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Cadillac DTS



  • In addition to reliability I would strongly suggest that you evaluate, drive and consider both Town Car and DTS for your next purchase. I like both cars and would not want to part with either one. A lot of this is a matter of personal taste. To pick one or the other without doing some serious evaluation of both might not serve your best interests. From what I've been able to learn about the Lincoln line up, Town Car is probably on average the most reliable. Some fleet owners have run these (T.C.) cars up to 500,000 miles.
  • My car has been serviced. Here's the follow up:

    - The seat belt guides on the B-pillar were installed incorrectly, which prevented any adjustment in their position. According to the service manager, they need to be installed and calibrated (?????) to ensure they are aligned properly on the B-pillar. He agreed this wasn't even checked before they sent the car home last time.
    - The passenger seat was somehow locked in the up position and the service reps released it and it works fine now. There was no need to remove/replace any parts on this one.
    - I pointed out the deep scratches from removing the driver's seat during the last repairs. The shop is ordering a new B-pillar cover and will call me when it arrives.
    - The tire wobble is still there, and I'll need to replace the tires to resolve it (at least I hope that resolves it). I've started shopping for replacement tires and am leaning toward Michelins.

    During my frustration regarding these issues I started looking at other cars.....I was nearing the end of my tolerance level. I tried a Lincoln MKX, looked at a Ford Expedition, researched a Volvo S80. As I simmered down a bit, I again realized how much I like this Cadillac. I'm still hopeful this recent comedy of errors is a fluke...I don't want to get rid of the car, but I can't keep spending so much time on repairs.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    My 2002 Seville came with Michelins and I rotated them every 7-8000 miles. When I traded the car in at nearly 60,000 miles the wheels were still on the original factory balance, except for the one that had gone flat once.

    So, I can recommend Michelin. I have also had Goodyear Eagles which have been good.
  • Wanted to express my moral support for you in your time of frustration. I wish I knew for sure what to suggest, but think you need to contact Cadillac corporate if you have not done so already. Try writing to the President of Cadillac division if customer service fails you and if that fails write a letter to The chairman of GM (Rick Waggoner). Be sure to send by certified or registered mail with return receipt requested. Would also suggest you start investigating the lemon laws of your state to see if your car qualifies. In the meantime continue to work with the dealership and if you have not already done so request a meeting with the general manager or the dealership owner.
    While my electrical system problems have been a disappointment, they pale in comparison to the issues you have shared with us. Stay connected here as time permits and please feel free to ask for advice from other owners, some of us really care and want to be of positive assistance. Best wishes.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    It should be pointed out that Cadillac does not manufacture the tires and the tire warranty is covered by the tire manufacturer. Your Cadillac dealer may carry OEM replacements, but the issue here is: do you want good tires or free replacements.

    It seems to me that robw64's service department is taking care of the mess that they made with the seat.
  • Thanks - I'm going to buy a Program Car around March and am considering either a Performance or A Luxury II 2007. I want a ride similar to my Base model '03 Deville. I do not want a stiff "European" ride like a Mercedes regardless of how this may improve handling. My '03 is perfectly comfortable and I can drive it for days on the road without a back ache or handling problems. I'll have to drive both the Performance model and the Luxury II before deciding I guess. I don't need the extra power and don't want the gas mileage to suffer either. The '06 and '07 I understand get less gas mileage than my car.
  • I have pretty much the same idea as you. I have a 2005 Lexus ES330 coming off lease in March.I've been unsatisfied with the car since I got it. Not enough leg room (I'm 6'1), bad transmission hesitation, and seats firmer than I like.I sat in a DTS the other day in a showroom and almost fell asleep! So much more leg room, and much plusher seats. I'm with you...I want a "Cadillac ride", not a firm European ride. My back doesn't do well with that kind of a ride. I'm not sure which model yet, but I definitely want Stabilitrack, so I guess the base model won't do. I would also think that by March, 08 program cars will be available. I wonder if the price would be that much more than the 07.
  • Thank you for the words of support.

    It's been more than a week and still no word from the local service department whether the b-pillar replacement has arrived.

    I decided to bite the bullet and bought four new Pirelli tires today. They were (of course) computer balanced and aligned, etc. at the time of purchase. The vibration is still better, no worse, no change. It still feels like the wheels are loose whenever I reach highway speeds (62 mph or higher).

    I called OnStar to request a vehicle diagnostic to see if there were any error codes regarding the self-leveling suspension or anything else. There were no error codes returned, although I'm not confident in that report, either....I had signed up for the remote vehicle diagnostic e-mail updates but my car can't transmit those for some reason, so I wonder how OnStar was able to get it 'on request'.

    I gave in and called Cadillac Customer Support today. Of course, they want to refer me back to the same dealer who hasn't been able to fix the problem. I asked them to see if there is any other dealer in Central Florida who is the "suspension center". They need to open a case file and follow all steps in the process before they can refer me elsewhere. Unfortunately, all 3 Cadillac dealers around metro Orlando are owned by the same company, so I'll need to drive at least 25 miles to get it in to a service center outside of this local market monopoly.

    An interesting point: I noticed that every body panel, door, and lid (trunk and engine) has a sticker for a toll-free body shop parts service. This seems strange to me, so I purchased a Car Fax vehicle history report to see if any prior damage had been recorded for the car even though I purchased it "new" prior history of damage/repair on the report. Anyone out there know if there is another way to check for prior damage on a vehicle? I hope this car wasn't damaged and then re-sold as new. It only had 190-ish miles on it when the local dealer brought it up from South Florida.

    As of right now, I'm ready to drive this car into the lake. I don't know what else to do with it, and apparently the service department doesn't either. I hope Cadillac is able to offer some assistance.
  • I think i go to your main full service DMV and see if there a trooper or a vehicle inspection rep and ask them if they can tell you how to tell if these are orginal parts or not , i found out when i traded my 99 jag that i order new had been damage on arrival they repaired it and never reported it to me how did i find that out the serial where not there , jag dealer had went out of bussiness . i think if your under your miles you can probably lemon law that car becuase of all your troubles with that vibration , check with dmv also or consumer affairs hope you have all paper work , also when talking to dealer all comments make note about on your paper work or even ask them to be kind enough to write that down , probably won't but worth a try good luck ,also the rims are the factory , or after market , possibly if after market dealer took them off a lease vehicle put on yours if you pick out s set of rims and they had these sitting there clean them up put them on , my point is the rim might be damage goods ,
  • Thanks very much for the follow up. You absolutely need to take your car to a service dept. not owned by the same corporation. You might even need to take it to two separetly
    owned dealerships. I had to travel 65 miles each way to get a problem resolved so consider yourself lucky if you only
    travel half that distance. If you suggest the idea of another separately owned dealership to Cadillac customer service I think given
    the history of your problems with this car they will quickly agree. I would also have (Cadillac Customer Service) call the next dealership and explain the problem and then give you the name of the person to contact there. If Cadillac customer service acts as middle man for you in this process your chances of a good result will be much better. At this point it is important to keep Cadillac Customer Service involved as much as you can. I found a represenataive that took an interest in the problems I was having and he gave me his extension so I could get back in touch, this helped me resolve for the moment the electrical system issue I was having with my 2006 DTS. Hope my message is presented in comprehensible form, if you have further questions please present them here. And when you get the the problems resolved please post what the problems were and how you got them resolved. Best wishes.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Each service department will have different people, so even though they are owned by one company, one of the three is bound to be best. I think that it is worthwhile to let the first dealer try to fix the problem while keeping Cadillac Customer Support in the loop.

    It was my impression that this vibration problem was not always present from the time you first owned the car, but has become a problem recently, about the time you had 10,000 miles on the car. It is possible that one (or more) of the wheels is not round any more. The tire dealer (unless it was the Cadillac dealer) should have checked them, but if everyone was thinking that the OEM tires were the problem...
  • Every year they seem to change the model designations and what comes with which model -Luxury II, III, Performance etc. I noted that base models don't have the tri-zone HVAC system anymore - just the front seat and passenger controls.
    The Luxury II for 2007 seems to offer everything I want. I'll drive the Performance - people on the forum say that it rides better but I'll see how firm it is. From what I've seen, the '08 is virtually identical to the '07 so I'll probably get an '07. It will be less expensive anyway.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    In 2006 the DTS trim levels were 1SB, 1SC, 1SD, and 1SE. For customers that translated to Luxury I, II, III and performance. For the 2007 model year, 1SB was considered base, with the 1SC downgraded to luxury I and 1SD to luxury II. Level 1SE continued on as the performance trim. For 2008 a new level has been added, 1SA, which is now base and a lower level trim than the 2007 base. However, we now have luxury levels I, II and III again, like they were in 2006. Standard equipment levels may be different though. If you are buying a used DTS, then you will get what the car came with. The only way to get the options you want is to order the car, or to hunt down one equipped like you want.

    The performance model does get the magnetic shocks. The tires are performance 50 series tires, while the standard tires are 55 series, but not performance rated. The standard tires will be softer riding, but the mag shocks may soften the ride enough so that there is not much real difference. You need to try both out on a rough road.
  • There were very few Perfomance program cars so says the dealer in Ft. Worth. Any Performance would probably be a lease return or from someone who buys a new car every year or two. There were plenty of 2007 Luxury II models, many with a sunroof so that is what I'll look for. I don't want a base model and the used price is not much different between a base model and a Luxury II.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    I went to my local dealer to check out the 2008 CTS. Really liked the looks of the car. But it appears to have grown. Looked almost DTS size. So I glanced at a couple of DTS's in the showroom. Heaven help me but they were the Vogue models and I loved them. So I'm curious: Anyone else drawn to the CTS but ending up preferring the DTS? Why? I haven't driven either to date so sofar it's an esthetics thing....
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    You are looking at the 1SD trim level, which is the top luxury trim. I am not sure how it is different from the lower levels, except that it does have more standard equipment. The performance DTS is not really a sport sedan, and I don't think it is worth much. While the magnetic shocks will soften the ride, replacing them is quite expensive.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The new CTS is bigger than the old by being wider. But it is shorter than the STS by nearly half a foot, and more than a foot shorter than the DTS. I would have been interested in a wagon version of the CTS, but am not sure what Cadillac's plans are regarding a wagon. The SRX is the current Cadillac wagon, and a CTS wagon would probably reduce SRX sales, which are already weak. Or, a CTS wagon might not sell at all :confuse:
  • I was in looking at STS , and really like that model but i just bit bullet and order a dts with performance package reason is just space , but it been on hold for tuscany seats and now the strike , hope that both sides can come to agreement soon and get this behind them , if you don't go woth dts take look at that sts in all wheel drive ,
  • Thanks - That's good to know.
  • I don't think you are hopeless at all but I would have looked for a current year used one. You could buy a second car for the depreciation on a new DTS when you drive it out of the showroom. I got burned enough on a new Impala. I'd hate to pay $50k for a DTS and discover that it is worth $25k a year later (trade in value - the dealer will sell it for $33k). Addionally, the warranty on a program car is better than that of a new one.
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