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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • Well I bought a used 2007 Denali a month ago and it was raining when I bought it so i never checked to see if the sunroof worked. Well you guesed it , it does'nt. I checked the fuse and its fine. Anyone know anything else to try?? I can't take it to the dealership I bought it from I live in Michigan and i flew to Georgia to buy it so thats out of the question.. HELP>>>>>>>> :mad:
  • I Have a 01 Yukon Denali Vortec 6000 and i have electrical problems, when im on a stop sign the all the light start going down and then if i do a turn and its slow it looses power and just turns off, the engine dosent sputter, once the engine turns off i put in on park and start it, it will start right back up. I have Checked the Altenator and the Battery and they are all in good shape. I am wondering what can be the cause of this problem.
  • This just starting happening to my 2004 Yukon Denali. But prior to this I had a different message, "service stability" and the ABS and Traction Off lights went on. I believe these are connected but not sure. A chevy dealership service department told me I had to replace the hub and bearing on a front wheel (w/o looking at it, just told them what it was doing). Buyt they were not sure about the loss of power when accelerating and the "traction active" message. Your post is older so I assume you already have gotten it fixed, if so maybe you could tell me what you had done. thanks.
  • Here's the answer to my problem as explained to me by my mechanic. The multi-function switch that sits in the steering column controls the turn signals, hi/low beams, wiper/washer and cruise control. When you switch between high and low beam one circuit opens, the other circuit closes. The fault occurred on the low beam side and would not ground when I switched back to low beams from high. My mechanic was able to fix the ground problem by cutting the ground wire that ran from each headlamp back to the multi-function switch and grounded them directly to the frame. No doubt GM wouldn't approve of this fix but I wasn't about to pay $250+ for a new switch plus labor.
  • The traction activation light keeps coming on and the motor powers down and wont go. The dealer has been no help we put a new transmission in and it still does it. Can you help?
  • Did anyone ever give you an answer? We have the smae problem! Appreciate any help
  • We have had this same issue on our 2004 since about 20,000 miles now we have 47,000, finally got GMC involved after many times of taking it into the dealership. Last week they replaced a wheel sensor, but now we are getting all sorts of messages coming up like the ABS light, Service Stability and the traction control off light comes on. Anybody else have these same issues?
  • Battery drain caused by new pump for autoride system staying on even when key removed. Checked relay - works fine. Now looking for diagnostic on controller. Bypassed system and pump works fine with shock leveling on demand.

    Anybody got any suggestions other than Mr. Gut Wrench?
  • Did you ever solve the traction activation issue?
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    GM is now offering a whopping $8000. instant rebate and ZERO percent financing on new Yukons. Sounds good? Think again. GM has reduced the value of your SUV by at least $8000. or more. They have also severely reduced the public's perceived value of their product. GM products are being seen as shoddy and value challenged. GM is deliberately canabilizing their own customer base and destroying resale value of all GM products. All GM vehicle owners are losers now since your auto investment has fizzled. This is how GM is going to run their business even after the morons in congress give 15 BILLION dollars to this out of control auto company. GM does not have a clue but they know how to hurt their customers big time.
    Make sure you patronize GM because they don't give a damn about YOU.
  • Did you ever find out what was causing the traction activation issue? I have the same issue, driving down interstate, traction light came on, reduced engine power?
  • I haven't..It just stop doing it.
  • found it out. the accelerator pedal position sensor had a bad connection. i unpluged it and plugged it back in and truck runs just like new. also got error code p2138 just in case it happens again save ur money and look for loose connections on any wire connection. GOOD LUCK. im glad i had friends in good places.
  • I had this problem this past spring and the dealer told me he had to reprogram the transmission. It went away and ran great till about 2 weeks ago and the same problems arose. I'll try looking for the pedal position sensor. Where is this sensor located? Wish me luck
  • the sensor is located on the foot pedal itself. u cant miss it u can see the wires running off of it. if the engine light stays on after its fixed, disconnect the battery and it will reset itself. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS, IT CAN BE DONE WITHOUT BEING HOOKED UP TO MACHINE!!! dealers dont know [non-permissible content removed] are nothing but ripped off artist.
  • Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow. I'll give you feed back after it's done
  • I am having the exact same problem and my delaer cannot find this document. Can you please verify the document number or let me know what dealership you went to so they can call? This is very frustrating.
  • After repalcing two relays and other BS we have determined that the body control module that the autoride suspension pump is controlled by needs reseting. Is this a dealer only procedure or can I do it myself without going to Mr. GUTWRENCH!
  • I aslo have the same problem with my 2003 Denali. Dealer and others can't figure it out. Have they fixed yours yet?
  • I have a 2007 Sierra Denali and the heater blower quit, any idea why?
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