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Chrysler 300/300C



  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    It lost 6.4 MPG setting overnight

    That's very strange and suggests that maybe the 300 calculates MPG differently than what I am used to. Does it take into account the level of fuel in the tank? It shouldn't, but maybe it is.
  • I have found on our 300c that the computer for mpg is a few tenths off of what we get by doing it manually.
  • Which one should i purchase? Which vehicle will last longer?
    I hear that the 2.7 engine is the most problem engine that chrysler has had? Where can i research this info?
    Someone please help
  • What is the name of the chief engineer for 300?

    Snoop Dogg!!
  • How did you get the dealer to agree your car was not holding an alignment? I have a pop in the front suspension it will not hold an alignment. My 300C has only been aligned twice and all tires are worn. The dealer told me there was not a problem with the front suspension. I did my homework and read the posts about the steering cradle and made this suggestion to them. A Chrysler warranty engineer is supposed to fly in to OK in a couple of weeks to take a look at it. The pop according to the dealer is coming from the A-pillar. I asked how could a pop in the pillar post cause the car not to hold an alignment? The question was not answered.
  • shep4shep4 Posts: 10
    I have run two LHSs with the 3.5 over 100,000 miles. Never touched either except for spark plugs and air cleaners--oil change at 2000 miles. They and the four speed tranny were totally trouble free. They have enough soup that when you floor board them at 70 to pass you are usually up to 90 when you get around. Buys speeding tickets here in the wild west. My 300 Touring has 24000 miles. Noooo problems. 2000 miles on oil change level is still on slightly over fill. My GoodYear Integrit tires look like they just came out of the wrappings. I don't know anything about the 2.7 and the V8 but frankly I don't have any need to know--I know perfect when I meet it.
  • There was new part numbers for the new cradle.When they called DMC they said that some of the first cars made wouldn't hold a alignment.Hope they will fix it for you.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Doesn't the EVIC Trip Computer also have the "Instant" Mileage" in addition to average mileage like I get in my 2002 Chrysler T&C LX? :blush:
  • No I don't think so. My 03 does not have instant MPG. It has tire pressure monitoring instead. Some early 2002 Jeeps and Chrysler 300M's had this EVIC that displayed all EVIC functions including tire pressure sensors and instant MPG. The part number of this unit is 56042756AG
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Looks like I was lucky to get a 2002 while DaimlerChrysler still had complete trip computers in the overhead console.
    I was looking at a new 2006 GC SXT but DaimlerChrysler has removed too many nice features from their minivans that were standard equipment in 2002. :cry:
    I was also disappointed that most of the Chrysler 300's have dual zone temperature control as optional equipment. Should be standard equipment on a nice car like the Chrysler 300. :shades:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Thanks for correction. I had the Dodge Magnum with 5.7L V8 confused with the Chrysler 300. :confuse:
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    I drove an Intrepid with the 2.7 V6 for three years and never had a bit of trouble with it or the transmission. It was reasonably peppy in the Intrepid but I think the 300 weighs considerably more. You'd probably be much happier with the 3.5. Interestingly enough the 3.5 is posted as getting better gas mileage. As for me, I got the Hemi and haven't looked back (except to see my dust....). ;)
  • Yes, they checked the computer codes but they could not see anything relevent.
  • If you look at the incentives or rebates for this vehicle you will notice that Chrysler is not doing a whole lot (no employee discount on this car or should I say their so called "employee pricing plus"). Although they do have a whopping $500 rebate which they are calling cash to customer, but if you look in the financing category there are no low APR incentives available at this time. The 500 rebate ends October 3, 2005. At that time, what are Chrysler's plans in respect to having some type of now APR incentive or any other type of incentive/rebate for this vehicle? I am ready to purchase this vehicle but i am trying to figure out when Chrysler is going to start giving resonable APR rates. I have a good credit score at 850. So I am not too happy with having to get a 5.95% But at the same time I am getting tired of playing the waiting game with Chrysler.

    Anyone work for Chrysler on this forum? Or does anyone have any information about this issue? If so any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • When I bought my 300 Touring way back in February, the dealer told me that the 2.7 litre engine was such a problem that DCX were considering dropping the engine altogether. In fact now if you go onto the DCX Canada web site, the 2.7 engine is unavailable in the "build and price" section.
  • These vehicles are selling just fine with very minimal incentives. Why would DCX want to add incentives when they don't need to? Traditionally, incentives are for the products that don't sell well without them. Get a low APR loan from a credit union or other favorable source, take the $500, and buy that new 300!
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    "I have a good credit score at 850. So I am not too happy with having to get a 5.95% But at the same time I am getting tired of playing the waiting game with Chrysler".

    It may take awhile for you to wait DC out waiting for a big rebate or low financing on a 300C. It may be that they've found they don't need to do it for this vehicle.

    I took the $500 and got 4.25% financing from the credit union.

    Enjoying the C. :D
  • Im considering buying a 300 and I just happened to be searcing through some sites when I came across this:

    "I have a good credit score at 850. So I am not too happy with having to get a 5.95% But at the same time I am getting tired of playing the waiting game with Chrysler".

    850 is not a good score, it is the highest credit score available. With that kind of score and an acceptable DTI ratio you should be able to walk into any lender and get no more than a 4% apr.

    BTW in my years of selling money I have NEVER seen an actual 850 score. Congrats.
  • Yes your right, 850 is not a good score its an excellent score. Matter of fact, its like having Bill Gates credit. The hightest credit score available is 950. After looking at my credit report I did make a mistake its an 830 not 850 (but just as good). When I went to the dealer thats the best rate they said that they can give me 5.95% due to fact that the vehicle that I want financed is the 300. So your saying that I can get a better rate if I apply for a loan at my own bank?
  • hraohrao Posts: 78
    Did anyone check the Chrysler website,
    they claim 300 is the most awarded car ever in history, ?????
    is that really true ?
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