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Buick LaCrosse



  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    VW did pretty lousy in the initial quality study back in May:

    But they did even worse in the long-term dependability study in July:

    Right in between Isuzu and Suzuki, with Daewoo and Hyundai really close by.
  • The only awards VW has won are for their trendy commercials. (sarcasm)
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    VWs sales are down right here in America due to their stale product lineup. Buick and VW are evry similar in terms of lack of new cars and both have suffered declining sales. I don't respect places like Edmunds because they constantly rant about the quality of domestic models (often with no proof) and praise VWs in spite of their below average quality. Edmunds, and most of the automotive press, has decided that high quality is measured by the quality of the interior. Nice interiors are a plus, but they have no bearing on the reliability of a make or model. Most, if not all, of GM's brands are more reliable than VWs, but you arent going to find too many GM models on edmunds most wanted list. The Toureg is being praised left and right by MT, Motorweek and others but we have no idea how its going to hold up over time.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,820
    aren't the subject here. The clue is in the discussion title :)

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  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I would consider a LaCrosse.
    American cars still have character.
    I drove a Accord V6 30 minutes before I drove the Intrigue. I bought the Intrigue.
    It just had something that the Accord didn't. The Accord was almost too perfect. No soul.

    Looking forward to driving a lacrosse to see how the CTS motor translates to FWD.

    The lack of a 5/6 speed is a valid criticism.

    My Intrigue had a huge hole in acceleration when it shifted into 2 nd gear.
    The DOHC motor was weaker in torque at lower rpms than a pushrod so acceleration would fall off and not build again until over 3500 rpms.

    I am hoping that the VVT motor will ameliorate that lack of torque, but a 5/6 speed with closer ratios would help even more.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    As sad as the death of Olds is (we have an 02 Bravada), I would rather see GM use it's resources on fewer cars and build / market them well than spread out too much on 5 more models and another brand. That said, it seems to me that killing Buick made more sense than killing a more modern line up like Oldsmobile.

    What is done is done, GM must move on and re-build Buick now.
  • gweilogweilo Posts: 118
    Is it really true that the Lacrosse's rear seat doesn't fold down?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    I don't know, haven't found any pictures posted anywhere that show the rear seat.

    If it does not have fold down seats, that is a fairly major oversight, given the intense competition in this segment.

    It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, as we have a minivan in the family, so I have only used the fold down seat option two or three times in the four years I have owned my Taurus, but it could be important to many, even if they truthfully don't use the feature much.

    With the stiff competition out there, every manufacturer really needs to sweat the details, or risk losing market share.
  • The GP has a 60/40 split rear. Same car right?
    But knowing GM........
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    According to what I've seen, the LaCrosse doesn't have memory seats either. The 500 does. The Avalon does. Another unfortunate omission.
  • So wait...the LaCrosse doesn't have...

    -memory seats
    -no 60/40 split rear seat
    -no navigation--not even as an option
    -no standard side-curtains, but they are available/standard on the higher model

    Geez GM, you come out with a pretty decent looking car that looks like it could sell, but you skimp on the features!!! Grr...that's why I'm so mad with GM right now..
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    we can always hope for a LaCrosse Ultra- one with everything that's above, plus maybe a five speed TipTronic automatic.
  • We can hope, but like the Rendezvous, GM will only introduce one a couple of years later, giving the competition to catch up and maybe even beat them. The problem with GM is that they do too little, too late.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    and that gives time for Lexus to add some stuff to the ES330. (the LaCrosse's competitor)
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    Another thing the LaCrosse lacks is 8 way power seats. Even a Camry has that.
  • No 8-way!?! OMFgoodness!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Sorry, I dont see how the 33K-40K ES330 is a competitor to this car, which is replacing the pedestrian Century/Regal, especially if this car starts in the 22-23K range as expected. I'm think competitors are going to be the 500/Montego, Avalon, 300 Touring & Limited, the Amanti, the XG, the Maxima, etc.

  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Good point. The next LeSabre will be priced in ES territory, but it will still be a FWD full-size.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    ES330 competitor? Umm yeah and the ES330 is an S Class competitor.
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