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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • wcbtkwcbtk Posts: 2
    I have a 04 DXL and have the same problem with the surge coming from the heating system. The surge is occurring only on the front passenger side. I took it to the dealer 2X and they said that it was acting normal. The problem still exists but only when the heat is on. No surge when the AC is used. Has anyone been able to determine what is causing this surge to occur??

    The rear heater starting blowing cold all the time. I took it back to the dealer and the dealer said there was a bulliten and it was covered under warranty. So that is fixed.

    My latest problem is the speedometer. I hit the gas and it went to 120mph. When at idle it sits around 70mph. I took it to the dealer and they have ordered a new cluster guage. Should have that in within 2-3 days.
  • coachman99coachman99 Posts: 5
    We just got the 06 Denali in December, only 6K miles on it now. Going to SD the 15th may. Seats begining to show wear on Driver getting in and out. Seem very thin. Will let you know more later. Otherwise has been a beautiful vehicle on the trips.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Unfortunately this is nothing new on the '01-'06 GM fullsize SUVs w/ leather seating surfaces...I have the same issue on my '04 DXL. I think the issue is that the only parts of the front seats that are leather are where you plop your butt and the lower/mid-back area. Unless the leather in these areas of your seat are also showing signs of wear, you'll find that the part of the seat that typically shows the most wear are the sides of the seat where your thighs rest. Assuming your local dealer doesn't give you the "We won't replace it 'cuz it's normal" schtick, I'd wait until your factory warranty is about to expire before having the seat covers replaced...unless of course they're already worn out to the point that they have to be replaced now...since odds are that the replacement covers will eventually do the same thing.
  • nelsoranelsora Posts: 3
    My question is I have this leak in the front end, so far its been very small, but I placed some cardboard under the front and its coming from the center axle hub towards the driver side wheel. For the life of me I can't see it anywhere. it feels like gearlube not oil. and now that the days are getting warmer I see its happening alot more, but still can't physically see it. Any clues ?
  • slfslf Posts: 1
    My fog lights stay on after I turn off the engine and exit. I have punched every button I can find. Sorry to barge in, but I liked your attitude and I need a quick answer. Short of an immediate answer, is there a place on line to read an owners manual?
  • neo6neo6 Posts: 24
    I have a 06 Denali XL with less than 2K miles. About two weeks after I took delivery, it started a high pitch hum that occurs either stationary or moving. The volume of the sound increases with more RPM. It is not from the audio as it happens with either A/C or radio shut off. Took it back to the dealer and of course - "technician cannot duplicate the problem". Any ideas? Amazing how the customer service level at GM goes to zero after you walk off the floor with a $55K vehicle..
  • jimwreyjimwrey Posts: 3
    Yes, $440 is just to repair. I have heard of them being replaced 2 to 3 times ... I would give up after one.

  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    I had the same problem with my '04 avalanche. dealer replace it under warranty.
  • jimwreyjimwrey Posts: 3
    I am guessing your is under warranty.

    I was told they needed the truck for 10 days and it would cost $440. The next answer floored me. They said they had done this 3 or more times for two of their customers!!!!! :sick:

    The next thing that happens with the cluster is it will surge and then drop off to zero or 5 to 10 mph all of the time.
  • goodawggoodawg Posts: 1
    I have two 2005 Denalis. Mine is driven the most, and has about 34,000 miles on the car. In the year and a half that I have owned it, I have replaced 4 headlights (since last summer), a brake light (recent) and the day after the brake light was fixed, I was stopped by a fellow driver who told me now the tail light was out. The bulbs seem to be blown with more frequency lately. GMC says they can't find any problem with the wiring. The GMC replacement bulbs they put in were weaker then the Sylvania Silver stars that we had been replacing the original bulbs with. We had been replacing them ourselves because we are too busy to leave the car at the dealer all day for a bulb replacement. This just doesn't seem normal, even though different bulbs were used than GM. Thanks in advance . . .
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Seems their quality is somewhat suspect. Went though 3 sets on my foglights on a '00 Silverado and 1 set on my '02 Denali before putting the stock ones back in.

    Odd thing the headlights on the Denali still work after two years with the Silverstars as well as the headlights on my '05 Titan. However, the ones on my '00 Maxima went out at the same time within 3 months. I've emailed and had them replaced by Sylvania but they kept blowing with them having no clue why.
  • dustntimedustntime Posts: 1
    Saw your post. I have a 2005 Denali and am now hearing a resonance/rattle at the second and third gear shift points. Dealer says it is the heat shield. The sound only occurs at the shift points.

    Was your problem at the rear transfer case?
  • I have a 2005 Yukon Denali with under 10K miles. It has now been in the dealer's shop for 1 out of the 10 months we have owned it. Original problems were a whistling/light horn sound while accelerating between 30-50 mph and vehicle stalling several times. Tech claimed the stalling was fixed by reprogramming computer and the whistling sound could not be duplicated. We just took the vehicle back and they have had it for over 3 weeks now. They found Document ID#1580607 which states the noise is a normal noise characteristic caused by an airflow disturbance as air contacts the unused IAC passage. Nice way for GM to cover itself--normal noise on a $50K vehicle? This is only on vehicles with an electronic throttle body. GM Rep claimed there was nothing that could be done and GM would probably never come up with a fix for this (it has existed since 2001 on GM vehicles). The other more severe problem is stalling. Picked the vehicle up today and pulled out of the parking lot and the vehicle stalled twice within 3 miles. Took the vehicle back to the dealership, had the Service Rep ride and the vehicle stalled before we got out of the parking lot. Left it there for the tech to examine and for the GM rep to view. Has anyone had this same problem? If so, what can be done to fix? Has anyone gone to arbitration or heard of GM buying back vehicles, i.e. LEMONS?? GM has deep pockets and I do not want to have to take this to court, but vehicle is dangerous and the entire situation is frustrating. :lemon: ">
  • spencer11spencer11 Posts: 2
    I have a 02 Denali that came with heated power mirrors. I want to upgrade to the mirror with the LED signal in the mirror? The dealer said if it did not come factory I can't upgrade?? They say the Denali needs a computer to control the LED signal??? They would not install on my vehicle! Has anyone upgraded to LED Mirrors??? Do you need a computer to control the LEDs????
  • Did you ever find an answer to this? I have one side out also on my 2001.
  • caliboycaliboy Posts: 1
    I am having problems shifting my truck out of park. It seems the problems arise after it sits for a while after I have been at work all day or first thing in the morning. Please advise..Anyone?? :confuse:
  • bogeybwbogeybw Posts: 1
    i have an 02 denali like alot of people im have a problem with the service ride control light i have replaced the sensors and the shocks at a great cost the light still will not shut ff any ideas other than the dealership
  • njvikenjvike Posts: 56
    I just purchased a 2006 Yukon Denali XL with the 20" Chrome wheels. For the first time, I just cleaned the wheels and applied Turtle Wax Chrome Polish on the wheels. Once I let it dry, I cleaned them off only to find some streaks on two of the wheels. I tried everything to get it off but nothing worked.

    I read in the manual and while it didn't specifically mention chrome wheels, it did say it was alright to use Chrome polish on chrome.

    I also read that these factory-installed wheels are Chrome Aluminum. Does this make a difference? Is it that the wheel itself is aluminum with a chrome finish? Why did this happen?
  • naligirlnaligirl Posts: 9
    GM is buying back my vehicle. In fact, my 07 Denali is on the way to the dealer from the factory. If they agree to buy back your vehichle, they will charge you usage and difference in MSRP of new vehicle and MSRP of current vehicle. They will also allow you to buy any GM product. It doesn't have to be the same type of car you have now. The wait has been long though. They can't start the buy back paperwork until there is an order number. Due to constraints on nav and camera, I've waited a long time to see my new one built (and an order number issued). Now, even if the car is on the lot next week, it could be weeks more before GM gets the paperwork done for the deal. I will say though, they have been wonderful to me. They have made getting out of my troubled car very pleasant and have stood up professionally and in my interest. I commend them.
  • Thanks for your feedback. We have met with the area rep for GM and he has stated there is nothing he can do at this time because GM recognizes the whistling noise as a normal sound. What was wrong with your vehicle? What did you do to get the good reaction from GM?
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