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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • This just started happening on my 2003 today. Any ideas what the issue is?
  • My 2003 has a ticking sound like that of a clock pendulum that recently started as well. I have been searching high and low to find its origin. I know it sounds like it's in the dash somewhere but am having a very hard time finding it. HELP please.
  • I found that the issue of whistling came from the hands free phone/onstar mic above head. On mine, there was a ground loop that was found ultimately to be caused by a poorly grounded negative battery cable(to the engine) and loose/stripped negative battery pole bolts.
  • donahuesdonahues Posts: 36
    I have a 02 Denali. The only problem I have had in my 93xxx miles is that the seat heaters no longer work (any of them).
  • jdunkasjdunkas Posts: 1
    Hi! Love my truck but just ran into a problem today. I have electric running boards. I left the lights on this afternoon and drained the battery. When I got things going again, the running boards do not operate. (In fact the the passenger side runnig board is stuck in the extended position and the driver's side running board is in the retracted position). The fuse is okay yet the button on the center consloe doesn't do anything. Any ideas??
  • jallardjallard Posts: 2
    Have a new 2008 Denali w/the 20 inch wheels. As soon I got on the highway noticed a vibration in the steering wheel starting at 55 and getting worse as speed increased. Especially annoying after 65mph. Steering wheel shakes and passengers can feel it. Had 2 front wheels balanced but did not fix the issue. Then had all 4 tires balanced an again did not fix the issue. Now have 2000 miles and am ready to take to dealer but am not looking forward to it. Any idea what may be causing this? Bad rotors, bad shocks, suspension, etc. Is it a known problem that others are having? Any info would help me so when I do take it to dealer I can speak intelligently!
  • jallardjallard Posts: 2
    Have a new 2008 Denali with 20 inch rims. On the door jam, it says to inflate tires to 32 psi for this size. On tires it says 40psi. Which is correct. I was told 40 psi so the tires wouldn't cup. Am confused. Wondering if over inflating by 8 psi per tire can cause tire vibration.
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 461
    40 is probably the maximum psi for the tire. That doesn't mean you should set it to 40, it just means that's the most it could handle. I typically go with the door jamb recommendation, plus 2-3 psi for slightly better mpg (lower rolling resistance at higher psi). It results in a slightly firmer ride, but still very acceptable. Perhaps slight cupping will result, but I haven't had any problems with that in any of my last four vehicles. I have 17"s, so you'll want to experiment for yourself with your 20"s. Set it to 32, and track your mileage for a month or so. Then go up to say 35 and see if you notice any deterioration in ride quality or significant increase in fuel economy.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Does the sticker on the door jam references the 32 psi with the 20" tire size? If it does, then the 32 psi is the minimum cold tire pressure you want to set at. I agree with ahightower to set the pressure a couple of psi higher than what's suggested on the sticker to gain a little on the mpg. Ultimately, you'll have to find your comfort zone by observing and adjusting the tire pressure you desire between 32 to less than 40 psi.
  • aramcoaramco Posts: 3
    Please forgive me if this was too obvious a reply but it took a while, at least for me to learn this: for assuring that the rear doors unlock the keyless button is pressed twice. One press opens the driver's door. The second consecutive press on the button opens the remaining doors..... ....
  • rigatonirigatoni Posts: 2
    What was the final resolution to your problem? I have an 02 Denali and just started to have the same problem with the lowbeams not working. They were fine until I switched to highbeams, then when I switched back the lowbeams didn't work. I ended up using the fog lamps to get home. I had changed the bulbs a couple of months ago and they were still good. Not sure what to do next and definitely don't want to go to the dealer for this. It's like an invitation to get raked over the coals!
  • ted5151ted5151 Posts: 1
    My Denali is a 1999 with a 5.7 liter, and 120,000 miles.

    The intake manifold gasket (LOWER) :confuse: needs to be replaced , as I am leaking anti freeze, and have slight concern it will get into oil.

    I check oil level 3 times a week, but it does not show level increasing.

    The GM dealer has provide a quote to fix lower intake gasket, but also mentioned valve cover gaskets, in checking with GM parts department, they show bolts to intake manifold can be reached without taking off valve covers.

    My questions are: Can intake manifold be taken of without removing valve covers?

    Should I have any concerns due to age 10 years, that other parts, will be broken or damaged, with this service job.

    There sure is a lot of hoses and tubes, in the way of intake access.

    Thanks in advance for all replys.

    The Denali is due to go in for this service on Monday Aug 11/08, so a quick reply would ba appriecated
  • 40 psi is the max that the tire can handle 32 psi gets a good ride
  • I have a 2005 Yukon XL that is making a whining noise as you accelerate and the oil pressure gauge jumps up as well. Dealer has had twice and can't fix. Any suggestions
  • Lately, after sitting for awhile, the red security light in the center console is blinking and clicking rapidly, and the electrical system is dead. It will not start without a charge. It only takes a couple of minutes to recharge it, so the battery is not dead. This has happened 3 times intermittently in the past couple of weeks. I have check all fuses, and they are good. What is going on? Thanks.
  • I have found that changing the command on the computor helps for a short while but remedy is still a mystery. I have also changed the relay but no help.
  • :lemon: I have a 2008 yukon denali. I have had nothing but trouble with this vehicle, starting with the xm module, then interior issues, then replaced the steering shift boot, then replaced the instrument cluster, then had to replace the fuse block inside the dash board on the drivers side. Now the battery keeps dying. I only drive it on weekends and have taken it to the dealership 3x for this problem . They can't figure out the problem. They have had it on monitors and say it is drawing the correct amp when it is supposed. I asked if it was the battery, but they said it was fine, and should start after sitting for 4 to 5 days. The problem is when I go to start it the battery is dead. I mean completely dead, no interior lights liftgate won't open. Nothing doing. Any ideas out there??? I am so upset at this vehicle I can't see straight. The good news is it is a lemon and I have a lawsuit against gmc. The bad news is I have to deal with this piece of crap until the trail date. :lemon: :mad:
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    After 3 weeks new, this prestigeous amalgamation of tin broke down and had to be towed to the dealer. Never mind that the battery was so dead that the highly vaulted OnStar failed to work! I had to use my cell phone to call for a tow.
    The dealer took two days to figure out that the battery was allegedly the cause of the problem. Mind you, the vehicle is only 3 weeks old.
    Now my Denali bucks and shakes in the morning, shutters when shifting, rattles and drives like an old truck. Will I ever ever, ever buy another GM car or truck. '
    Ha ha ha haaaa haaa. I will celebrate when GM finally goes bust. Today its stock was at about $4. and it's corporate paper was downgraded to PURE JUNK value. Just like their vehicles.
  • I have a 2005 Yukon Denali. When I stop at a light and then push the gas the truck stops and shows "traction active" on my dash. There are no service engine soon lights on the dash either. It stops the truck and I have to take my foot off the gas pedal and then push it again and then it will move. The truck doesn't shut off all power it just stops like I stepped on the brakes. It does this everytime I stop and go. Also, it will sometimes go if you don't take your foot off the pedal but it moves slow and shifts really hard. What is going on with this truck? Does anyone have any Ideas?
  • The last attempt to solve the issue with the doors not unlocking was to change the lock relay. I have not had a issue since was changed two weeks
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