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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    iIt may be a problem in the muffler. To fix it, they have to put on a new exhaust system. But, the fix only lasts about 30,000 miles.
  • Thanks for the information on the whistle. I took your information to my dealers repair shop and they fixed the problem no more whistle and its been about a month and 1500 miles
  • I think the pinging your are hearing is a result of the Stainless Steel exhaust system which was considered an improvement by GM the sound comes from expansion and contraction of the exhaust system system. my Denali only does the pinging when parked it is annoying but, the durability stainless steel over the aftermarket exhaust system seems worth it to me.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Why dont the stainless systems in other vehicles do the same thing? I think the internal pieces in the muffler are not properly fastened. Repeated heating and cooling causes the poor welds in the muffler to break. That is why replacing the exhaust system resolves the problem for a while. Mine is now doing more than popping, it is rattling.
  • mckele1mckele1 Posts: 5
    I have an 03 DENALI and the console is pealing and it only has 14500 miles, I took to the dealer for defaulty air bag sensor and just ask about it an they said 3/36 bumper to bumper warranty does not cover pealing paint. Any ideas
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    That definitely should be covered at that mileage. I would file a complaint at GM customer care and/or look for another dealer. I am having this problem on my 2001 DXL at 65,000 miles. It is my problem at that time.
  • I think I have figured out the problem. Its a stuck transmission control solenoid OBD2 code p0751. I will replace this part and update the forum if this fixed the problem.
  • I am considering installing an aftermarket PCM for performance. Does anyone have any suggestions and where is the PCM located on GMC's? Thanks for any input as I see about 9 mfg products out there. Have used Jet stuff before on other GM - with good results.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    That depends on what you're trying to accomplish and if you're willing to diable the truck while waiting for the PCM you sent to be returned.
  • I have an '05 and the vehicle went completely dead in my garage. No power to anything. The dealer was able to hook a jump box to it and it fired right up. They were not able to explain the problem. This is in addition to the broken sunroof and water in the front turn signal problems I had within the first month.

    I agree with some of the prior posts regarding dealership selection. It is the experience with your dealerships service dept that will effect your opinion of your vehicle. I previously owned a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan and was screwed by the dealer and forced to pay to rebuild the transmission at 43,000 miles. Miraculously they had no records of my prior complaints of poor shifting and slipping that started at 32,000 miles. (Lesson learned-**Always read your service receipts and make sure your complaints are listed and addressed**) I've always been a GM person and it was against my better judgment to buy a Mopar product. Now I am back in a GM vehicle which I paid over $43,000 dollars for and the service manager is treating me like I bought a $10,000 Hyundai.

    I am a realist and am willing to expect problems in the first couple of months of ownership. I probably wouldn't complain except for the fact that the service manager was disrespectful to my wife and was acting like he was doing us a favor. The most amazing part of this whole fiasco is the service manager couldn't tell the sunroof was malfunctioning. My wife had to tell him to go and sit in a new Denali and use the sunroof so he can see how it is supposed to operate!

    I hope my problems are straightened out after this sunroof repair. I will be looking for another dealer for service. My buy American attitude is really being tested. For what I spent I could be driving a Mercedes, Lexus or BMW. My friends that drive Lexus and Mercedes get service with a smile, a loaner car (usually nicer than their own), their car is washed and mints left in the console when they pick it up.

    This is your last chance GM!
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Not necessarily the case--some vendors will ship you a PCM and charge you a refundable core charge.

    tcdallas--assuming much hasn't changed between '04 and '05, the PCM is located on the driver's side of the engine bay, below the battery, hidden behind a black plastic cover, and is roughly 8" x 11" in dimension. I went with a Westers retuned PCM--good for a .3-second drop in the 1/4-mile, with slightly-better fuel economy to boot.
  • posthocposthoc Posts: 1
    As a recent owner (3 days) of a 2002 Denali XL, I have come to the conclusion that my new vehicle is either equiped with a turbine engine or I have a significant front end problem. Upon returning to the dealership to point out the deficency and inquire as to the validity of their "150 point used car inspection", I was told their transmission mechanic was absent as he was attending a training seminar. Perhaps this may be the reason why such a hideous noise was missed durning the ever elaborate inspection. In attempts to assist in a diagnosis, has anyone expirenced a front diffieretial problem on the Denali?
  • rhoddyrhoddy Posts: 1
    I am looking for advise/information. I own a 2002 Denali XL that I purchased new. I generally have routine maintenance performed on the vehicle as required. At 31k miles I had a fuel system failure. The fuel filter fouled (No actual contamination was found in the fuel system), causing the fuel pump to be damaged. The fuel pump sent debris into the fuel injection system, and there was a failure of the fuel injector in #8 cylinder. The total repair was covered under warranty. Sounds like a happy ending!

    But, alas, at 53k miles I had the same problem reoccur. I sent the vehicle in for routine maintenance (at a non-GM facility) before leaving on a family vacation. I had a tune up, including replacement of the air and fuel filter. I got the car back and there was a serious hesitation problem. I sent the car back in for service. My mechanic determined that the fuel pump and injectors 4-8 were damaged due to debris from the fuel pump. In addition, the fuel injector failure had allowed fuel to get into the oil. Cylinders 4-8 are now scored, and I am told the engine needs to be replaced. I contacted GM warranty and have sent the vehicle to the dealer where I bought it. They are resisting my request for coverage of the problem, even though I claim this is a recurrent problem.

    I am interested in any help/information I get get to help me solve my claim. I am told the repair cost will be about $10,000!!!!!!!!!! Is there a history of similar problems out there (I know that GM settled a similar problem with 96-01 SUV Sequential Central Port Injector in California, but have no information on newer models. I would appreciate any help I can get.
  • I had 1,500 miles on my 2005 Denali when we noticed any and all odors from outside coming inside the cab while the air recycling button was on. Took it to dealer in Tampa and they stated it was blowing below 5 counts and should read at 10 counts. When I picked it up they stated GMC just found out about this and did not have a fix for it but GMC was working on making the replacement part. They shot expando foam around the glove and told me it woud be a couple of months.

    Has anyone else experienced this???

    The Bulletin was "PIT3655A"
  • Same GMC peeling problem, but with 2002 Denali. The car dealer was not helpful. Im going to
    contact GMC. Keep you posted.
  • Seems to me in reading some of these that a lot of you 50K Denali purchasers would have been a lot better off just buying a full size pick up with a back seat (e.g., Supercab, etc.). The interior wouldn't be much different and when the paint peeled you could say, "what the heck, its only a pickup". The problems and lack of resolution is amazing for a a vehicle marketed as a "luxury SUV". But then again, GM never ever won any awards for customer service.
  • This is definitely a manufacturing defect since it is very common. But, once the 36,000 mile on the Denali has expired, I think you have little recourse for a cosmetic problem. But, it should not occur on a $50K vehicle. It does not build your confidence in GM.
  • We have a 2004 denali that was diagnosed with bad barrings in the front differential. We have also experienced many transmission problems that the dealer can never seem to find. From putting it in reverse and the truck not engaging to rolling away while in park and the lasted just tonight leaving a light and the transmission slipping terribly.
  • 2004 denali 16xxx on the clock that has a transmission with a mind of its own. Experinced no engagement when put in reverse many times, dealer could not repeat the problem. Rolled away while in park knocking my wife down and nearly ran her over as it drug her down the driveway transmission clicking the whole way, nieghbor witnessed the event again dealer could not repeat the problem. So I recommend not leaving it running and get out for any reason for everyone out there.
    By the way it was on flat ground in the garage and end up in neighbors driveway across the street 4 foot from their house before my wife was able to get emergency brake on. I still believe it has computer problem that is telling the transmission or not telling the transmission what gear it is in.

    Also tonight we had terrible transmission slip when leaving a light. Let everyone know what the dealer finds or does not find as the case always seems to be.

    I am a GM guy to say the least I have 4 of them currently so I am not out here just bashing. This is a serious problem that could get someone badly hurt or even killed so if there are any simular problems out there I would love to here of them.

    We have the popping exhaust, bad front differential barrings and peeling consol for those of you keeping track.

    thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any posts
  • GMC YUKON 2000
    When placed in reverse will not engauge until engine is rev'ed. several near accidents. Ford recalled there SUV several months ago with a similar problem. GMC is risking huge lawsuits if some one is to get hit or killed because of this growing problem. particulary dangerous because one is expecting the vehicle to go backwards "it is in reverse after all," and is looking back when the vehicle rolles forward. I expect a recall voluntary or forced in the next few months.
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