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Cadillac DTS



  • guestguest Posts: 774
    That is exactly the type of vehicle I will be looking for. I agree, you get a car less than a year old with a better warranty! I'll be replacing my current vehicle in late Feb. or March, so I'm hoping to get an 07 model by then. I too, have seen a bunch of Lux 11 packages out there. Maybe they realize that stability control is something that many people want.
  • My certified warranty on the '03 expires in October of 2008 but I'll look around in the spring of '08 for an '07 and sell the '03 privately. The warranty which is transferable will probably help resale value. The car only has 53,000 miles on it now. I use it mainly for trips but when I sell it I'll also sell my '06 Impala 2LT and cut down one car. The Impala gas mileage is about the same as the Deville on the road and only about three miles to the gallon more in town so it isn't worth keeping as a car to run around town in. I live in a small city so we don't have bumper to bumper traffic anyway and I don't commute anymore.
  • Wow...I'm surprised to hear about your MPG numbers. I've seen the Impala advertised as giving 30MPG on the road etc. I'm actually happy to hear the DeVille is not that bad on gas, considering its size etc. By the way, does GM still have that program where they allow you to "test drive" a car for 24 hours when considering a purchase? Had I been able to do that, I never would have gotten my Lexus ES330....terrible leg room for a tall guy, and that famous hesitation that everyone with it experiences.Also....just finished reading an article in the newspaper which mentions that aa study was made of all the CPO programs, and Cadillac's was found to be the best one...but we knew that already!!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    My dealer let me take home a Blk. STS4 overnight and when I returned it the next morning he asked me how I liked it. I said it was great but wasn't going to buy it. He wiped off the shocked look when I said my wife and I decided we wanted it in red. :)
  • I get about 30 on the Impala on the road -sometimes 31 -but the Deville gets 28-30 also. It gets about 15-16 in town and the Impala gets 18-20. It is not like I was comparing a Civic to the Cadillac. The Impala is a large mid-size car -nearly full size and I have the small 3.5 litre six in it. I may sell both of them very soon and look for a certified '06 DTS. The depreciation on the Impala is terrible. It costs about $23k new , is worth $17k when you drive it off the lot and $14k shortly thereafter. I should have had my head examined for buying a new one. Never again. I avoid most of this big depreciation by buying certified Cadillacs a year old.
  • CPO Cadillac seems to be the way to go. Chop off 10K and get one that seems to have been treated well. With the bumper to bumper it comes with, I think you're really cutting down the chances of a problem. I'd like to find one that doesn't have the kind of mileage I see on some that are less than a year old. Close to 30K on a car less that a year old seems excessive. My goal would be to find one under 15K, maybe closer to 10K that has no body issues.I know they're out there, it's just a matter of finding it, and with the right color!
  • I've seen program cars with less than 4,000 miles on them. I'll look for something with less than 20k. Lots are around with 15k or so ranging from $28k to $32k depending on mileage and equipment. I'm not going to get one without the Luxury II package and sunroof so it may take awhile to find exactly what I want. I'll take Cashmere or Silver so I'm not picky on color. From what I've seen there is little difference between the '06 and '07 so there is no need to wait a year and besides that the DTS will (so I hear) have a major revision in 2010 or 11 just about when the warranty will run out on the certified '06 which will be great.
  • Speaking of the revision I've heard rumours that the DTS might be downsized and that it might be about the size of the STS. This would be a terrible move for Cadillac and would lose those buyers who also consider Town Cars. The DTS (ex-Deville) has always been the biggest seller for Cadillac. If I want to drive a sports sedan I'll buy a used BMW 7 or Mercedes S since resale value of these is really dismal and they are bargain city after a couple of years. The true luxury buyers will switch to the Lexus LS. Right now the size of the DTS and especially trunk space far outshines Lexus which is barely (if that) a full size car.
  • Sounds to me like neither GM nor Ford know exactly what they're going to do. Rumors had the Town Car being canceled out after this year too. Now it seems they're keeping it, but changing it's place of manufacture. Re. the DTS, again rumors abound....changing to RWD, etc. I guess we're safe though for a few years, considering the 06 refurbishing. My problem is I'm very fickle with cars, so 3 years is about when I get itchy for a change. Keeping that in mind,I'm going to try for the CPO 07 model in March. I figure the difference will come back to me in 3-4 years if I get rid of it then. I agree that the 06 LuxII, which is the 07 LuxI, is the way to go...stabilitrac alone makes the difference for me. Re. a downsize...I think it would definitely be a mistake. GM should realize with the aging baby boomers, comes a greater desire for larger luxury vehicles!
  • I agree. They don't seem to know what they are doing. There will be a change in the DTS in 2010 or 11 so says people on this forum. I looked at the resale value of my Impala and Cadillac now vs a year from now and the sale of both of them now will buy me a Certified '06 DTS. It won't next year this time - I'll lose $6,000 so I'll probably make the move now. There doesn't seem to be much difference between an '06 and '07 anyway. I'd like the Bose system but will probably have to get a Luxury II package with the base stereo. I wonder if the sound is that much different between the base stereo and the Bose. Has anyone listened to both and can advise me?
  • Has anyone listed to the two different systems and can advise whether the Bose system is worth getting a Luxury III 2006 DTS vice a Luxury II? Does it sound a lot better?
  • I've been wondering about that same question...seems like not many people are checking this board lately. I haven't seen too many Bose units as an option in LuxI or II. I guess you have to go to the III. I was also wondering about the sound levels in the DTS. I know they say how quiet they are, but I wonder how it compares to my Lexus ES330. I know some auto mags test the sound levels when they test the cars, but I wonder if there's any way to compare specific cars with concrete data.
  • As far as I know the Bose stereo is not an option. It comes with the III and is not available on the I or II. The non-Bose 6 CD changer is an option and comes with the "Sun and Sound" Group on both I and II. Some people on the list have complained about Bose systems in older cars. Mine in an '06 Impala seems fine but nothing like a living room stereo system -very little separation or feeling of being surrounded by sound. It is just very precise and clear. I didn't listen to a standard system before I ordered it but I have the standard system in my '03 Deville and frankly there isn't much difference. Regarding sound levels, I haven't driven the '06 DTS so I could compare it to my '03 but the '03 is quiet enough for me. It feels more insulated than the Impala.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    I should probably open with the caveat that I'm talking about the Bose system in a 1988 Riviera I owned, and they may be more impressive today, but I can't see spending the money for these sound upgrades. The system sounded wonderful with the engine off, or at idle at a stop light. But once underway, the engine/drivetrain/road noises quickly masked the fidelity advantage. Oh, you could pipe up the volume to compensate. But then you'd never hear the police or ambulance siren, or the horn of the car about to ram you. If I want to listen to great sonics, I'll stay at home and turn on my home system. Today's standard equipment is more than adequate in producing good sound, considering the environment. IMO....
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    and when you put down a window or sun roof they become just a over priced radio
  • Thanks - I won't miss it if I get a LuxII. As I said, the Impala Bose system has crisp sound but certainly not "surround" sound (kind of difficult when the speakers are only a couple of feet apart anyway) and you are right - when you open a window any advantage is lost. My '03 Deville with the standard system (which still has 275 watts) sounds just fine.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    for most of us as we age our hearing kind of goes like the rest of the body and most likely we couldn't hear the difference anyway. Only to be 20 again knowing what I know now>
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    I posted this message in the "New Owner Reports" forum, also, but there doesn't seem to be much traffic on that one.

    It's been nearly 5 months and we took our DTS in for its first oil change at 4500 miles today. Although the oil life monitor still read 54% remaining, I just couldn't bring myself to wait much longer (even though everyone, including the dealer, says to trust the computer).

    This is the only maintenance we've had to perform on the car. The only other time it was 'out of service' was to replace the stereo head unit back in September. The stereo display went blank, then we lost all sound. The next morning the sound was back but still had no display. Rather than just re-program the electronics the dealer replaced the entire head unit. I don't know if they replaced it because it's the upgraded Bose system, but it's working fine now. One fault on the dealer's part: they forgot to take our 3 CD's out of the unit before sending it away. Thank goodness we have uploaded every bit of our music onto the PC so we can sync with our MP3 player (which, by the way, plugs into the face of our stereo).

    Overall mileage (according to the onboard computer) is running 18 mpg, which is only one less than my previous 2001 Concorde LXi with a 6-cylinder. On the short trips we have taken (the longest has been 50 miles or so) we are getting about 27 mpg. My daily commute has been 6 miles each way, but my new job will double that number including some highway miles so I'm expecting to see a change in consumption.

    We still love this car and get compliments everywhere we go. Even the service tech at the Mobil oil change station told me I had a 'sweet ride'.....he couldn't have been more than 25 years old.
  • I understand that the DTS will be rear wheel drive on the Zeta platform. Does this mean that the car will be downsized -perhaps down to the size of an STS?
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The zeta platform is similar to what Holden uses. It is also the platform that will be used for the Camaro. I don't think that anyone (except Cadillac) can say what a zeta DeVille will look like, or what the size will be. However, I will guess that the price range will remain more or less in line with current pricing.
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