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Cadillac DTS



  • lanzzlanzz Posts: 75
    volvodan, I think you are correct. I have a 2006 DTS Performance with Nav - I do not know of a digital clock - just the analog clock in the dash.
  • carnutpacarnutpa Posts: 42
    Hopefully, someone (or Cadillac) will make a digital clock that will just pop into the spot where the analog clock is. It just seems to me that from where the driver sits, where your eyes are, to look at that clock while driving 70 mph and be able to quickly tell what time it is very difficult. I am in business and I pay very close attention to time. I find myself looking at the clock often while driving. I can glance at my digital clock in an instant and see exactly what time it is. I can't do that with the clock on the 2006 DTS and that would frustrate me.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Obviously you are correct. When I made the comment in 2004 I didn't know what the 2006 radio was going to have standard. Now I am waiting for a total DTS redesign. Does anyone have any idea when this will happen?
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I've heard that the DTS will be redesigned at the end of the decade and will get rear wheel drive. Does any insider know anything about this?
  • kpsmkpsm Posts: 12
    I thoroughly enjoyed my loaded 2001 Aurora with the 5-year, 60k warranty for 50,000 miles. Checking out new cars, I first drove the 6 cylinder STS, but it seemed sluggish to me. Then I tried the V-8 Buick Lucerne which seemed peppier, but still sluggish compared with my Aurora. Then we drove a DTS Performance model with the NAV system, and it took me no time at all to want it.

    We now have the Light Platinum color, with everything on it except for the Adaptive Cruise Control, which I do not want. This car will really move, but the ride is about the best that I've ever experienced.

    I wanted the NAV for the enhanced display for XM radio. I am now enjoying using the voice command system for changing radio channels and CD tracks. My wife really likes the analog clock.

    We just took delivery on Monday, so these are my early impressions. But, it appears to me that my new Performance DTS is a very worthy successor to my Aurora that I had enjoyed so much for the past four and one-half years.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I'm considering getting a base DTS for my wife this month. I'm a little concerned that the Caddy's size will make it a chore to park and not much fun to drive. I want to get the Lucerne-it's just slightly smaller. My wife likes the DTS...I'm also thinking of the STS. I'm just a little afraid of the DTS's size.

    Other than acceleration(which I'm not too worried about),how did you compare the three?. I'd get the base six in the other two,btw.
  • kpsmkpsm Posts: 12
    The DTS doesn't seem bigger to me than my Aurora, except for length. There's more rear seat leg room and a bigger trunk.

    Width seems like what I've been accustomed to. The STS AWD that I drove seemed narrow to me, and its seat was not as comfortable.

    My DTS is definitely fun to drive.
  • dotbowelsdotbowels Posts: 43
    Trying to see if I can live with the smaller ES, I've driven Cadillacs for many years but am sick of the depreciation.

    Going to be a tough decision.
  • jimwilsonjimwilson Posts: 2
    Your correct, there in no digital clock in the DTS with Nav, only the analog one above the radio console which is totally worthless!
  • quarrlesquarrles Posts: 1
    Took delivery of my new 2006 DTS a week ago. Did not notice (my fault) that Cadillac Motor Division had mounted Continental Touring Contact AS tires on it, 235/55 R17. These are $63.00 retail, tires.( $252 worth of tires on a $50,000 sedan? Dealership offered to change them for Michelins at a $386 additional cost to me, proving that these are inferior tires. They wanted me to put as few miles as possible on the Continentals so that they could "put them back in inventory". I can't do that to someone else. These are the "standard" tires for this LUXURY car. I'll put my own tires on this car, but Cadillac and I may have just parted company.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    This has become normal for GM. They put cheap tires on everything they build. They are trying to cut costs and it is ridiculous how stingy they are on tires. Wouldn't it be a better business move to just add the amount to MSRP for the cost of good tires? On a car with this price, do you think I am going to worry about a sticker price that is $300 more than the current.
  • kpsmkpsm Posts: 12
    I just looked at my new Performance DTS. It has Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02 P245/50R18 99H tires.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I've heard that the DTS will be redesigned at the end of the decade and will get rear wheel drive. Does any insider know anything about this?

    An insider on another message board I read says that the STS and DTS will probably be replaced by one car on the RWD Sigma platform by the end of the decade. There may be one version called the DTS and a 5 inch longer version called the DTS-L. The current STS is not selling well, probably because it's not much larger than the CTS.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I recently rented a DTS while traveling in California. I loved the Northstar engine, but the bucket seats were extremely uncomfortable to me. After driving for an hour, my right leg and lower back ached.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Thanks for the info. If I want a car the size of a Malibu I'll buy a Malibu. That's all for Cadillac for me. When the warranty on my certified '03 Deville runs out I'll look at a full size Lexus or even a Town Car. I think that Cadillac has forgotten its major customers - the people who buy Devilles/DTS's. I like big cars that are as economical on the highway as my Deville. I wish Cadillac all the luck in the world. I had hoped for something that looked like a Sixteen but with a V8. Perhaps I'll look around at a used Mercedes S Class. They have a lousy resale value and they still drive and ride like an old Cadillac.
  • kpsmkpsm Posts: 12
    I just took my Performance DTS on its first out of town trip (about 1.5 hours each way). I must say that I found my bucket seat exceptionally comfortable for me, using the adjustments that work for me. I feel almost as though I'm sitting in my favorite leather living room chair with a pillow at my back.

    I like the seat elevated, relatively close to the steering wheel and with a cushiony lumbar support. In warm weather, I'm always running the seat cooler.

    After about an hour on the road, sitting in a fixed position, I felt a desire to adjust my back support. I turned on the massager, and liked the refreshing effect. It runs for ten minutes at a time, and I kept turning it on again until I reached my destination.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    Thanks for the info. If I want a car the size of a Malibu I'll buy a Malibu. That's all for Cadillac for me.

    The rumor I read on the other message board - from a very reliable insider whom I have followed for about 6 years - said that the RWD DTS may be 198 inches long and the DTS-L may be 203 inches long, so these probably won't be small cars. But these cars are at least 3 or 4 years away.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I'll look at the DTS-L but if it is a STS with a larger trunk - which is probably will be -it won't compare with my Deville.
    I frankly think that Cadillac is heading in the wrong direction but perhaps the old Deville buyers are dying off and the STS is trying to compete with a full size Lexus which is smaller than the present DTS. Tacking a new rear trunk lid, front grille, and dash on the Deville and calling it a DTS is not very smart. Everybody knows that the DTS is simply a cosmetic update of the 2000 Deville.
  • dotbowelsdotbowels Posts: 43
    Is the 2006 DTS-II comfortable with bench seats and can you set a digital clock on the radio? Thanks
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    When the first Avalon came out it was the width of a Camry with five inches or so tacked on the back to give more rear seat legroom. I assume that the stretch STS-based DTS will be the same way. I'm not in the least interested in a sports sedan. I want a full size wide luxury car. I don't care whether it is FWD or RWD. I'm not interested in the number of gears on the automatic transmission. I'm not interested in its horsepower as long as it isn't any less than the car I have. I want it to get 30 mpg on the road like my '03 Deville and ride like a Cadillac. If I wanted a sports sedan I'd buy a BMW.
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