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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • tim117tim117 Posts: 3
    After reading many of the posts on this site, I don't know if I'm blessed, lucky, or just an unusual case. I own a 2004 Yukon XL 4.8L loaded with all the bells and whistles but not quite the Denali. I had reservations about the AWD and the fact that a service contract for the Denali was twice as much as my truck. Anyway, five years, 130,000 miles and the only repair I've done is the instrument cluster. I still have the original front brake pads, although I've had a replacement set in the garage for over two years. I refuse to replace them til the pad gets too thin. I just wanted everyone to know that my Yukon has been great, I love driving it, and will continue to drive til the wheels fall off.
  • kmbaronkmbaron Posts: 1
    Did you ever find an answer to your problem. I have the same issue and can't seem to find out why. I know the liftgate lock worked up to a certain point but it quit working and am trying to find out why.
  • I had this same problem and finally corrected it by replacing both front
    wheel speed sensors ( about 2 hours labor ) you have to remove the brakes
    and rotors to access the sensor. The parts cost $ 54.00 each at Ourisman
    Chevrolet, Bowie, Md.
  • UPDATE - Replaced body control computer - did not solve the problem. Now I just remove the fuse to keep battery from running down and put fuse in when I need to activate auto ride for trailering. Cannot figure this one out. Dealer said suspension control computer was bad. NOT SO. NEED AN EXTRA ONE?
  • 4king4king Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Yukon XL Denali with 72 months or 100,057miles which ever comes first. I thought I bought the Major Guard for 2200.00 but was sent the Value Guard contract, 72 mos. or 60,000 miles but my card and coverage agreement reads 72 and 100,057? Either way GMC sucks out whenever they can and yes they do sell 100,000 optional service contract plan. Not 100.000 mile warranty "wording"
  • 02gmcyukon02gmcyukon Posts: 1
    Well well well I have a Random Misfire
    so far I have done tune up wires
    fuel injector cleaning,throttle body
    and intake.Once you drive above 50 MPH
    and stay above that for about 10 Min check engine flashes
    then stays on scan it and the same code What am I missing hear.
  • leetholeetho Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem with my 2004 Denali, vibration in the steering wheel between 1500 - 2000 rpm and 50-55 mph. Had the vehicle at the dealership twice and they still cannot figure out the problem. Just changed the rims to 22 inch, still the same problem. They were hoping this would have solved the problem. Now I'm in a battle with them because they have not clue what to do.

  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Some times bad wheel bearing can be one of the cause to wheel vibration; but, in this case have you checked the steering/ball joints first to see if any is worn (have the joints been regularly lubricated)? One other possibility is the wheel alignment, assuming your wheels are balanced, and all joints are solid...
  • cann1cann1 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a '02 Denali XL & it has this noise in the front drivers side that sounds like a rearend bearing noise! Has anyone had this problem with the Denali XL & what was done to fix it?? :cry:
  • xander71xander71 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Yukon XL Denali. The front air works great as I just had it fixed. The rear still blows warm air with rear ac on high. Not operator error. Checked and double checked settings. Wondered if maybe vent door not opening or something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • bandaidgoozbandaidgooz Posts: 10
    The noise you're hearing is probably from the front differential. I drove mine about 50,000 miles before I got worried it would finally break at about 100,000 miles. The repair was expensive. I think they said it was the pinion gears.
  • farmerjimfarmerjim Posts: 1
    i have the same problem and was wondering if you had ever figured it out
  • roughd1roughd1 Posts: 12
    :D :shades: I have a 2004 Denali XL with 110,000 miles. The vehicle is a beast, I towed my 2nd vehicle a 1999 Town and Country from the mid-west to the east coast thru the mountains with absolutely no problems at all(the 6.0L is a monster). The following is what I had to have repaired while it was still under warranty, the driver seat motor(replaced), DVD player(replaced), steering gear(replaced) at about 20,000 miles and now once again when making left turns the steering gear squeals and there is a vibration in the steering wheel. Overall I am happy with the truck, but need advice on the steering gear. The thing is a 04 and is still turning heads around town.
  • Went to vacuum carpet in Yukon last night and found drivers side floor soaking wet. I lifted up the carpet to dry out and seen a plug missing from floor so Im hoping this is the culprit. Read somewhere there are drain holes that plug up. Does anyone know where they are?
  • I have a 168K miles on my Yukon. The vehicle came with a ride stabilizing feature. I have never replaced anything on the suspension. This being my wifes car I do not drive it much, but when I had it loaded with family I noticed for the first time the car not riding level(no comments please). When I use to start the car most of the time there seemed to be a compressor that turned on to level the vehicle, I can not remember the last time I heard this. Any recommendations? I am sure GM will want to replace everything, is there a better fix?
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    There are a few places you can check:
    1. if you have a Sun roof, there is a drain hole at each side front corner, you can only see them from the top/outside when you have the glass opened.
    2. In-let vents in the front, below the windshield, quite frequently leafs clog the drain holes in these openings, cause water overflow in to the cabin area...
    I would use a garden hose water with amount of water at a time at each area to try and isolate the source of the leak. Good Luck!
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    The compressor should be located in either left or right rear tire area. The electrical connector from the compressor to the voltage source should be mounted behind the rear bumper (close to the Spare tire). You are correct, the compressor turns ON for the first few seconds after you switched the ignition to ON, then as the ride height reached to a specific level the compressor will stop/OFF. You may want to check the fuse under the dash and also if any relay/more fuse in the engine compartment relay/fuse box (check your owner's manual for location). Good Luck!
  • i have a 2003 yukon base and i have had the same thing, its the steering shaft, its needs to be adjusted. It happens all the time even after you fix it you hit a big bump and its does it again. u could prob replace it but i dont know how much.
  • 67gtgirl67gtgirl Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out what the problem was and get it fixed? I was told it was the Transfer case, after dumping $800 in that it is still not fixed.
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