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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I am looking for TSB 02-05-26-002 on the parking brake. Does anyone have a copy of it or know where I could get it?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    It's a long document, I've edited it to cut to the chase:

    Scraping Noise From Rear of Vehicle (Replace Parking Brake Shoe Kit and Clean Drum in Hat Rotor) #02-05-26-002A - (01/28/2003)
    Scraping Noise From Rear Of Vehicle (Replace Parking Brake Shoe Kit and Clean Drum In Hat Rotor)

    2002-2003 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade EXT
    1999-2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Series Pickups
    2000-2003 Chevrolet Suburban, Tahoe 1500 Series Models
    2002-2003 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Series Models
    1999-2003 GMC Sierra 1500 Series Pickups
    2000-2003 GMC Yukon, Yukon XL 1500 Series Models

    This bulletin is being revised to add Suburban and Yukon XL models. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 02-05-26-002 (Section 05 - Brakes).

    Some customers may comment on a scraping noise from the rear of the vehicle while driving. The noise may be intermittent.

    Condition may due to the parking brake shoe contacting the drum in hat rotor without the parking brake being applied, causing premature wear on the shoe lining.

    Replace the parking brake shoe and install a new designed spring clip retainer. Follow the service procedure below to correct this condition.


    Parts Information
    Part Number * Description
    88982875 * Parking Brake Shoe Kit
    88982879 * Parking Brake Retainer Spring Clip Kit
    12346139 (Canadian P/N 10953463) * Brake Parts Cleaner
    12345493 (Canadian P/N 10953488) * Red LOCTITE™ #272
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    You're welcome.
  • I just got the results back from arbitration yesterday! In summary, I DID NOT GET WHAT I WANTED OR BETTER YET “WHAT I DESERVED”!!!

    The verdict is as follows:

    Give GM 30 days to fix your concerns. When repairs are completed, drive the vehicle for 30 days and if you are not satisfied we will reconveign the hearing and I will come up with my decision.

    This is how it went down:

    The hearing lasted 4 hours. (Wow, it was long) I gave my side of the case; GM gave their side of the case BLAH BLAH BLAH. GM did nothing but put up smoke and mirrors. Their main case was claiming that I purposely left me vehicle in the shop to create a paper trail. Please Note: Every time I put my Yukon Denali in the shop I get a Ford Focus to drive. Why would I NOT want to pick-up my car? Anyhow, I used the following problems to support my case:

    Noisy drive train: The arbitrator drove my vehicle and recognized the problem. She put in her report that the problem is a manufacture defect and that it impairs the safety, use and value of the vehicle.

    Flickering lights: The arbitrator drove my vehicle and recognized the problem. She put in her report that the problem is a manufacture defect and that it impairs the safety, use and value of the vehicle. I also submitted my “Police Warning” issued to me for having a unsafe vehicle. She acted like it was no big deal that I am driving an unsafe vehicle in the laws eyes.

    Tranny hesitates when shifting 1st to 2nd: The arbitrator drove my vehicle and recognized the problem. She put in her report that the problem is a manufacture defect and that it impairs the safety, use and value of the vehicle.

    GM had their rep drive a new Denali to the hearing to support their case. Reason being, GM claims that all my problems are CHARACTERISTICS of all Denalis. After driving my vehicle, we all drove the new Denali that the rep brought. It performed perfectly. No noises from the drive train, no flickering lights, and tranny shifted perfect. The arbitrator commented to GM and myself that my vehicle has several problems and the vehicle GM brought had NO problems.

    Overall, I felt as if I won my case. She recognized all my problems and noticed that the other vehicle (the one GM brought to the hearing) was flawless. Therefore, I was happy because I felt GM’s vehicle helped prove my case. Furthermore, the GM rep stated that he did not want to work on my vehicle for fear of making the problems worse. With all this said the ruling was to allow GM one more chance to fix my truck. Let me state for the record that they have has 3 attempts at fixing my truck and a 4th and FINAL ATTEMPT to fix the truck. Now, the arbitrator wants me to give them a 5th chance to fix the truck.

    Any suggestion would be helpful. I guess that GA Lemon Law is next because I do not want them touching my truck anymore. The BBB works in GM favor!!!
  • It certainly would not hurt to investigate the lemon law. I would give them the attempt that the arbitrator requested. It will probably fail at which point the arbitrator will probably rule in your favor. Your other alternative is a lawsuit.
  • juice 22, you are 80% of the way to getting a ruling in your favor. That is a quicker path to resolution than you would get if you filed suit immediately. In 60 days (30 days to fix and 30 days to drive), you get an award. If you filed suit, you would not get an award any sooner. (And it might take significantly longer....) Unless I am missing something, take the BBB finding.
  • Last Friday I took delivery of a GM suburban Z71. The price out the door came to under 41K, inlcuding tax. I gave them a check for 15K and financed the rest for 0%. I was glad to see that my payments would be under $420 a month. I think it was a great deal. Until now ......

    The dealer wants me to come back and redo the paper work, reflecting a price that would make monthly payments close to $475. They are saying that there was an error in the paperwork and GMAC would not approve the loan.

    I do not understand that. Everything is clearly stated in the documents I signed. Everything is normal - all typed up and signed. The only error is that the price is not what they intended to sell the vehicle at.

    Just looking for opinons and suggestions. Off course my options are:

    1) Re-sign @ a higher price
    2) Tell them that I am willing to return the vehicle if they give my 15K back.
    3) Tell them what is signed is signed ! Would they re-do the papers if I overpaid?

  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    there was a similar series of back-and-forths a few months ago. basically, it isn't a deal because the third party refused the financing. you have the car by the grace of the dealer, infuriating as it sounds. I would want to know exactly what the error was, who made it, and how in hell come there is another 50 bucks a month involved. if it turns out the dealership signed off as "dan scratch" or something else designed to kill the deal, they need to make you good on one side or the other... the cash and any trade back, or meet you more on your side of the original deal IMHO.

    but if all three options they presented are rejected and you sit on the car in the garage throwing things at them when they come around, they can stick you for felony fraud for their mistake.

    you want to see the general manager and have it all explained in words of two syllables or less and exactly what they are going to do for you on losing the interest rate. then you take one of the three options. there isn't much in-between.

    on my 2000 exploder, my X-plan contribution was not reflected in the paperwork, and I didn't notice. two weeks later, I got a check back. at least some folks do make adjustments your way when they find the errors.
  • Do you like the truck? (Most important question, because it determines how to proceed....)

    Presumming the answer is yes, then you may be able to press for a "negotiated" re-signing along the lines that swschrad describes above. If the answer is no, then they have to return your down payment if the truck is returned. They may ask for some sort of depreciation charge to reflect the use of the truck, but I personally would let them attempt to convince a judge why they should be entitled to an injury on top of their insult.
  • I've asked them to submit in writing why the contract should be re-done. They have refused and are insisting that I come into their office and discuss.

    I do not want to go to their "office" and get pressured by the entire dealership staff into another contract. That would mean that I have two contracts for the same truck. And I do not want that.

    I have reviewed the contract many times. There is no mathematicaly errors. Everything is spelled out clearly and when I signed the contract I was told what the payments would be. I do not think GMAC is rejecting the deal either , because essentially thay want me to take a bigger loan for a higher monthly payment.

    The reasons that have given sofar on the phone range from miscalculation on sales tax, GMAC rejecting the deal, "please save my job..." and finally "we will recover the vehicle".

    I have no problem dealing with them, but I can not take their word of mouth. I have to protect myself and therfore need in writing what their issue is.
  • You are probably at the point of investing some money with an attorney. Have the attorney be your interface regarding the contract. You might even be able to keep the original deal if all the requirements for a deal are in place. I agree that it is starting to sound a bit fishy.
  • "Lemon Denali" is not a flavor; rather, it is a SUV made by GMC. I recently won an arbitration at the BBB which GM vigorously defended. The problem was intermittent stalling. It was in and out of the dealer on multiple occasions. They denied the problem existed, despite 5 affidavits and a videotape. My research uncovered numerous instances of power failure on this model (2001), all which were reported to the DOT. The GMC East Coast service representative (Daniel Perkins) testified that this model had no prior problems. When confronted with the documents showing the contrary, his face reddened, he began stumbling over his words, and resorted to calling my wife a liar. I guess this is GMC customer commitment to quality. Arbitrator found in our favor and GMC was require to buy back the car.

    To the extent anyone has this intermittent power problem, I offer you sympathy, good luck and my research.
  • As lemondenali points out above, the BBB process can work. And, based on lemondenali's experience, GM had to buy back the truck. While it may appear to be frustrating to have to take your truck in for yet another trip to be fixed, this should be the last time.
  • Avolvofan

    I am cautious to allow GM to work on my truck for the 5th time because of the latest TSB out on the Denali’s regarding noisy drive trains. This is what the TSB says to do:

    Diagnose the truck as having a noisy drive train. Then order a “SPECIALTY TUNED DRIVE SHAFTS” for the front and rear of the vehicle. The side note on the TSB says “DO NOT ORDER EXTRA DRIVESHAFTS TO HAVE IN INVENTORY”. PLEASE tell me that NO ONE on this message board agrees that this is the proper way to fix a noisy drive train. I have friends that have Denali’s/Escalades that DO NOT make the noises that mine does. This is only going to cover up a problem for failure down the road. I own a 2001 Camaro SS that I had Richmond 4.10 gears (Richmond is the noisiest gears on the market) installed and it makes less noise than my luxury SUV. Seems as if there is a problem with this situation. GM got the arbitrator to award in their favor by confusing her with tons of TSBs that DID NOT relate to the problems with my truck. I think that trick is called “Smoke and Mirrors”

    Let me know what you think!

  • juice22, if memory serves, you were in arbitration for three major items: 1. Drivetrain noise, 2. Flickering lights, and 3. Transmission shift hesitation.

    If installing specially tuned driveshafts solves the drivetrain noise issue, why not do it? GM still must fix the other two problems. This is not a situation where if you try hard, but don't succeed, you still get to pass. If the specially tuned driveshafts do not solve the problem, then your case gets even stronger. (Both in front of the arbitrator as well as in front of a judge.)

    If GM is able to fix everything (doubtful), you should still ask for an extension of the original manufacturers 36 month/36,000 mile warranty for the amount of time the truck has been in the shop.

    Hope this helps.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    swschard - thanks for the tip on the AtmosKlear. I ordered it and then was traveling on business so much I only got back to the poor Denali last weekend. I worked AtmosKlear into the rear carpet and lightly into the cloth, headliner and other carpet areas. Left the hatch, windows open and a few hours. - WOW like new.
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    no connections to the folks, other than they're local, the newspaper guys rave about it, and "it has took that itch away from me" quite nicely a number of times ;)
  • What is it? What does it do? Where do you get it?
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    it is an odorless odor eliminator solution, which you can spray, douse, or fog down through the fabric of an odor source once any gross contamination is cleaned up. GM parts, ACE hardware stores, Safeway and Cub stores, and the web site at are some of the places it has been availiable. being an independent company run by two guys in minnesota, YMMV any particular moment in time on availiability.

    it works. it is not a miracle; two sprays a tenth of a mile from a feedlot will not kill the stink there. you first have to clean up the dead critters, etc. and then get atmosklear to the bottom of every fiber that has the protein compounds that stink to clear the odor. rough cost is ten bucks a pint. there is no formal MSDS as the active ingredient is generally recognized as safe per the makers, it can cause minor irritation to eyes and lungs if you are sensitive, like an asthmatic, as I am. for me, walking through a mist of it is a very minor irritant.
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