mower. I can't imagine how driving the Yaris will be on the Freeway.
    In any case, good luck with it.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thanks, Seve (I think). :)

    I don't know why the Yaris is so appealing to me, but it IS. I'm having a ball driving it so far.

    I could have actually traded for a Cobalt LT for less than I spent in getting the Yaris, with all the GM rebates. Even without those rebates, I think I might have been able to get a 2009 Cobalt LT for about the same money. The sticker on the Yaris was $16,514. Would that be about the same as the sticker price for an LT?

    I got 0% financing for 60 months with the Yaris, which is a good deal for me.

  • donniedonnie Posts: 24
    While driving at night, it seems the headlights are aimed only about 30' in front of my Cobalt. I looked in the owner's manual, and it says all I need to adjust is a 6 mm socket wrench to adjust. From what I can see, it appears there's a sort of small metal cylinder stuck on top of the 6 mm bolt so I can't get the socket wrench to mesh with the bolt. Do I have the wrong approach? Would appreciate some advice on this problem. Thanks. donnie1930
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 295
    I'm 5'10" and the seat didn't go back far enough for me in a Yaris. The difference in ride between a Cobalt and Yaris is tremendous. I also think that my Victory red Cobalt Coupe looks like a sports car next to the econobox Yaris. It is a Toyota and will probably run 300,000 miles but I drove it for a day and that was enough. Why didn't you get a Civic? At least it looks good. Each to his own.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    I'm deciding on whether to purchase a Cobalt uplevel LT coupe, but I'd like to know if the front seat are comfortable enough for long drives. I've read in some reviews of this machine that the front seat cushions are flat and definitely brutal, so to speak, after cruising for a's something that a short test drive just won't reveal.

    I hope the Cobalt is continued, at least, for part of the 2010 model year. Its replacement, the Cruze (please General, change its name to NOVA!), doesn't interest yours truly in the least even with improvements like electronic stability control, etc. I still think Chevy should have continued with the Cobalt and improved it instead of replacing it with this Cruze, IMHO!

    Hope to hear from y'all...

    Many thanx...

    Peace!<-AladdinSane<- :shades: -
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Well, let me start by telling you that the front seat is better in the Cobalt than in the Impala. Go figure!
    What I don't like about the front seat cushion is that there to short resulting in thigh pain (in my case) on long distance drive but in revenge you have enough leg room to change position once in a while, it helps a bit. But you'll get used to it.

    Yes, the Cobalt came out in 2005 and already changing it's name, what a shame. Like you said...lets call it the Cobalt again for a couple of years and improve it instead.
    CRUZE what a idiotic name. I really can't understand G.M.
    People like the Cobalt as it is, it's popular and a good seller and G.M. is changing everything again...the name, the body.
    They really want to be in trouble.
    Did you see the Chevrolet "Orlando" (suv / van) coming out in 2011 ? Another ridiculous idea of G.M.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    Amen, Laserblue...!!!
    I thank you for your reply. I appreciate it! I hope to hear from other owners here too concerning their experience with Cobalt's front seat comfort.
    The General's suits should have re-thought the Cobalt too and continued with the line, improving it and making it a class leader, instead of starting with a whole new replacement line. If it ain't broke don't fix it. But no...If if ain't broke throw it out and start fresh with something new, untried and maybe untrue, if you get my drift. Little wonder G.M's in trouble. I agree: change is good...but I also believe that good change can come in evolution...improving what is, and keeping with it until it's beyond "just right"...much like VW did with its original Beetle (R.I.P)...Am I making sense? I hope so.

    Again, many thanx...

    Peace!<-AladdinSane<- :shades:-
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    The Cobalt was a fine little car, and I can't believe GM is even THINKING about discontinuing it. I just felt like it was time to move on to something that would last about a gazillion miles and get great gas mileage.

    I think the Yaris fits the bill very nicely, and I am having lots of fun driving it. I have kept up with my gas mileage on every fill-up so far, and the overall average MPG is 37.07. Not too bad, huh? That little car is really fun to drive, even though it doesn't come close to having the acceleration of the Cobalt.

    I have moved from a compact to a sub-compact, so I realize that there are some sacrifices to be made in order to gain on fuel economy.

    As far as looks, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. I like the looks of the Yaris sedan just fine. I'm not crazy about the looks of the hatchback "Yarii."

    I'm happy with the Yaris, but I would recommend the Cobalt to anyone for a compact car.

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Cruze is an idiotic name? You must not like the majority of auto names if you think this is bad.
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